Friday, July 10, 2020

Press Freedom in The Philippines

This is another attack on the Philippine press freedom. The Philippines is crippled and crushed again. The Filipino people are saddened and mourning.

Today is another history of killing the press freedom in the Philippines when the country's largest television network won't be given its 25 years congressional franchise.

This is not right and just. The Philippine Congressmen on the legislative franchise committee didn't hear the network and the Filipino people in general. That's the truth. They killed it. They killed us. They killed the press freedom and people's access to vital news and information on these very tough and rough times.

When the country is currently surviving on the pandemic, the government is losing its priorities. They turned around and face the wrong enemy. They have tuned the battleground against its own people.

We don't deserve this. We deserve accountability from our government for suppressing press freedom and even the freedom of speech of the Filipinos who are critical against autocratic leadership and abuse of power. 

We don't cry. We mourn! We suffer! We are not being heard and we are made to be silent and not to dissent. Why Can't We Speak?

To the world. To the Filipinos all over the world. This is our country now. This is the country we love that is slowly being killed. The democracy that we're fighting over the years and for centuries is now at risk to be back on its darkest Philippine history.

Stay strong. This is not over yet and together we'll regain our voice. We'll regain our true democracy. We'll regain the real freedom of expression and the freedom of the press. We deserve to regain what we have lost and what we are about to lose. We deserve Good Governance Towards a Better Philippines. 

Be heard!

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