Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday Thanksgiving: A Victorious Journey

A milestone was achieved when we worked together for a common cause; a strategic operation that is mission accomplished. A thousand miles, yet a fulfilled journey. 

It was in 1998 that it all started when a Divine calling for public service was initiated. My Father was chosen and called to serve the people. At first, there was resistance, a protest due to fear. However, in the end, we all agreed and listened to the Divine call. 

As a three-termer legislator, my Father showed courage and perseverance. He may have had his fair share of struggles but he stood up and fought for the common good. 
He was never frightened of those in the higher authority with the values he upheld and the principles he instilled. 

In 2007, after his 3rd term of public service, he returned to business and enjoyed farming as a hobby, a source of joy and serenity. 

In 2013, at 61, he was back in public service and became the head of our town's Office of Senior Citizen Affairs. 
He advocated for the rights and benefits of the elderly in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare and Development. 

On May 14, 2016, after 9 years since his last public service as a Municipal councilor, he decided to make a comeback to answer the call of his constituents. On May 15, a day after the midterm election, he was declared for another seat. He actively serves the public's interest through local legislation and resolutions that will benefit the general public and uplift the people's lives. 

On May 13, 2019, Mid-term election, my father was declared a winner for his 2nd term. He will continue his public service, speak out, and fight for the rights of his constituents. He will continue to advocate for our town's agricultural economy and livelihood and stand up for the welfare of the public transportation sector - - his major committee chairmanship. 

My father is forever thankful for his constituents and everyone who supported him on his political journey. His love of public service remains even when he is not in the position. He speaks loudly about his advocacy for general assistance in the community. He is leaving a legacy for his love of society. He is forever grateful to God for his victory. 

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