Sunday, November 24, 2019

A Moment of Contemplation

Have you ever been to a place where you have frowned the first time you see it? Have you thought that such a place is far from development and almost impossible to transform? to make it wonderful and habitable?

At times we may be like that. We see places and things as too much underdeveloped and tagged as ugly until someone will transform them to be beautiful sanctuary.

Back in December of 2013, I was invited to have beach camping on the Island of Guimaras. From the drop-off point along the road, we hiked for almost 30 minutes and I never thought of hiking on a narrow and hilly road while carrying my backpack and some camping stuff on my one hand. That hiking gave me the impression that the place isn't that great due to the bad road experience.

However, to my surprise when we get near and overlooking the sea, I was mesmerized by the beautiful and relaxing view from afar. I was wrong to give a negative first impression and what I have learned is that a wonderful day is waiting on a road full of suffering' and this is a good life lesson worth remembering.

That was not the only time that I have judged a place that turned out to be an awesome and great experience.

In my hometown, my parents have made a little sanctuary. A place for a retreat and to contemplate life and what lies ahead. At first, it was like a wilderness, but later it was developed to be a sanctuary for rest and relaxation and for potential livelihood.

As I was swaying through a hammock, I enjoy the serenity of the environment and the natural music coming from the chirping birds. The gentle wind makes the trees sway giving off 'Prana' which is a vital life force.

As I contemplate, I couldn't be more grateful for a wonderful life and for the blessings that come. It was just a fantasy, but now a living reality. I used to dream of having our own retreat sanctuary; full of flowers and trees and to do some meditation and spiritual work.

Now, we have our little farmhouse where we can spend a weekend getaway or a Soulful Sunday -- from not a faraway place from home.

This little sanctuary; a peaceful haven is about 10 minutes drive away from home; from the town center. It is located in a highland village that has a wonderful natural landscape and amazing view of the mountains.

Soulful Sunday would be the most uplifting activity I will ever have. It's a time of a blissful moment with the Divine and higher consciousness. It's a time of higher connections and renewal of being. This time, not in a sea or a beach, but in a highlands full of love and serenity. 

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