Sunday, December 15, 2019

When Christmas Tree Makes You Happy

Decorating for Christmas is a jolly moment for our family. It gives a joyful vibe and a nostalgic feeling about our childhood. As we decorate, we also reflect on how our decorations evolved through the years. Back then, we did not have a giant Christmas tree, but we made sure to have something to decorate for Christmas.

It is more fun when a family gathers to help each other do Christmas decorations. We reminisce wonderful stories worth sharing as we put on those Christmas lights and hang the Christmas balls. Those memories last forever, adding color to our life as we celebrate Christmas.

For Christmas 2019, we wanted our Christmas tree to reflect what we feel and what kind of life we want. So we set up sparkling multi-color Christmas lights around the Christmas tree with glittering accessories.

Life has been challenging and a bit dark at times, but the Christmas tree reminds us to stand out and unleash our inner glow to increase our brightness and uplift our souls.

This is a season to be jolly, and it is so true. As we gather around the Christmas tree before the year ends, we would want to give our last best shot. We wish for a brighter year ahead and renew our energy to make it more refined and powerful.

Oh, Christmas tree! You bring light and color to the holidays. You bring smiles to the kids, the family, and everyone. You give meaning to a life worth living. 

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