Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Our Love and Devotion

In July of 2012, a Catholic Mission Station named after a title of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Our Lady of Perpetual Help was founded in a peaceful Sitio of Lomboy in Barangay Linambasan, Jamindan, Capiz upon the order of the Archdiocese of Capiz through Reverend Father Rowelyn Langurayan who was the outgoing Parish Priest of San Sebastian Parish during that time. It was Reverend Father John Denosta who was the first ever Priest assigned to celebrate masses and to look after the Spiritual needs of the faithful.

Father Denosta served for 6 year until July of 2018. He is well loved by the people due to his sense of community and Spiritual leadership. For about 6 years, he was able to build and transform the Mission Station into a beautiful  Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish   on June 27, 2018. Just few days before the end of his service, he was able to witness and celebrate his success together with the Parishioners, devotees and hundreds of Catholic Faithful.

Today, June 27, 2019 on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, we have our successor of Father Denosta in the name of Reverend Father Jeffrey Estrella. It's been a year that he is in service to the faithful community not only of Barangay Linambasan, but also from people coming from different barangays of the town of Jamindan.

On this feast day, our Archbishop of Capiz, Most Reverend Jose Advincula officiated the mass together with our Parish Priest Father Estrella and other Priest from different Parishes.

Reverend Father Chris SeΓ±eres, co-Parish Priest commissioned the Large iconic portrait of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish through the contributions of the faithful. The icon is placed on the left side of the front wall facing the alter and was blessed by Most Reverend Father Advincula.

The icon was made popular all over the world by the Redemptorist and has attracted flocks of devotees due to her known miracles of healing and granted special intensions.

I am a living testimony of the miracles of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help and I am grateful for the blessings I've received. Wherever I visit a church in her name, the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Cubao and the National Shrine of our Mother of Perpetual Help in Baclaran   would never fail to grant my petitions.

In our town of Jamindan, we give highest honor to the Mother of God in her blessed Title, the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish. Today and in the years to come the Parish will continue to accommodate and serve the ever growing faithful community and even beyond our generation. We will protect and preserve this spiritual sanctuary so that the next generations will be able to witness its glory and miraculous powers to live in their hearts forever.

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Pathway to Kindness

In any unexpected moment and wherever we may go, we may meet people whom may either be a familiar face or totally a stranger to us. To travel far distances with less resources and feeling of emptiness, but relying on people's kindness.

Whether at home in the countryside or in the busy metropolis; the chilly mountain top or the ocean's summer breeze; in our homeland and even in the foreign land; we get to experience a different level of kindness from the people we meet on the road.

There are times when we feel the need for a soulful reflection in a different direction. Our desire to be alone, but lacks inspiration and motivation. There's a feeling of solitude and pity with some doubts and fears that nobody is there with us willing to sit and hear; to rescue and to care. 

Along the way, some may reach their helping hand while some may walk away. Others may listen while others doesn't even care. It takes a little act of kindness to open their arms, to listen and to embrace. The kind of person who is unknown to them in the beginning, may become someone with a heart as endless as it seem.

Some cultures totally different from ours makes us seek for kindness from their hearts. To be friends with them and to better know them. To plant a seed of kindness and to harvest a gratitude with gladness. 

In our travels, some will challenge us, some will rob us, but there will always be someone who will teach us. To stand when we have fallen, to fight when we are frightened, to love and give hope from despair and sadness.

We take a different pathway on the road we choose. Sometimes we get lost but oftentimes have regained the cost. We may take a shortcut to reach the destination with ease and less stress. We may take the common and the known road. We may take the road less traveled and be the person who is most traveled.

All these experiences happen due to different people on the road, some that will hurt and some with a heart.
We laugh, we cry, we jump and we try. A shoulder to lean on, a back to carry on, a cheek to kiss and the memories that will be missed.

Kindness in our hearts will always be the pathway to fulfill our desires. An open heart, a big heart and a great heart. That is you, not a stranger, but a lovely dear and a sweetheart.

© 2019 Del Cusay

Thursday, June 20, 2019

World Refugee Day: In Memory of President Quezon

Photo courtesy of America Public Television 

A striking and heartfelt stament was uttered by President Manuel L. Quezon during the Philippine Commonwealth Period in the early 40s . And he said, 

the people of the Philippines will have in the future every reason to be glad that when the time of need came, their country was willing to extend a hand of welcome.”

That statement was in response to the strong intent of Quezon to accept thousands of Refugees during the Nazi Germany Holocaust where millions of European Jews were persecuted under the powerful command of their leader, Aldolf Hitler.

Although physically weak and dying due to a pulmonary disease during that time, Quezon chose to be a humanitarian to give social justice to those who are persecuted. Of the potential 10,000 refugees that Quezon would want to accept, about 1,200 refugees were given a shelter. We have opened our doors and welcomed them wholeheartedly. They were given a piece of land and a livelihood for security and survival.

Quezon was right after all. Fast forward to that future which our present day.  In the year 2018, a film was produced in his honor entitled "Quezon's Game" which was shown to the world in the month of December and in the Philippines in May, 2019. The film was a showcase of our solidarity and compassion to others that we have an open-door policy in accepting refugees.

I have watched the film on this month and it gave me a sense of pride as a Filipino that we are indeed a Nation of kind-hearted people with a sense of humanity and social dignity.

When the world turned down those refugees, only one nation embraced them with open arms and those are the Filipinos. We gave them not only a shelter, but we have helped them regain their identity and sense of humanity and that goodwill was recognized by the Jews when a statue of Quezon was built in Tel Aviv, Israel in his memory and the goodwill of the entire Filipino nation.

When some of our present day leaders would utter words of killing his own people, President Quezon was different and indeed a gentleman with highest regard to human life by saving more than a thousand lives.

Today, we need a leader who is not only tough, but someone who values and upholds the sanctity of human life. There are currently hundreds of millions of stateless people in the world seeking refuge due to wars, armed conflicts, persecution and even economic downfall. They are sick, dying and unwanted by their own people. However, they are still hopeful for a miracle for a second life they deserve.

Today, June 20 is World Refugee Day and it is also a celebration for us Filipinos of our sense of dignity and pride. May our sense of humanity be upon us all for those who are abandoned, unwanted and persecuted. We are a Filipino and we are a life-saver from our past and until forever.

© 2019 Del Cusay

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