Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Special: A Celebration of Love

Mother's Day has been celebrated all over the world to give honor and recognition for all the love, care, and sacrifices of the Mothers. This is a special day to give thanks to the woman who devoted her time from birth and even until adult life. Through the years, the presence of Mothers is always felt in our being; wherever we are and whatever we do.

Mother's Day celebration is unique to every individual and family around the world. For some people, it is a chance to treat their mother to something special, to give a gift, to offer a flower or dinner together. To others, the celebration would mean spending their most precious time despite being busy at work or with the family on their own.

Celebrating 'Mother's Day is also unique to some cultures globally. In the Philippines, people honor their Mother for being the"Light of the Household". It is true that a Mother gives us the guiding light in our lives especially when we are young and not yet capable to stand on our own. Whenever we've committed something wrong, our Mother would discipline us through words that can leave an imprint on our hearts. If we ask for a question, she gives us the answer for us to get enlightened. Mothers simply want the best for their kids and wanted them to grow up being disciplined and responsible people.

In India where I am currently residing, I have observed that they honor their Mother as God and would give their respect. I have known someone who shared her stories on how she is raising her kids and how much she loves them. She left her job and became a full-time Mom and she finds glory watching her kids growing up. She has witnessed how the kids grow up daily, and for her, that's the greatest gift she can give to them. I salute her for being such a loving and caring Mother since not all could have the power to achieve what she has been doing.

We have our own experiences as to how we were brought up by our Mother. Being the youngest of six siblings, I have learned to become strong and have persistence in life no matter how hard circumstances are at times. When you are down, you have to stand up and start again; never to give up. These are some of the wise messages I learned from my Mother.

Somehow, the saying "Mother's knows best" is right. They know what is good for us. They know our 'ups and downs' and they are always there to give their support and guidance.

Motherhood is perhaps the most challenging profession. It may not be learned in any academic institution, but being a Mother is an instinctive intelligence at work. It's a lifetime commitment; no expiry date but just forever.

In our lives, when we are in trouble or in the deepest despair, our Mother can become a source of inspiration. Perhaps, the strongest woman who believes in us and pushes us to our limits. If we feel weak, she believes we can do it. If we succeed, she's there to celebrate with us. In our society, people look up to some woman or a Mother figure who has made a great contribution. They may be simple in appearance, yet they have shown courage and perseverance to become a leader and create a wonderful legacy to society or maybe to the world.

In the celebration of 'Mother's Day', I've written about "The Blessed Teresa of Kolkata: Her Life and Mission". This is my tribute to one of the greatest Mothers in the world who ever lived. Like all Mothers, they can make an impact in the society that they live in. One of the most fulfilling commitments is to have the societal contribution and to inspire people to achieve something worthwhile; just like Mother Teresa's way.

Our Mothers are one of the sources of our strength. We have to honor them and let them feel special and being loved. Our existence is one the most wonderful gift ever and we shouldn't forget to give back and fulfill our responsibility of being a good son and daughter not only to her but to the world that we live in.

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