Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year 2019: Sunshine After The Rain

A glittering, sparkling, and noisy celebration. That was the end of 2018! Fireworks had light up the dark street as we welcomed the New Year 2019.

Just a few minutes before the clock turned exactly 12 A.M., signifying that the New Year had officially started, I shouted out loud with my vocal power to sing the famous "Auld Lang Syne." I belted songs by Michael Bolton, "Go the Distance," and the rock star Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" was randomly chosen from the thousands on the list.

Good thing that the weather was good after the rain had stopped for people and families to welcome the New Year with optimistic hopes and somehow to light up some fireworks too. Nothing could have prevented the Filipinos from walking in the rain to have last-minute shopping to buy food for 'media noche,' including the 12 or 13 different kinds of fruit that would bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity according to the traditional Chinese feng shui.

Nothing could have stopped us from enduring the long line to buy a chocolate cake with a signature "New Year 2019" on top. After all, it's nothing compared to the challenges we endured in 2018.

In the last 10 years, the new year's Eve celebration was more colorful and noisy, but now the noise and glitters are shorter. Festivals are becoming more simple but still memorable ones. Perhaps we strive hard to make each new year celebration have something special on the table and be together with our dear family.

Some may have chosen to spend their time at a lavish 'year-end party with friends and acquaintances and enjoy the New Year countdown with them. I may even have the desire, but I always choose to spend the New Year with my family. Even how simple the celebration is, it gives a specific meaning that family is love, truly our love. A family who will be with us not only on the first day of the year but throughout the year and beyond.

Since 2012, I have spent precious time alone for some 'Year-end reflections or Year Reviews. I promised to reflect on how the previous year improved me, what I have accomplished, and what lessons learned. Christmas in Our Hearts 2018: A New Milestone, Self-Renewal, and New Beginning was a roller-coaster ride. That year brought massive struck-like lighting and a tremendous wave-like tsunami. 2018 may not be favorable, but I have fulfilled some goals and learned valuable life lessons. Just like when the year has ended, a new and brighter year ahead awaits. Though we may never know what is on, we remain hopeful.

As I look back on the previous year, New Year 2018: Beyond the Limits brought a rough journey with an uncertain destination. Several distractions didn't serve an actual purpose. Being out of focus can be destructive and put limits on our actions and coveted goals.

Returning to the present, this New Year reflection is about my goals and aspirations to achieve for the year and carry over the previous years' experiences and life lessons. No matter how unfavorable it may be, it is still part of my past and can be part of my present and future endeavors.

Higher level of endurance

My previous corporate jobs and positions required tremendous physical power. I have learned to improve my physical and mental stamina through the years since I learned to adopt powerful physical exercises and meditation, which I have not practiced actively for about 3 years already. May 2019, bring back lighter and more active physical energy through simple yet powerful exercises and meditation. 

Physical Grounding 

I realized a few years ago that nature has given us a way to stay grounded or connected with our roots. With our busy lifestyle and stressful day-to-day routine, we must remember to be dropped. Our mind takes us somewhere else, and we do not feel the natural elements of the earth for healing. Back in my hometown about 3 years ago, I put some medium-sized fine stones to add natural ingredients to our little garden. I would then invite my mother to take a barefoot walk with me. It gives a physical grounding effect aside from the natural reflexology it provides. 

May this year bring me to places close to nature and experience real physical grounding. To leave footprints in the sand, camp by the beach, and sit on the shore. 

Emotional health

To feel angry is normal, but to utter words that are not good might be hard to take back. Thus, one thing that I have learned is to be in control of emotions. It may be the hardest thing for me to do, but that is good for my emotional health. Sometimes I must keep quiet to avoid an argument despite the urge to do so. Now, I would understand people's actions and intentions and apply self-restraint in choosing words and appropriate actions. 

Mindfulness and Social Awareness

Being mindful is good for mental health. Prayers and meditation, it will help us to look beyond ourselves. To lookout for an opportunity to be of service to someone or to a larger community. I have been part of a group that gives excellent service to humanity through social projects. However, I have not followed through for years. May this year open another door to reach out to people for empowerment.

The Power of Now

One thing that I have learned is to act in the moment whenever possible. To procrastinate is to delay things; soon, when there's a lack of inspiration, it's hard to do it. To be present at the moment is also mindful and could prevent us from having doubts, fears, and frustrations.

When I acted on my dream to start a business independently, I didn't wait to have everything perfect or accumulate more knowledge. I simply made the first move, and everything followed according to plans.

Grit and Perseverance

When all else fails, I have to accept things as they happen, analyze the situation, make a solution, and move on to what's next. Whatever happens, no matter how difficult the road is, I must survive the odds and keep the fire in me to reach my dreams. I can make things possible for myself with relentless desire, the highest hopes, and a positive spirit. If I dream of it, then I can achieve it.

The list of new year's resolutions may be endless, but these are the topmost achievable priorities for now. As I remember, those 2 songs I have sung may subconsciously be what I am. I always aspire to "Go the Distance" to reach the extra mile. I also take control of my life because "It's My Life" is my life, and I must live it. And remember those people who made a sacrifice to walk in the rain? They may have been over and gone through the pain.

A blissful New Year 2019!

© 2019 Del Cusay