Friday, February 16, 2018

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2018: Prosperity and Abundance

Chinese culture and tradition were preserved by the Chinese-Filipino living in the Philippines for several generations and they have continued to influence Filipinos in many ways.

Our lifestyle which includes food, clothing, belief system, and even modern technology is embraced and valued. We are always delighted by the colorful sights and architectural designs and entertained with classical musical instruments. These are some of the influences we've adapted for centuries and will continue to exist in generations. 

Chinese tradition is worthy of preservation since they show us how to love our culture; show respect to older people and share blessings with others.

It was in 2013 when I first experience the Chinese new year in Binondo. The street was not as crowded as the celebration in 2018, yet people enjoy the scenes and the Chinese cultural presentation. Celebrating the Chinese New Year 2013: A New Beginning is something worth reminiscing since it awakened my curiosity and fascination with Chinese history and culture and their massive influence on Filipino culture. Today, Binondo is not only a great cultural hub but an important economic center in Manila. 

The district is vibrant and creates nostalgia as the world's oldest Chinatown. Centuries of cultural and economic ties have formed great friendships and closer relationships. There's a certain bond that unites us and by embracing each other's culture and beliefs, we're leaving a legacy to the future generations of the lasting friendships we have formed through the years. 

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Celebrating Chinese New Year 2017: An Auspicious Celebration was about optimism and higher hopes of what's about to happen or a prediction of fate. Truly a magnificent celebration becomes surreal and it does a wonderful thing about the present and future living. With the Chinese zodiac, the prediction has become magical and brought a wondrous surprise. Being hopeful to the highest degree attracts opportunities and that was a turned reality in 2017. Something wonderful happened and another chapter has opened which is bigger and brighter. 

The year 2018 was also welcomed; full of hopes and aspirations for more abundance and a prosperous living. A comfortable life that we have been dreaming of and a simple life that is dedicated to service. No matter what influences we have embraced, still, we are Filipino in words, deeds, and thoughts. 

We will continue to be more optimistic about what is unknown and does not live in fear, but the courage to face the challenges with perseverance and a positive attitude. Like the Tsinoy or the Chinese-Filipino, they have succeeded in life because of their mindset of abundance; of having enough, and always asking for more so that they too can share what they have. 

Prosperity is about receiving and acknowledging the blessings that are coming into our lives and taking a part of it to give back and become a blessing to others who are in need.

May the year 2018 give a meaningful life; a prosperous and abundant life and dreams coming true in the years to come. 

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