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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oprah's Lifeclass: What Is Keeping You from Being a Star in Your Own Life

Oprah and Dr. Phil have shared insights on one of the most challenging questions... How to be the star of your own life? 

Whether we want to take full responsibility of our lives in terms of relationships, career and goals; then we can achieve what it is to feel like being a star that we are meant to be. 

Here are some of my answers to this challenging questions on this episode...

1.  Think about the choices you can make to create a positive outcome. What is it you're doing that's working?

Recently, it has been easier for me to attract people and circumstances in my life. These are the images on my mind that turns out to become a reality. Definitely, I believe that you get things as desired if you put your mind and attention on it. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oprah's Lifeclass: Changing Your Outlook

Oprah together with one of the most charismatic American Spiritual leader, Joel Osteen discussed about the power of "I Am" or the positive self-talk that we do which could lead to success or failure. Words that we utter whether verbally or just a thought gives power to who we become and it  has a significant impact on how we live in the future. 

In our lives, how many times do we tend to focus on our flaws or imperfections? How does it affect the perception about ourselves and how people around us would feel the vibrations that we are sending out to them? These limiting and destructive thoughts can be blocked by changing our outlook of who we are and how we can attain the life that we deserve.

Here are some of the questions I've answered about the topic.

1. At this very moment, how would you finish the following sentence? I am_______.

At this moment, 'I am' courageous and I have the will to do things as planned. 'I am' happy and contented about the things that are happening in my life and I have to strive harder for a more positive and meaningful things to come. 'I am' feeling grateful for the blessings that has come and looking forward for more prosperity and abundance. 'I am' strong and I will continue to persevere life challenges to become a better person. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oprah's Lifeclass: What on Earth Am I here For?

In a discussion with Oprah, one of my favorite Spiritual teacher, Rick Warren gave an insight to one of the most important question of existence: What on earth am I here for? 

As a motivational speaker and writer, Rick Warren has inspired millions of people through his book 'The Purpose Driven Life' which is my all-time favorite. 

Yes, we tend to find an answer on this thought-provoking question, what on earth am I here for? Here are my insights on the topic. 

1.  According to Rick Warren, everybody lives at one of the three levels in life, the first level is survival--where people are putting in their time, waiting for the weekend and just going through the motions. Would you consider yourself at the survival level? If so, why? 

I've been through with this level in life. I was not certain about the path I'm taking and the future that lies ahead. I have missed productive days and I was contented of what's there at the moment. Day after day, I felt incomplete and empty deep inside. This was just a recent past; now things have change and I have taken the vows of a more productive life and a life of purpose. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oprah's Lifeclass: Dreaming Big Life Work

When working for a dream, Joel Osteen, an American motivational speaker, shared with Oprah that it's more important to look back at how far you've come rather than focusing on how farther you have to go with your dreams. Gratitude is also an important factor in dreaming something big and it is done through recognition of the blessings that come. 

I'm sharing my thoughts on several questions on working with 'Dreaming a Big Life'. 

1.  What do you believe is possible for yourself? If your answer is "nothing," why do you believe that?

I believe that everything is possible to acquire or achieve if I have a strong will-power and then followed by actions. I have proven to myself that whatever I wanted to achieve, I have to ask for it, believe that it will happen and then celebrate the achievement.

2.  Are you wishing or dreaming for something to happen? How can you change your wish so that it becomes a dream?

To wish or to dream could be synonymous. Wishful thinking is to create thoughts to produce future results while dreaming is a goal in mind that is waiting to be materialized any time in the future. What's more important is to conceive ideas first through a wish or a dream; have the will to achieve it and reap the rewards thereafter.

3.  Things don't happen overnight. What do you wholeheartedly believe you're meant to do?

Success in any endeavor is a cumulative effect  of constant positive actions. What I do presently will be a predictor of who I am and what will I destined to become. I believe that the present time is the key to the future. I may never know what the future holds, but I am determined to achieve whatever desires that I have.

4.  What is your heart's dream (not material stuff like making a lot of money or getting a fancy car)? What truly fulfills you?

Material things are not my ultimate source of joy, although it makes me feel good. Success is short-lived, but to become fulfilled leaves a lasting bliss. What can I offer to my family and other people is what makes me fulfilled. Fulfillment is not based on age nor it is a destination, but it is a deeper and constant emotion of something that is achieved no matter what status you're holding and whatever adversities that will come.

5.  Are you pursuing a life or chasing a dream that isn't yours? If so, what is it?

Whatever I do is the result of my personal choice. I have the freedom to follow what I wanted to become. However, I need people to guide me on where I am heading to in life. I still follow my life mentor, my spiritual teachers and even advice from family and friends. They all have a big part and contribution to my life and to the achievement of my dreams.

6.  Instead of looking at the road ahead, Joel Osteen says, you sometimes need to look back and be grateful for what you already have. What are you most grateful for? What goodness has been brought into your life already?

It is important to look at what lies ahead; that is vision. Nevertheless, looking back could lead to being stuck in the past especially if there's an intense emotional attachment of certain events. What I truly believe is to be grateful for the blessings that have happened--may it be from the past or the present time. Gratitude is something that makes us  open for more blessing that will come our way. In my life, I am grateful for having a supportive family and for the special skills/talents that I have. It gives me joy and the feeling of prosperity--that life is abundant of blessings once recognized

7.  Has anyone told you that your dream isn't possible? If you're feeling negative or discourage, how will you use your energy to believe and not worry?

There were moments from the past that I have been told 'I can't make it' or 'I'm not that good' followed by facial grimace and degrading statements. However, I choose to be optimistic rather than being affected. I know my capabilities and my limitations. I'm not easily discourage and I don't give up despite of hindrances. I believe some people are just afraid that you will make it, and would rather criticize than to support. 

In my blog post entitled  "Following Our Heart's Desire", I've shared my thoughts that we can achieve everything we wanted if we truly aspire and need it. Otherwise, some will think our dreams are impossible until it is done.

8.  Every time a negative thought comes into your mind, replace it with a positive one. Do this for an entire day. Then, rate your day. Did it feel life-changing?

In some instances it works, but it is also good not to block it right away; I have to feel it and understand it. It only means that my instincts is working and would depend on the right judgement. If I think that I've made the right decision and judgement, that's the time I feel the inner peace and contentment.

9.  Is there an example of a time a door closed in your life--and a door to something even better opened? Can you see now why the first door was closed on a purpose?

There were instances that I do not get what I want. There were unanswered wishes and dreams or still maybe working in progress, but I believe it happens for a reason. I realized that I am not ready to receive the blessings. whenever, I get something unexpectedly and opposite to what I've wished for, then that's the right opportunity for me.

10.  Do you expect good things in your life? What do you expect now? or what will you start expecting?

I see the bright side of life and that good things is about to happen anytime soon or in the near future. I don't want to expect because it means I am very certain of what lies ahead, but I believe in myself that something good is already happening.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oprah's Lifeclass: On Living Fearlessly

Lifeclass, live in New York, was one of the hottest topic participated by a large audience, and I've got the opportunity to participate though live webcast.

I have learned that fear is inevitable, and is not bad at all. You only need to recognize the fear, but still have the courage to pursue whatever you endeavor. Fear can sabotage success if you listen to it more than just ignoring it. In my life, I used to have a lot of fear, but I have learned to persevere and conquer the fear that's pulling me down.

Oprah, on the interview asked 10 questions about 'living on fear' based on the discussion with Tony Robbins. It was indeed a thought-provoking queries that challenged me. Here's my answer to the questions:

1.    What is the story you are telling yourself right now? What self-limiting beliefs within that story?

I always tell myself that I have the courage and will to do things as planned. I have affirmations and beliefs that success follows if I put my concentration to whatever I need to accomplish.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oprah's Lifeclass Lesson 25 : "You've Always Had the Power"

I am grateful to have watched Oprah's Lifeclass (Season 1) through webcast. I have learned some life lessons from the show on every topic she discussed in every session. Below are some of the questions that I have pondered on the Lifeclass by Oprah.

1. You have the power—and the responsibility—to make your life better. How will you own that power?

I believe that I possess some powers that are inherent or acquired and i use that power to be in control of my life because I believe that i am responsible for shaping my life and whom I will become in the future. I must be able to preserve this power and continue to hone it and use it wisely for my own benefit.

2. Who would you be, and what would you do, if you had no fearful beliefs?

I would have become a great speaker or writer should I have gained enough confidence and had no fears and doubts.

3. Look at your life: This is a portrait of your beliefs. What is beautiful about it? What's troubling? What will you change—because you can?

What's beautiful about my life is the presence and the support of my family and friends. They are always supportive of my dreams and goals and they serve as my inspiration to move forward despite of adversities that comes my way. What's troubling me is my fear and doubt of my capabilities and the use of my power. Sometimes I feel that I am not enough, not capable and incompetent. Since I believe that I can do something if I trust myself, then I have to move out of my comfort zone and start to renew my life so I will be able to achieve my dreams and attain success in life.

4. How do you define "success"? What has truly made you happy in the past? Are you pursuing your version of success, or someone else's? Can you choose yours?

Success is the attainment of my goal or dream may it be simple or ambitious. My previous accomplishments has made me truly happy both in my personal life and career. I follow my own version of success and at the same time I also follow other success coach because I can learn a lot from their wise ideas and they are more accomplished people. I can choose to go with my own definition of success and also with my success coach life lessons.

5. Describe your highest hopes. Now ask, "What would be better"? Keep asking this until you can't imagine anything better. That's your new dream.

My highest hopes is to become somebody who is respected and expert in my field of expertise and to become a better person who has achieved and proven something.

6. How are you going to sustain your hope and faith when times get tough? Do you have a plan in place for nurturing yourself in the moments your faith wavers?

When times get tough I have to remain strong and believe in myself. I should never give up but instead I have to rise up from where I have fallen.. I must be able to move on since life is indeed a cycle, there are moments in life that I feel down and sometimes I feel good. Life is good so I have to live my greatest life.

7. Do you still define success according to how much stuff you have, or how admired you are? Notice that this is the ego's definition. Gently put it aside, and notice what your spirit defines success.

Success is not only defined or measured by material possessions but by the quality of life that you're living at the present. I have to ask myself, am I the same person now as compared to 3 years ago or even 3 months ago? have I gained valuable virtues and values and learned from my lifes' lesson? Am I truly a renewed person? or am I living my greatest life? Then, if the answer is yes, I could say that I am successful person.

8. What's one step you can take toward your vision of a fully realized life? Is there one small thing that’s part of your ideal future that you can take today?

To be able to achieve my highest ideals and aspirations, I have to renew my life in all aspects and hold on with virtues and values as they are integral part of my success. I think one of the factor of future success is to benevolent and that is the virtue that I would like to practice today. I have learned that sharing is good thing to do and it will bring back something good to me in any way on the future. I may never know what the future shall bring, but I can predict on it as to what I do in the present.

9. What's the most important thing you've learned over these 25 lessons?

I have learned that life is truly worth living and fighting for. Life may be full of adversities, but I should not take it as a hindrance but I should take it as a challenge to fight for. Life is good and I must never give up hence, to do my very best. I am blessed in life and I must be a blessing to others also.

I am looking forward for the 2nd season, early next year for another knowledgeable and inspiring life lessons. The lessons that I have learned are valuable for my values formation and for creating the kind of life that I deserve. Everyday is a journey and I must live on the present, learn from the past and prepare for my future.

© 2011 Del Cusay