Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Journey Continues: From Lambda to Omicron

Just before the world celebrates Christmas on December 25, we are again threatened with the new Covid-19 variant, Omicron.

Our suffering is unending with every new variant discovered, and we're about to cover all the Greek alphabets already, from Alpha to Omega. 

The Delta variant was seen as the most contagious and deadliest. However, this newly named, Omicron variant is said to be highly transmissible, with several countries in Africa now affected.

We've learned our lesson with the Delta variant. Several hospitals run out of beds due to overwhelming cases and admissions. And this scenario is bound to happen again if the government keeps borders from countries where the Omicron variant originated.

The Philippines recorded 26,000+ all-time high Covid-19 cases when the Delta variant peaked. We couldn't afford to match or even reach another all-time high number of cases once the Omicron variant is detected in the country.

It's about preparedness and alertness. Several countries have already closed their borders from African countries affected by Omicron, and the Philippines has followed suit. That sense of urgency in the decision-making of our government is commendable. 

We must be better at this time. We've learned our lesson about the importance of securing our border to prevent the transmission of any new Covid variants. However, just like the prediction of health experts, it's a matter of time before the new Omicron variant is discovered in every country.

What we've learned from Alpha to Delta variants still applies to other variants, including Omicron. Basic health protocol must still be observed, and having been fully vaccinated gives a more substantial layer of protection and immunity.

No matter what happens, life goes on. We must learn to adapt to this pandemic, and it starts with an acceptance that it will now become part of our daily lives. We've learned to identify what's essential vs. non-essential. We've learned to prioritize people, events, and things that truly matter. And above all, we've learned to survive.

When this pandemic ends, we're all survivors. We can survive all other challenges and threats that may come our way. This must be part of the Divine Plan for humanity, and those who won't make it just fail to learn about the essence of survival instincts and skills, just like in any disaster.

It's still possible to better protect ourselves from the pandemic. We must always plan ahead and not become victims of this global health threat. Let's do our best to avoid becoming included in the tally of cases by being inoculated with the Covid vaccine. That's the best thing we could offer to save the world and end our suffering.

As we welcome the New year 2022, we're learning to live in a different world. A world that is harsh and full of suffering. And so, we better prepare ourselves for a more unforeseeable crisis. Always think, plan, and always dare to survive and thrive.

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