Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Charming Town of Lucban

There are many old and rustic, but charming town in the Philippines. In the main Philippine Island of Luzon, South of Manila is where you can see and experience a historical and cultural town of Lucban, Province of Quezon.

The place is cool and windy, with its best location at the foothill of mystical Mount Banahaw. Its coolness reminds me of Tagaytay Highlands which is also a weekend getaway mostly of people coming from Metro Manila.

At Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine

Sometime in Summer of 2014, we had an awesome road trip from Manila going to this charming town of Lucban to celebrate the Holy week. A soulful week to remember.

I'm always fascinated with old Spanish towns, and Lucban has a pleasant vibe of rich and preserved colonial past. 

Truly fascinating!

Ancestral houses, centuries-old churches and plazas feels like a time travel with ancient Kalesa or Horse-drawn carriage on a narrow street.

At Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine

Known for their "Pahiyas Festival," the town of Lucban celebrates their bountiful agricultural harvest every 15th of May. That's really a cultural and religious festival and truly incomparable.

What I also appreciate about Lucban is their nature-inspired resort and restaurant which is relaxing and a great place for a family bonding.

A restaurant with a natural background overlooking the golden rice field is really wonderful. The water flowing on the swimming pool is flowing from nature's spring. A cool, clean and greenish-blue water, so refreshing.

At Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan

The old town charm, delicious food, friendly people, natural landscape and amazing ambiance; Lucban is just a small, but charming town that have learned to appreciate and preserve their heritage and culture.

Living in the past meets living in the present. Living in peace with nature and be captivated with the culture.  

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