Sunday, December 27, 2020

Year in Review 2020: Overcoming Great Odds


What a challenging year it has been! Full of surprises, chaos and unmet expectations. A year of lost hopes and breaking barriers. That's how I sum up the year 2020.

No matter how good the year 2020 had started, there would always be obstacles along the road. That's an uncertain moment of what the future holds. 

How the year started

Celebrating New year 2020 with my family was one of the best moments. It brought happiness and joyful spirit to be with my love ones.

We've shared lots of meaningful conversations, short travels and family gatherings that bonded us strongly. We don't get to celebrate yearly together as one big family, and whenever we do, we make it sure to be very memorable ever.

Meaningful moments were extended with a special person in my life. I had a great time and sweet memories that I always reminisce.

The Great Challenge

The end of the first quarter of 2020 brought misery to our lives. The pandemic caused by Covid-19 knocked us down. It made us paralyzed for a moment. It made us worry, fear and angry over the unknown enemy.

Covid-19 made a global freeze. No local and international flights, some travel restrictions, closed businesses and bankrupt companies. 

It had separated countries by closing the borders, made us feel disconnected through physical distancing and taught us to set boundaries for our own protection and of our love ones.

Prior to lockdown in March this year, I was able to share meaningful journey with special people in my life. Never have we thought that the worst is yet to come, but we celebrated triumph with courage, faith and love.

Despite this centuries' surprise, we're able to survive and thrive. No matter how challenging the situations are, still we keep a fighting spirit to live a good life on a new normal.

The Lessons of Pandemic

Lots of meaningful lessons are thrown to us. This current pandemic is just a preview of a series of disastrous moments to come to the humanity. We're being prepared to experience the worst, so we can better prepare for the next to come. Be better and be bold.

That's a great lesson for mankind, but the pandemic made us realize that we're all globally connected and can feel people's suffering wherever they are in the world.

However, it's not the end of the world. We had to do something. We don't have to feel miserable, lonely or depressed. Instead, we have made things possible.

In times of pandemic, food is the most important thing to survive. When people in the cities are challenged in having their food supplies, people in the countryside or rural areas have a reason to be more grateful.

Integrated farming lifestyle

My parents decided to make use of their time while on lockdown, and so they started to develop our farm land to be our new lifestyle.

With integrated farming, it has converted our farm into a mini forest, with different kinds of trees. This is where I do forest bathing every time we visit the farm. Its healing effect is just wonderful as it helps to be more grounded; to be connected to the natural source.

We've also started to plant vegetables and fruits and have made farm-fresh harvest for our food on the table.

This time, health must be an utmost priority. We have to strengthen our immunity against diseases, and so it's good to eat organic fruits and veggies that's more healthy and keeping us tronger and having more energy.

Overcoming challenges

We've had enough of the Covid-19 and we help to defeat it. It can never break us and kill us, as long as we keep the faith.

When travel restrictions were lifted and quarantine status is on the lowest level, we rejoice that finally we are back to normal, although some health protocols are still in place.

We've had some simple family gatherings to celebrate precious moments and religious devotions. This time, no kiss and hugs, but a little distance to ensure safety. It's a edited feeling, but we have to get used to it.

Christmas in our hearts

Our world brighten up when the 'Ber' month started. We're on a festive mood and celebrating Christmas early on.

From September to December, a very long Christmas season unique among Filipinos. It brings hope that we can always be cheerful and win any battle of life's ups and downs.

And so, we celebrate Christmas. It may not be the merriest celebration this year, but we never fail to bring the light of hope and higher aspirations. 

This Christmas in times of pandemic,is a reminder to be with the people who truly matters, to celebrate with simplicity and with highest gratitude. It's a time for introspection about our purpose and our continued journey in life. To give hope and bear the light.

Christmas time is the most anticipated moment, and so we make a peace with our self over wrongful actions. This is the time for a soulful evaluation of the year that was, and the planning for the next year ahead.

So many turn of events. Some unexpected moments. Some unimaginable happenings. The year 2020 may be the beginning of a new earthly changes, but it's also the beginning of a new personality and a more refined and stronger energy.

©️ 2020 Del Cusay

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