Sunday, April 24, 2016

Philippine Election 2016: Better Leaders for A Better Nation

What is the state of the Philippine government? What can you say about our politicians? Whom are you going to vote for President on the May 2016 election? These are some of the questions I would normally ask my students and colleagues. They may seem to be not keen on the political topics, yet they are challenge by their beliefs and philosophies that guides them on their political stand.The fact that the upcoming election is a showcase of influence and power, still they judge and make a final choice on their candidates based on several factors. The same situation for our fellow Filipinos who wanted to exercise their rights and responsibility to vote. They may be clueless and undecided and their thoughts remain unanswered, however in the end they will make up their minds and choose the ones that are capable and responsible.

Despite of the call for change in our government, there are still challenges that we keep on facing during the election time. We still have issues on graft and corruption which is undoubtedly the number one problem that can't be easily eradicated. Also, political dynasty is rampant across the archipelago since it is allowed by the constitution and no one can't beat those families that are already well established in their respective areas where they have massive influence. In every election period, we keep on hearing about bad practices in political campaign; there is the use of guns, goons and gold which is synonymous to violence and cheating. Other related issues like premature campaigning, mudslinging and black propaganda is also common and people are becoming used to it already  to accept or to refute. 

The state of Philippine governance is still unstable due to several factors. We can't solve or eradicate problems such as corruption, poverty and crime. Although, everything is being done by our leaders to address those issues, still we have a long way to go to finally reach our ultimate goal of progress for all, not just the elite but also the underserved . Through the years, we are bombarded with issues that affects our nation and degrades our pride being a Filipino. News regarding heinous crimes across the country has not been given immediate justice they deserved; death sentence execution of overseas Filipino worker could be rooted on ignorance and poverty; inefficiency in public transport causes stress and unproductiveness; and our fight for territorial seas is weakened due to lack of will-power by our leaders. 

This 2016 Philippine national and local election is a test of our faith to our electoral system and the candidates who are aspiring to run our government. As a Filipino we do not only exercise our right to vote, but we must also actively involve in political affairs through voting of the right leaders and being vigilant of electoral fraud and violence. We are also looking for an effective, loyal, compassionate and true leaders who will uplift the standards of statesmanship  to lead the real change that the Filipino people deserves. 

Our political system may have some flaws and it will take some time to achieve ultimate perfection, however if we elect the right leaders who have political will, brilliant mind and a good heart, then we will achieve peace, stability and progress as a nation and it would be the best gift that we could offer to the next generation of Filipinos. 

The challenge is not easy, but we can conquer hindrances towards the path of righteousness and progress. We deserve a peaceful community free from chaos and crimes; a government that will uplift the dignity and integrity of the masses; and a stronger nation that will protect and preserve the sovereignty. If we can regain the discipline and the will-power, we can achieve the change that we wanted. We do not wait for our leaders and see what they can do for us since we have a role to play in nation-building. We are a single unit of a greater whole; without our participation it will create a ripple of irresponsible citizenry. As we take this journey onward, we are looking for a brighter future ahead and we express gratitude to our Divine guides for watching over us -- our thoughts and intentions. I am a Filipino and I believe that we can do great things possible as long as we open our hearts and minds to the reality and work together for the greater good and for humanity's sake. 

© 2016 Del Cusay