Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekend Fitness Inspirations for Better Health

It's summertime and people are into different activities that are fun and exciting. It may be the ocean breeze that makes people swim on the beaches. Others may enjoy the long ride reaching the mountain peak; offering the best view of the valley and the sky. Some may enjoy bonding moments with their family in their hometown while on summer vacation. Endless bucket list to fulfill desires to unwind, feel relaxed, and live the greatest moments of their lives. These are what different personalities are up to as they experience the hottest season just before the onset of the monsoon.

Summertime is what brings us closer to our goals as we finally execute plans in action. I have set some goals as my new year's resolution to shed a few pounds, maintain ideal weight and get fit. Forget about Travel Inspirations for a moment and focus more on regaining better physical health. This way I can do lots of activities and opportunities as I get back on track feeling lighter and healthier. It seems a simple goal, but determination and the willpower to make a brand new start is the key to make it happen. Oftentimes it's just a plan and when a cycle of procrastination attacks, nothing happens and the goal is dying and worse is to have just expired. 

All these years, I have learned to put an expiration on the goal being set to accomplish. Never wait for the right moment or the perfect moment, but to have the will to start and discover ways to improve as you get closer to achieve success. Nothing in life comes easily from the start. 

It's always the willpower that sets us to burn our desires to become fast like a car or higher like an airplane. Our dream, it's limitless! It's our pace that sets us closer to the destination and to win. Like a race, we burn the fuel of passion and perseverance and we stay on track with agility and endurance. 

I am determined, so I have to start... on my own time... my own pace. This summer season is ideal for physical activities as fitness enthusiasts bring awareness to people about the value of health and wellness. I have witnessed the 2-day Fitstreet, an annual event at Bonifacio high street, BGC offering various body, mind, and spirit activities. Non-stop Zumba of different classes encourages everyone to relieve stiffness and start swaying the hips and losing love handles. Marathon is fun for those who would love to go the extra mile and burn calories fast while strengthening their core.  Yoga and meditation are pure bliss. It's done just before the sun shines so bright in the serene environment. The Power of Meditation is alive! It's been a while since the last time I practice it regularly, but the body, mind, and spirit have to sync so well for better awareness and right consciousness. 

Fitstreet was created to inspire and motivate people to step up, move up, get started, and finish what they start. In years to come, we may be living in a highly digital society, but being aware and conscious of what truly matters makes life precious. 

A lifetime commitment to physical fitness might not be a goal for now, but a single step is enough to start the game until the time when we lose the energy and could no longer carry out the things we used to love. As long as we have the energy and the will to live, we can go the farthest distance and live the greatest life we deserve. 

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