Sunday, February 21, 2021

Moving Forward and Going Further

When was the last time you think of giving up? Your goals, ambitions! Your dreams and desires!

When we're no longer fueled by our passion and motivation, it's easy to quit. But what happens when we're no longer serving our purpose just by giving up? 

One thing I've learned in a corporate world is to keep on burning... Our desires... Our hopes... Our future...

Working at Ford made me realize the importance of going further; in life and just everything.

Going further means many thing to people. For me, it's about achieving our greatest potential and doing our best to be the top of the line; to be at the peak of performance; always full tank and energized.

Ford Global city and Ford Manila gave me the opportunity to learn and to be driven to go further. There may be some crossroads, but I always remember to move forward and keep the passion alive.

This time, just keep on moving no matter what happens. The road to the peak may be rough at times, but we're not giving up because we believe that we can always choose to go further and live a better life forever.

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