Sunday, June 14, 2020

A Journey of A Thousand Miles

Life brings us to the place of our dreams. That's the beginning of a beautiful journey ahead. We dream it, we believe it, and we live it.

We manifest and hold on to that dream, we bring our intentions to life, and it starts with a single with— a single step.

Life may bring us to several places in our lifetime. Some destinations may still need to be planned, but opportunities and destiny take us there.

In 2016 after a thousand miles journeys abroad, life brought me to a lovely place; known as the city of love Iloilo City, Philippines.

The place is special to me since I lived there for about a year, from mid-2002 until mid-2003. It is where I studied my first year in college, being the center of higher education in the Region. Back then, the city had its charm with century-old churches and old ancestral houses preserved and restoredsuch a timeless beauty.

The city has to live up to the expectation dubbed as the 'City of Love,' and true to its name, it is the loving nature and the lovable character of the people that captivates the soul.

13 years since I left, I came back to live and practice my profession by working in a medical center near the esplanade, where I used to spend some morning strolls and sunset viewing. I have seen the city's growth as it embraced modern development in infrastructure while preserving its old heritage. Now the city is a fusion of the ancient and contemporary world. It has a more charming vibe among the developing cities in the Philippines.

That journey to the 'City of Love' brought memories to cherish for a lifetime, until one day, another journey began to another place; to the country's capital region of Metro Manila, back to the site where I started to work and discover places and the world.

Today, our world may have stopped. Life may have led me back to my greater comfort and security, to my birthplace, and to be with my family  my loved ones.

The thousand miles journey brought meaning to life, but away from my family. But now, a journey of a thousand miles includes a 'home sweet home' closer to my family.

Life is good to return to their loving and warm embrace during this crisis, where uncertainty unfolds. I was far away from them for years, searching for a living, but now I am living with them, searching for meaning.

Now, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Wherever we are in this world, no matter how far the distance we've been. Still, we'll always return to the most special place in our hearts. 

Life will always protect and comfort us, and life will always lead us back, even after a thousand miles journeys and beyond. 

© 2020 Del Cusay