Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Lent 2019: The Road to Healing

Ash Wednesday Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral, Caloocan 

Today marks the beginning of our soulful journey as we celebrate Ash Wednesday the beginning of the lent. This has been observed as a religious tradition that symbolizes our impurity as a sinner, thus we come to Christ for repentance and prayer.

In this modern world, we are bound to be tempted of dwelling on the dark side; falling into sin, and taking the road against the light. In the eyes of God and men, we are all sinners in some ways and at some point in our lives. It is through the admission of sins after suffering from guilt that our healing journey commences and our impurity be washed out bringing back the holiness from within.

I have learned from the wisdom of my teacher back in college when she said that 'man is good in nature but has been tempted to commit sin through the influence of the environment and that principle will remain in my heart to look at the good side of everyone no matter how bad that person is. There's A Certain Holiness in You no matter how evil you have become and it is God who will rightfully judge us at the end of our life as we join him in our life after death.

Our 40 days of celebrating Lent is not to become holy, but for us to reflect on our misdeeds and overcoming challenges as we strive to live a holy life. This greatest challenge means to defeat evil in our daily life; through our thoughts, words and actions. This is never an easy challenge, but through personal reflection and devotion, we can unleash the purity of our hearts to do good and avoid evil.

Lent 2013: Embracing Christ in Our Lives
 is a reminder of reliving our holiness before Christ. We have sinned and may commit sins in our lifetime, but putting Christ at the center of our lives serves as guidance on how to live a better life free from pain and suffering.

As we grow spiritually, we are also called to give inspiration and hope to those who are sick in spirit, to get rid of negativity, and shower Divine love and light for an everlasting journey on the road to healing and recovery.

A Blissful Lenten Journey!

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