Sunday, February 28, 2021

Timeless Magical Moments

What makes you bring back timeless magical moments in your life? Those times when you're ecstatic and almost living in a fantasy...

There are times in our lives when we're chasing time, and that creates excitement; an exhilarating experience of a momentous journey.

If only we could bring back time, it would have been the moment when we got to believe in magic. It happens, and it puts us on a cloud nine.

Time is just an illusion. When we're in a hurry, time seems so fast and when we're waiting, time seems so slow. But what's certain is that we can always choose to bring back time on a specific period in our lives.; those times when we celebrate our journey to love... whenever we feel loving and giving.

There are also moments when we feel some kind of regrets whenever we bring back time. Those moments when we didn't listen to our intuition and became out of direction.

When I'm on a state of joy, it bring smile and lightness from within. The magic suddenly happens and the pain simply disappears --truly magic heals.

And so what makes us glow is our timeless and meaningful experiences. We keep on rewinding... we keep on reminiscing. 

From this moment, I won't be chasing time because the magical moment already happened and it can make things happen.

Time can tell whenever we look back or see the future ahead. Just live at the present moment... enjoy and let time do its magic.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay