Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Awakening our Spiritual Power

"A precious and brilliant gem is more polished and has a great value. Just like problems - it is like polishing us to become the best that we can be and become a person that is as brilliant as the diamond, that comes with great value and importance"

We have discussed spiritual power for this month in response to the second lecture of our spiritual mentor, Master Del Pe. He has shared insights on how to awaken our spiritual power and how it is beneficial to our existence and life purpose.

I am sharing with you what I have learned from the lecture and from our group discussion and how I am going to apply this special power.

What is Spiritual Power

We humans have a lot of human power that we discovered or yet to be discovered. Sometimes we use it unconsciously which leads to unwise use of power. However, there is a power that is superior or infinite that no physical power can compare.

Spiritual Practitioners gained spiritual power through spiritual practices and guides from spiritual mentors or masters.

It is priceless which can not be bought or taken away. It is inherent in nature but yet to be awakened if not fully discovered or being misused.

Developing Intuitional Power

To become intuitive, we must be able to study ideas and principles. We may have a lot of ideas and we follow different principles, so we must ponder on them deeply. Becoming more intuitive is important for our survival instinct and it also serves as a guide towards understanding higher truths with regards to universal truths.

Sometimes, what we believe is not definite unless we seek the absolute truth. What we think is just a product of our mind alone, without knowing that we are being guided by different laws or principles.

For instance, I have an idea about something, but I could not prove it to be absolute since that idea may come from past experience or just creative imagination. The best thing for me to do is to verify that idea or principle with regards to what has been established already or the universal truth that is being understood and accepted by many.

In my past experiences, I have been using my intuition but I could not say that I have made the right thing. My intuition says to act on something or decide on something, but I based my actions and decisions on my personal beliefs which are only limited. In this case, I may have done the wrong decision or action.

With this, I have learned that it is important to seek for what is the universal truth to avoid the fallacy of ideas and actions. Universal truths serve as my guiding principle for the attainment of intuitive power and wisdom.

Likewise, using creative imagination is also vital for developing intuitional power. The way we express our thoughts or ideas is a product of our creative imagination. For instance, our brilliant input or output of something is a result of the creativity of our mind.

I believe that the great things that we see around are a product of man's creative intelligence. In fact, we have to develop a creative imagination to achieve great things. Those who are leaders in the global industry were able to create great products being used today, because of their mind's creativity. In our own way, we can do something great if not for the benefit of the many at least for ourselves only if we use creative intelligence.

Another way of developing intuitional power is through the practice of meditation. I myself have been a practitioner for 8 months already and I can say that it has a great impact on my present life. There is a gradual transformation in almost all aspects of my life; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

I consider meditation as my spiritual tool for nourishing my soul when I am in a moment of silence. I also feel the divine oneness and the healing benefit thereafter. In fact, the first post I have made is about the power of meditation since it has made a great transformation in my life.

Developing Wisdom Power

There are some strategies to develop wisdom power and one of which is to study past experiences and to digest life lessons.

In our lives, we have been experiencing different problems which we consider as obstacles or hindrances to our plans and goals. However, if we are going to reflect deeply, problems are part of the challenges that we must face so that we will become much stronger and better people.

In my life, I have encountered so many problems, big or small, and I was able to face them and look at them as a challenge rather than an obstacle. It has made me become a better person and that I have learned a lesson from it that will serve as my guiding principle whenever I will encounter the same problem.

I believe that the world's most accomplished people have faced tough challenges that put them to where they are. We may perceive them as if they don't have a problem since they have everything but, we may never know that they have gone through difficult times in their life before they have attained success and fulfillment.

Whenever a problem comes our way we should never give up but we have to fight for it. I believe that "A precious and brilliant gem is more polished and has a great value. Just like problems - it is like polishing us to become the best that we can be and become a person that is as brilliant as the diamond, that comes with great value and importance".

Another way of developing wisdom power is being in the company of wise people or having our own life coaches or mentors. These people are considered masters of life and they are more accomplished. Their ideas are very valuable and can become a source of inspiration and guidance to live a better life.

Life coaches or mentors are devoted to helping us to direct towards the right path, for us to be able to achieve lasting success and fulfillment.

I have been a follower of some spiritual mentors like Bo Sanchez and other international life coaches like Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and Master Del Pe. I have been following their blogs, articles, webcast, and their wise teachings, and I have read some of their books and gained insights about mastering life.

Having a mentor is more likely to succeed in life than those who do not have one. Even the most popular celebrities in their own field of expertise have their own coaches or mentors. However, we have to be cautious about whom to follow. We have to look for a mentor whom we think will be able to change our life and create a big impact. There are numerous life coaches but only a few are truly qualified and truly master of life.

We can also gain wisdom power and intelligence through the use of metaphorical quotations. The quotable quotes of famous people serve as our inspiration in life and we can learn from them if we understood deeply the content of their quotes.

Some of them use metaphors which should not be interpreted literally because it has a deeper meaning. In fact, some metaphors can not get out of our minds once we have read or listened to them. It is instilled in our minds and we use it to our own benefit and for giving wise sayings to others.

In our lives, we have noted several metaphorical quotations and we have uttered the same in our own way of thinking. These quotations might not be well-known or recognized by many but unconsciously, we have inspired other people and somehow it might leave an imprint on their


Wisdom power can also be achieved through reading books and other forms of literature that are sources of knowledge and wisdom. The principles we have learned can be applied in living a better life.

One of the books that I liked most is "Purpose Driven Life" authored by Rick Warren. The book is simple and easy to understand and each chapter has challenging questions to ponder. It is a spiritual book that teaches life lessons as guiding principles.

I learned a lot from reading and I consider it as a lifetime education. I will continue to read and expand my mind and share the knowledge that I have gained.

Intuitive powers and wisdom powers are both indispensable to attain spiritual powers. We must apply these teachings to direct us to the right path of life. It is important that we know our life's purpose for us to have a better understanding of our responsibility to serve, and that our spiritual powers will be our best weapon to live the better life that we deserve.

© 2011 Del Cusay