Sunday, May 10, 2020

Timeless Loving Memories

Mother. That's one precious and sweetest word we could hear. It's not just a word but brought into action by a remarkable, loving woman. 

The sweetest smile, the warmest hug, the thoughtful gesture, and the selfless love. That describes our Mother. Someone we can truly lean on; in good times and bad times. Someone who makes us feel loved and cared for. Someone we can depend on.

Today, the world is celebrating "Mother's Day," and we give honor and reverence to them in a unique way of remembering their most significant role in our existence. 

A Mother's definition and worth may differ from someone's personal feeling, but it is universal. The world owes a lot to Mothers who brought and raised us into this world.

Our GrandMothers, sisters, Aunts, and all the Mothers closer to us; this day is about remembering their greatness and the timeless loving memories. We must not forget how they help us mold and transform into better people.

The world is turning into a New world, but our Mother is still the same yesterday, today, and in years to come, even in our lifetime and eternal life.

We love our Mothers, and we honor all the Mothers and those we have known personally that have impacted or influenced our lives.

This is not just a day of celebration but a lifetime of honoring and remembering. Our Mothers, our greatest love who shows us endless love. 

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