Sunday, December 13, 2020

Kathmandu Valley and the lost Kingdom

The check-in counter was almost closed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport when I arrived in a hurried mode. That was like an episode of Amazing Race. The good thing is I can check in and board the plane successfully. And my destination was the old Kingdom of Nepal. 

I got excited upon leaving India to see its neighboring country in the north after my six months of stay in India. For almost a week-long vacation, I'd imagine living in Kathmandu valley surrounded by the beautiful Himalayan mountains. And that was awesome to glimpse from thousand feet high above and upon descending the plane. 

Kathmandu City was a bit dry and dusty as I took a cab from the airport and went downtown for hotel check-in. I needed to prepare for a walking tour within the vicinity to see and observe the daily living of the Nepalese people. 

Since I've stayed in the city center, places of interest were almost within walking distance. The mall, park, pond, temples, street bazaar, and durbar square were nearby, and I started my journey on my first day.

My impression of Kathmandu is that it is a city of friendly and kind people. The hotel staff, the mall and street bazaar salespeople, the kids in durbar squares, the security personnel in tourist sites, the cab drivers, and the random people I've met were all friendly and conversant.

It's their character to be congenial since they rely heavily on tourism. And have to give that great impression to every tourist they meet. 

The other cities like Lalitpur and Bhaktapur comprise the Kathmandu valley and overlook the heritage site on top of a hill. The Swayambhunath offers a breathtaking view of the Kathmandu valley on a bright sunny day and clear blue skies.

Swayambhunath was my first stop among the World Heritage sites recommended by my tour guide, and I was amazed by the old structures and the presence of monkeys everywhere. Hence it's also known as the Monkey temple.

I was happy to have visited one of the oldest heritage sites built in the 5th century, long before the birth of Buddhism in Nepal. But then, I knew that Nepal was an old country, just like India, so they had these heritage structures back in the early days of civilization.

Nepal is a great nation and was once ruled by a King when it was still an absolute monarchy. However, it ended in 2008 with a constituent assembly creating a federal democratic republic.

I've learned about Nepalese people's culture, tradition, and way of living. It may be less extravagant and as developed as other world cities, but it has a natural charm and a calming presence for tourists.

As much as I'd want to discover more about Nepal, my almost week-long vacation ended, and time for re-entry to India.

I've created meaningful memories on a short visit, which has a lasting impression on my heart. Nepal is Amazing, and its charm is everlasting.

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