Sunday, June 2, 2019

Beyond the Horizon: A Euphoric Summer Escapade

It's not officially the end of summer or dry season in the Philippines and that people can feel hotter and humid weather that has started on the first day of June. Also, few days left before the start of the rainy season, and for sure many will be missing the hot summer days that brought fun and holiday bliss; while others still catch up before it finally ends.

I love summer no matter how hot the weather is. That's our reality and we can't escape it anyway. During this season my body can tolerate intense heat and even get sunburned while at the beach. Why is summer more fun in the Philippines? because this is the time that most people get to enjoy the blue waters, the gentle waves, and the footprints in the sand.

I am in a joyful state of being during summer unlike during the monsoon season when it rains heavily which brings a depressing mood. That explains why most people would love to go and have fun at the beach, at the waterfalls, rivers, and lakes because of the natural healing it brings. Certainly, that would mean that a bright and sunny day makes us fully alive.

I enjoyed my beach hopping before the end of May in the peaceful coastal town of Zambales. Memories of Summer 2019 brought not only a euphoric experience but a rejuvenated body, mind, and spirit.

The cool breeze of the ocean, the relaxing sound of the waves, and the chirping of the birds are a natural wonder and are part of our self-care; for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

During my precious time at the beach, I would take the chance to do some meditation and that brought stress relief, a lighter mood, and a greater feeling of happiness; that's true bliss!

For just a few minutes while sitting on a beachfront I got to breathe out my own negativities that are considered as blockages to my wellbeing. It has wonderful results and it truly heals.

Being mindful of our breathing is an essential step for meditation. It is when we inhale deeply that we prepare to get rid of what is supposed to flush out from our system; the stale energy that blocks our path to success and fulfillment that we deserve.

I learned the Power of Meditation from a world-renowned expert, Master Del Pe. He taught us how to be in stillness, to quiet our mind, and expel toxicity from energy fields through meditation and powerful physical exercises, and martial arts. I will forever be grateful for the Lessons From Master Del Pe and the powerful life tools and techniques that will be shared with others who may need them most. Anyone can start to learn and practice the ancient science and art of meditation. It doesn't cost a fortune but it requires openness, patience, and discipline to get the desired results.

The summer season is truly fun and exciting and wherever the road may have taken us whether on the mountain or at the beach, still we get to see the boundaries and we can always accomplish things beyond the horizon; beyond our wildest dreams.

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