Sunday, April 12, 2020

A Hopeful Easter

In the absence of fear, we live with courage. We live with hope. For us, this happening in this world, where we live with uncertainty, is a test of faith and our humanity.

The holy week that we celebrated was a new world experience. A totally different dimension on the physical plane of existence.

Even if we are in lockdown and quarantine mode, we are still blessed to have expressed our faith digitally; in an online world. We have celebrated the Holy masses through online streaming and on television from a live broadcast of different parishes in the Philippines, and the Holy See in the Vatican.

Our Parish Priests, Bishops, and the Pope sent us a message of hope in these times of global crisis. We are not alone, and God is with us in all these trials. 

God may not show his wrath, but we are tested with perseverance, endurance, the will to abide faithfully, and the will to survive.

We learn to go back to what are essentials for our survival. We connect with nature and live in a natural world away from too much noise, stress, and fast-paced living.

Take it slow. Recognize the wonderful nature around you. Touch the soil. Go barefoot outdoors. Take a deep breath. Watch the sunrise and the sunset. Have a glimpse of stars and the galaxy. Listen to the sound of silence. Meditate. These are the messages I received and the fulfillment of my heart's desire. 

We all have different messages from the Divine. Be in solitude and receive the news with an open heart. 

As we continue to learn how to live in this new world, Easter gives us a message of hope. Our hope is that we will adapt to the recent earth's changes. We hope to be protected and healed. We hope for a better world. By God's will and grace, we will hold on. Not to surrender, never to give up. For our hope is more significant than our worldly desires. For our hope is beyond physical. It is eternal.

© 2020 Del Cusay