Sunday, April 19, 2020

Positivity in Uncertainty

Energy follows thoughts and intentions. That's one of the most essential pieces of wisdom I have learned and adopted for years.

We can make things happen when we pay attention to our thoughts and with a higher level of optimism. We can let almost impossible things happen.

But how can we stay positive in a world full of negativity? With the recent global crisis due to the pandemic, people get scared and anxious about what lies ahead of our uncertain future -- the coming days and years.

We are all at risk. But at this time, somebody must be ahead of us. Somebody must not be so scared as we are. They are our elders, our parents, and our grandparents.

What makes them have the highest level of positivity is the struggles and life experiences that they have survived through the years.

Yes, they may be the most vulnerable, but they have the most positive spirit all through these times.

They are not the weakest but strongest because of their faith in the highest Divine power. Their religious or spiritual affiliations and activities are what make them truly alive.

My Soulful Sunday is spent at the farm, and on this day, my parents show us how to live and survive this crisis.

The striking statement I have heard from them is that extensive farmland only serves its purpose if cultivated for sustainable farming.' That's the reason why they put their energy into it.

As I visit the farm after a week of home quarantine, I am glad to see the vegetable farm, which they have spent most of their time and energy on.

They may never know what tomorrow will bring, but they know how to survive and thrive. There are no excuses, but only developing habits and a positive mindset.

In days and weeks to come, we will harvest vegetables and fruits that will give us nourishment and a healthy body. Our goal is to strengthen our immune system, starting with healthy food on the table. Farm-fresh produce for better health and stronger immunity is all we need.

A lot of positivity for today. A lot of flashbacks and realizations. A lot of energy, but with positivity in uncertainty.

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