Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day Special: Real Life Superhero

The most unforgettable life lesson I learned from my father perhaps is feasible, but never easy. It is about dreaming big and being optimistic that I will make it; with all my energy and power. I wish to have been given powers just like superheroes and live an extraordinary life just like when I was a kid who used to daydream about holding a ball of fire in my hands or reading someone's mind. 

Anyway, being a superhero is a delusion, but when I was a kid that was like a real experience; something magical brought by creative imagination. Perhaps, everyone may have a similar fantasy and even up to adulthood whenever we feel like we would want to escape from the reality. We just want to be saved from trouble and stress by such delusional thinking. 

As a grown-up man, things never get easy. There are times when I fantasize about situations if I find it hard to live in the real world. If only I am wealthy enough not to work hard for a living and just journey to places whenever I want. Give away money to the less privileged to lessen their burden of suffering. However, such thoughts are just a fantasy. Going back to the real world, I need to work hard to earn for myself so I could live decently, travel to places with just enough money, and give even a little amount to the needy. I realized that I don't need to fulfill my dreams just by having a fantasy world in my thoughts. I should escape from the troubled thoughts and start living the kind of life that I have.

Growing up with the right mindset and the right action is a challenge. But there is one superhero whom I believe would rescue and willing to give a little power, and that is a Father. He is there to push us when we feel weak, when we feel unappreciated, when we feel undervalued and when we feel powerless. I used to be like that and maybe up to the present time. My Father would care to give his precious advice about life. He is full of wisdom that inspires me to exert more energy so I could face all the challenges thrown at me. 

I may encounter difficulties in life, but I should be living fearlessly. I have to stand tall and ready to face all the battles. There are times that I feel like quitting, but there's a certain energy that pushes me to move forward. I realize that I just need to slow down, take a break for a moment and come back with clear thoughts and a positive spirit. I thank my father for passing on the positive virtues that are worth emulating. I may not have accomplished much in life as he does, however, a dose of positivity would help me to achieve success.

Looking back, about 5 years ago, I have written about Father's Day Special: Leading The Way and the message is about willpower; having a fighting spirit. Still relevant in today's time and will serve as a guide in living a better life. I believe I can make my dreams come true even though I am not a superhero. I may not have tremendous power, but I should remain optimistic that I can deal with life with all my energy and power. Not imagined, but a real power that comes from the heart and mind. That's my weapon... that is my power. 

Today, we honor and give thanks to our Father for raising us well and for guiding us in living our lives. Like a compass, you pointed out the right way and you cheer us up when we arrive at the destination. We are forever grateful for the good life you dreamed for us and we wish you a better life that you deserve. 

© 2018 Del Cusay