Sunday, November 1, 2020

Living with the Gods in McLeod Ganj

A balanced living where nature meets progress and development. A place that's a blend of culture and faith.

These are the Indians and the Tibetans, living in harmony with the Gods in McLeod Ganj.

Back in February 2013, I've traveled a distance to be with the Gods in McLeod Ganj. They call it "little Lhasa" since it has a large population of Tibetans-in-exile" since 1959 when the Indian Government accepted them and gave them a place to put up their own Government while in exile. 

That's only in India. Accepting refugees in a warm embrace and protecting their rights, safety and security. 

And the greatest love is the Indian Government's support with their expression of faith -- the Tibetan Buddhism.

In McLeod Ganj, I've met The Dalai Lama, the Spiritual leader of the Tibetans-in-exile. I was lucky to have met him on his residence when he gave a talk about "Jataka Tales" to the local and international pilgrims.

I'm a Christian, but I was exposed to the major religions in India for more than a year of stay. I studied and incorporated on the practice of my own faith.

I believe that the world would be a better place if we're not fixated with our religious affiliation. When people would tend to fight for their faith as the best and the only true faith, I would try to learn and understand deeply others' faith.

I befriend people of different background and faith in India. It's about respect and understanding and not about prejudice and religious superiority. 

With the universal God, we're all equal, it just happened that God appeared in different places and time in a completely different images depending on the culture and language unique to each country.

When I was in India, their Gods are my Gods. The Gods and the Goddesses in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam and Christianity. All are Gods, but also a universal God.

In McLeod Ganj, I felt the Divine Beings; the Gods of the Tibetans and the Indians. It was different images, but I prayed to their Gods on its universal form.

As I entered the Namgyal Monastery, it was a heaven on earth experience of being one with the Divine. It didn't make me less as a Christian, but it helped me strengthen and appreciate my faith even more. 

That's why major religions thrive in India and they learn to live in harmony with reverence to each other's faith.

My visit to Himachal Pradesh was Divinely- inspired. It was a solo travel with my deepest faith to the Divine guides. 

Whether you're a Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim and a Christian, we're all brothers and sisters here on earth. We have a common humanity. Your suffering is also my suffering.

And so what we need most during these difficult times is a shared humanity where we pray for each other with no boundaries, no religious affiliations, no prejudice and no discrimination.

Just love...

Because our love to humanity is our love of God. 

So it is.

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