Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter Sunday 2019: A Peaceful Journey

The holy week gives us time for contemplation about our faith in God. It renews our faith in Jesus Christ through his passion, death, and resurrection. In commemorating his painful sacrifices and journey to Calvary, we have walked through our path and be with Him.

This year's Holy week gives a new level of enlightenment. Just a few miles away from Manila is a pilgrimage city that millions of Christians visit, especially during the Holy Week. The Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, known as Antipolo Cathedral, offers tranquility for devotees as they pray and renew their vows.

Holy Week 2019: Our Journey to Calvary is our version of Christ's passion. We carry our own cross towards our own Calvary, perhaps experienced in our lifetime on earth. Our sufferings give us hope and strengthen our faith that things are not in our control but only God, the source of our power and the giver of life.

Easter Sunday gives new hope for Christians and humanity as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. It is a celebration for every family, knowing that Christ is indeed alive and with us always on our life's journey.

Easter Sunday is a joy we share among family members and friends. We see the pleasure glittering in the eyes. We hear the holiness in someone's voice. We feel compassion for someone's actions.

We are now truly living and continue to follow the path that gives us pure bliss and enlightenment through God's loving mercy and glory forever.

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