Sunday, September 18, 2022

Sunflower Festival at Richmond Country Farms

When the sun shines brightly it gives us uplifting energy. It elevates our mood, emanates a brilliant glow, radiates positive vibes, and makes us happy. 

That certain glow is what we offer to the world, to the people around us, and to everyone we share our life with. 

But when we're at the darkest moment of our lives, we may stumble and fall. That happens when the light has been taken away from us. We kneel, we crawl, and hardly can stand tall. 

In Richmond, British Columbia, 
we've found the brightest place to remind us 
to unleash our inner glow and become someone's dose of sunshine no matter what we can show. Before the summer ends, we travel to Richmond Country Farms where the sunflower grows and truly glows. 

You can find different varieties of Sunflowers on a 20-acre property of this family-owned country farm that's truly a must-see summer attraction. They have a maze where you'll easily find a way out and a U-pic to take home freshly handpicked Sunflowers. 

This is the fourth year of the Richmond Sunflower festival since it started just before the pandemic hit in 2019. The annual event didn't stop to amaze visitors and it put a smile on their faces when the world seems dark and people were down. 

Summer is fun and we need to enjoy the outdoors under the sun. Just like the sunflowers on the farm; we can rise and shine again, we can grow and glow up again, and we can smile and be lovable again. 

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