Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Gaddi Tribe of Naddi Village


When I stepped foot in Dharamshala, I feel that I'll be having a great vacation with its pleasant vibe. That was a long 12 hours of bus ride from New Delhi, India, and I made it sure that my stay would be worth it; like a vacation of a lifetime.

The emotion is still alive whenever it flashes back the soulful journey I had in the lower Himalayan foothill of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Seven years have passed, but the memories still lives on.

At the bus station in McLeod Ganj, a little rain greeted me as I look for a taxi heading to the hotel in Naddi Village -- the home of the Gaddi Tribe.

That was a cold and shivering early morning check-in at around 7 a.m. and so I unpacked my things, had a little rest, enjoyed a freezing cold shower, had my first breakfast, and get ready for for my first day of tour and adventure in the land of the Tibetans-in-exile in McLeod Ganj.

I spent 4 days of exploring McLeod Ganj and had the opportunity to see and hear from The Dalai Lama when he had a talk in his place in Tsuglagkhang temple.

McLeog Ganj was the the town center, but it was in Naddi Village where I enjoyed the serenity. That was truly a blissful experience.

Just few steps away from the hotel where I stayed is the home of the sweet and gentle Naddi tribe. I've met several Gaddi people including children and adults, learned about their culture, their livelihood and living condition. A little interaction, but a meaningful observation.

A very simple, yet joyful and soulful living in the mountains. The Gaddi people mostly shepherds are taking care of their flocks and doing their morning activities when I met them on a downhill.

Little kids are courteous with their rosy cheeks and smiling faces. For sure they are now grown up to be a refined young lady and gentleman. 

In Naddi View Point which is just nearby the hotel is where I finally had a closer view of the Dhauladhar range. I had never seen such a beautiful and breathtaking mountain. A solemn moment; so peaceful and the snow-capped mountain is just wonderful.

I can't get over of that experience even when I'm back on the hotel. I've been to some of the mountains in the Philippines, but seeing the Dhauladhar range is purely captivating

I was finally at the Middle Homalaya... A dream turned into a reality.

A heaven on earth experience that I'll cherish and reminisce for a lifetime. From then, I made a promise that I'll be back in the future, and that I just hope it will come true.

In the hotel's roof deck restaurant is where I get to have the most beautiful view of the Dhauladhar as I have a breakfast. It's a picturesque view as if heaven is for real. India is truly Home of the Gods and I felt the Divinity of the place. A soulful solitude in a paradise closer to heaven.

I will never forget Dharamshala... A wondrous place in the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. I will never forget the beautiful and natural scenery, and I will never forget the Naddi people of Naddi Village.

India has a big place in my heart. I have learned a lot about the places and have met soulful and endearing people like the Gaddi of the Naddi Village. When the Kingdom of heaven is on earth, it would have been there in the Dhauladhar, and I've met God in there and live forever here in my heart.

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