Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Summer Waves and The Agoho Trees

What makes summer memorable is fun under the sun, getting sunburned, and a natural tan. And the end of May is just perfect for the sunny beach escapade. This is a great time to feel the summer breeze of the sea, unwind and enjoy the serenity. 

In the peaceful town of San Narciso in the Province of Zambales in the Western Philippines, I have found one of the finest beach resorts; Crystal Beach. The ash-grey sand turns white on a sunny day and into glittering sand at night.

I was in love with the beach in Liwliwa, a nearby town, but I was amazed by the relaxed ambiance of Crystal Beach in San Narciso. In this place, I can sit on a seashore for hours while staring at the horizon and watching the waves. 

A deep inhalation is like breathing in the air that would bring complete relaxation and healing. That's the power of nature. It's the power to heal and transform. It's a natural medicine and must be prescribed by modern medicine. 

I  feel the calm wind with a mist when the waves get stronger at night. As I lay down on the chair facing the sea, I could hear a relaxing beat of acoustic music, bringing an upbeat vibe to a soulful night.

From the healing waves of the sea, there's one thing that gives off fresher air hundreds of Agoho trees not far away from the shore. The trees are of a pine tree family, naturally pleasing to the eyes. The gentle swaying of the Agoho trees helps rejuvenate after a moment of silence.

The Agoho trees would be on my mental picture of the place. It's quite a different ambiance. It cools off the surroundings amidst the hot summer day. It excites me as I wake up to breathe in profoundly and glimpse the shore.

Crystal beach will always be one of the best on my list. I would love to return and spend it with my loved ones. We have a lot more to explore in this Philippine archipelago. And this is achieved one place at a time one beach at a time. 

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