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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Eternal Peace: Reliving the Legacy

Life is short, but once lived fully and with dignity deserves the highest gratitude and honor from the living and in eternity. As they say, we only live once and as much as possible with all our energy or power we could maximize our potentials and live our best lives. This could be a thousand years 'secret' message of success, but this is still relevant in today's time.

Someone could be living the simplest life on earth. Have gone though all the challenges and obstacles in life. May have secretly endured the pain and sorrows. However, at some point we are bound to give up and let life controls our fate  our next destination.

Even at the crossroads of life when we are weak and surrounded with people who are dear to us, we are helpless and powerless, but there is certain energy that holds on to our life beyond our control. When all we could do is to accept one's fate, it burrows the deepest pain to see the suffering. When someone has reach the final moment, all we could do is to give a decent and dignified way of letting go. To gather and pray, to reminisce precious moments and to offer deepest sympathy and respect.

We may not remember the conversations and expressions, but we couldn't forget the positive emotions that were meaningful. 
We will never forget the smiles even through pain  a fighting spirit amidst suffering.

We may forget the events, but we will never forget the laughter, the stories, and wisdom shared. You were there to witness how we survived our challenges, just like how you survived your battles. You were ahead in life and have witnessed several years of transformation in the families and in the communities you have loved.

People may have forgotten you, but we could never forget the greatest gift you have given us. A precious gift that will remain forever even in generations to come. You are gone, but you have left a legacy to the faithful community; the place that you have loved wholeheartedly.

 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish: A Divine Gift is Divinely-inspired contribution. It all started with your generosity; a loving heart and a sense of community. You have seen its development from groundbreaking until a community of the religious coming in. You may not be able to physically witness its growth in years to come, but you will be there to see its glory in spirit. A heavenly place for your love ones and for the people even in remote places will be served and will lead in service.

You taught us the virtue of humility and service. You may not have everything to give, but in our hearts you have given more than enough not only to your family, but to thousands of people. Now, you are in peace and may be travelling in a paradise as your final destination. If there is life after death, you will be the happiest to see your creator and be reunited with your love ones who are long gone before us.

You have given so much and your legacy will be remembered and shared.  Divine Light: Our God's Greatest Love  may have been your greatest gift and contribution and the people in return have given their greatest respect and deepest sympathy to your loss. We have lost you, but you are now on your way to eternal life; away from suffering and pain.

We thank you for the love and care. We love you and may you rest in eternal peace.

© 2018 Del Cusay

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas in Our Hearts 2018: A New Milestone, Self-Renewal and New Beginning

What a year it has been! A recollection of wonderful memories and sad realities. This year 2018 brought a different view and meaning of life; a self-restraint and taking control of emotions to a higher level. Now it's time to look back and reminisce on the year that was and my thoughts on how I fair with my plans and decisions.

The previous year 2017 may have been the most challenging year ever. Christmas in Our Hearts 2017: The Unexpected Reality would have hit a punch and destruction, but have received a warm embrace and affection from a loving family back home. However, the year 2018 gave a new beginning, a new hope and will to fight and survive.

I have been more positive all through these years since I have learned to elevate my higher consciousness, but losing oneself along the way also loses the power once established. There are miracles as I would believe it, whereas there are also uncertainties that would have to be defeated.

To have patience, tolerance and perseverance can mean a lot for higher aspirations. It may not be easy, but it can be embedded on consciousness and applied in business and life.

Personal Development

Since 2011 I have written and shared several personal development stories and quotations. On this year I have compiled some quotable quotes from my writings.
  • The Road Ahead. I started to share my personal quotes about my life experiences and wisdom gained through the years. Whenever I get inspired and motivated, I would capture whatever beautiful scene that would lift up my spirit. The Road Ahead is still under construction and there are no shortcuts towards the best destination.
  • The Crossroads. There are setbacks along the journey and I must feel the agony. My sufferings would have helped me to look back on what I have done and have to pay back. The Crossroads would remind me about the right road to take and learn not to take wrong "U" turn. 
  • Soulful Sunday. There is something so beautiful about Sunday morning upon waking up. There's a certain feeling of joy in the heart that awakens a blissful spirit. Soulful Sunday is about my reflections and thoughts about significant events that has a big impact in my life. 
Those subjects above serves as a GPS; a personal guide for self mastery and renewal. Whenever I feel crushed and defeated, I gently lift up my soul for healing and reconciliation.

A New Milestone

I said it before that when the door closes another opportunity knocks. On the third quarter of 2018, I have acted on my dream to develop and execute my entrepreneurial plans. It may not be prestigious or grandiose, but the idea of pushing through and breaking the barriers opted me to make the first step. With my previous corporate experiences, I have developed my dealings with people through customer service and customer experience.

Hopefully my first ever venture would succeed and eventually would take on the next level. With the people who tirelessly and continuously supporting me on my back, I will focus and finish what I have started. It always feel good to start and learn something new. It even challenges us on how to keep it running and moving forward and reaching its peak. 

In this venture there's no place for giving up and there's always a will to keep moving. Having more patience and dedication would fuel it to success. 

The World of Entrepreneurship is overwhelming. To have planted a seed and to nourish it to grow would be more challenging. We keep on improving and finding ways to make our dreams bound to materialize. May have been thousand miles away from expected reality and may take years to cultivate and harvest, but it could be more rewarding and fulfilling in the end. 

A New Beginning 

Before the year ends, some events may have shaken us. 
  • Death. A love one may have gone, but the memories will remain in our hearts. It may be an absence of life, but a beginning of a new wonderful journey in the afterlife. It's not about saying goodbye, but 'til we see each other again. We give respect and gratitude and we honor for the life well lived and we will forever cherish the meaningful days shared. 
  • Birth. A new beginning may be a rebirth or a new birth. Just before the celebration of Christs' birth, we have welcomed the birth of my nephew,  Matthew which name means "Gift from God" an angel of God. 
  • Hope. When all else fail, one thing that gives us confidence and courage is to hope for things we are out or beyond our control. We can never have it all, however we can achieve our best realities when we hope for the best. We can always strengthen our will power to achieve greater heights and let gratitude pave its way to a more meaningful and successful life we ever wanted. Our hopes and dreams are fueled by our passion, our desire and commitment to live our best lives. 


Opportunities are endless and the year 2018 created a tsunami-like realities. Creating health awareness inspires people to commit for a healthier living in an environment with lesser stress and not away from home.
  • Family. The source of inspiration and motivation to move on is the family. They support us on our goals and making our dreams come true. I take pride for the family that I have and will forever be grateful for the love. 
  • Friends. For a meaningful friendship, we cherish the great memories from old and new friends. May have not been connected for years, but pleasant memories connects the gap. We cherish those who have not forgotten us and we keep those who remains. There are connections we have to cut and others that would have to build. 

Before the year ends, it's a good feeling to assess what life has been and what opportunities we have fought for. There's no perfect year, either we win some or lose some. The battle will always be there as we become more fierce than ever. We will still be grounded on our realities and be connected with our families and our communities.

As the year passes, our world become bigger and our responsibility will become greater. With faith in God and other Divine beings, we will surely win in the game of life.

Christmas season is closer to my heart and I never fail to give a reflection  since 2011 when I started blogging. This is the season of renewal and recollection. A season of love and a celebration of love and life. 

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mr. Calayag's Journey from Manila to Siargao with his Brand New Ford Ranger

Mr. Calayag works as a Production Manager at Bountry Fresh Food, Inc for several years in Manila until he was assigned in a province in Mindanao which is closer to his hometown in Siargao Island, province of Surigao Del Norte. He has been traveling regularly from Mindanao to Manila as part of his role in the company and he's very much familiar with Bonifacio Global City where our Ford dealership is located. 

Upon receiving an email in our August 2017 zero downpayment promo, Mr. Calayag sent his online application immediately and was approved by the East West bank for 15% downpayment promo. Zero-downpayment was a great deal for him and he relied on the power of technology through online in-house financing. For him, online application is more convenient and faster as compared to making a purchase in a Ford dealership in Mindanao which is a bit higher in price.

On August 25, 2017, Mr. Calayag and his wife, who is a  Secondary school teacher flew from Mindanao to Manila for the scheduled release of their brand new Ranger XLT FX4 vehicle. They were comfortable in our showroom as they go through the process of signing the required documents. Their excitement was noticeable as we presented them their new vehicle. Mr. Calayag admitted that he has a pre-owned vehicle and it is their first time to own a first-hand brand new car. 

The couple was impressed by the appearance of their new Ranger vehicle. They have chosen cool white color which was obviously their favorite color.  The comfort and convenience that the vehicle provides was also their motivation. In fact, they traveled back to their hometown by inter-island. That was about 2 days of long drive from Metro Manila down to Bicol Region, crossing to Samar Island and finally their destination, Siargao Island in Surigao Del Norte. 

Although that was a long journey on the road, the couple had fun with their new vehicle and have proven its fuel efficiency. That was an accomplishment for the couple to travel and arrive safely back home. Now, they have a new vehicle which they can use for both personal transport and for their business. 

The 2017 Ford Ranger is built for tough and a reliable vehicle for the whole family. It is equipped with safety features and advanced technology that will make your journey memorable and fulfilling no matter how tough the road may be. With the Calayag family, having a brand-new Ford Ranger is a blessing and they are grateful that they have made the right decision in trusting Ford Global City as their dealer of choice. They may have met challenges on the crossroads, but they will surely succeed as they navigate the road ahead with optimism and gratitude.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hope For Humanity: A Life Worth Living

The year 2013 was probably the worst disaster that hit the Philippines, my beloved country. The day when the most destructive typhoon killed thousands of lives and families that were left homeless. November 8, 2013 was a nightmare to consider. Several lives were lost in an instant and many people suffered from post-traumatic stress. They were helpless, they didn't know what to do and they felt abandoned and neglected. It killed not only innocent lives, but the hopes and dreams of many people; families who are living a very simple life and those who have just started to build they lives. It was all gone due to a major impact caused by Typhoon Yolanda, internationally known as Haiyan.

As a disaster-prone country, we learned to adapt to almost every calamity. We brave the storm and that proves the Resilience of The Filipino Spirit that we are as hard as titanium, but as soft as a pearl. We learn to recover and stand up again despite of the miseries we have experienced. We struggle, we cry, we laugh and we smile. That's the cycle of life we are meant to live. In the Philippines, that's our reality. We are waterproof no matter what challenges we are going through. We Filipinos are tough, but our poor soul experiences the pain that makes us feel helpless, meaningless and lack of direction and purpose. We became lost and wanderer in body, mind and spirit.

Destruction of humanity caused by climate change is the greatest challenge we are facing in this century. We have caused great damage to the earth and we also suffer the consequence; hence disaster is becoming a normal occurrence that we must learn how to fight in order to survive. Yes, we are a survivor in this archipelago of stormy seas. Our survival instinct guides our actions to escape from harm and danger. Our bodies may have become weak, but our spirit still has an energy to live. That is Perseverance in Times of Despair that we develop in our character. We became fearless and we endure all the pain.

As a survivor, I have learned to acknowledge the importance of saving our environment; our nature; the habitat we are living in; saving the forestry that are becoming denuded, creating an awareness for people who doesn't care. People are becoming greedy and busy for the destruction of nature just to gain wealth. That's their way to survive and their way to live. For us, we end up suffering. Those people are careless not to think and feel for the welfare of the people. Truly, a destruction against humanity.

A simple way of expressing disgust to environmental destruction and showing  a support to environment protection drive would mean a lot. I believe there are still people who are a better leader and has a voice and influence to beat the destroyers, the environment killers. I give my support to those who care for humanity and the world. There's nothing more worth living than a peaceful and heaven on earth experience. When we sleep so deep and wake up with higher hopes and goals to accomplish. When we live in harmony with nature and keeping our balance as we progress. There is nothing more in life than to keep everything fair and just.

My previous life experiences made me stronger and to think extraordinarily and My Life's Greatest Challenge prepared me for a bigger role of serving humanity through personal transformation through higher consciousness. I've been prepared for a disaster preparedness for a possible worst case scenario. The world is ever changing and unpredictable, however we can always foresee the events based on the current trend. Today, we are Dealing on The Impact of Climate Change. That's our reality and we are now living on it. We can't stop it, but we can prepare for the worst thing to come to fully survive. I mean not only by physical level, but also by emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well.

Life is good and it is worth living to have a little influence to others. We can make an impact in our own way based on what we believe is right and for the betterment of other people. Our humanitarian actions will go a long way; creating a ripple of kindness and goodwill that will eventually change the world to become a better place. It is our Heart's Desire: Living a Humanitarian Life that will influence others to stand up and take an action for a better mankind. We have higher hopes to ourselves, but we are also hoping more for humanities' future. As I remember, a life in service is a life worth living and a life well lived -- the humanitarian way.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Monday, June 12, 2017

119th Philippine Independence Day: Freedom in Our Hearts

Philippine national hero -Jose Rizal as a visionary leader once expressed his deepest sympathy against massive aggression to his countrymen by foreign invaders. In his younger years, he witnessed the abuses and suffering of his own family and he carried all the emotional baggage in his youth until he became a full grown man.

In his youthful days, Rizal was already a champion in many ways and he has proven his capacity through great leadership in his family and the community where he belong. He was a great believer of the youth and their power to do great things and so he once uttered  "The youth is the hope of the Fatherland" a heroic statement that we always remember. Back then, Rizal was just a little boy, but with a very strong character in physical and mental and emotional being; such a commendable trait in his time. 

Today, in our generation after more than a century, how many of us have inherited those traits of a hero. Who among our youth have shown deepest respect and concern about our nation. How many Filipinos truly care and will continue to fight for freedom that we have achieved though the years. To become a hero is never an easy task, but to become nationalistic is a meaningful expression of what it is like to become a true Filipino.

Conflicts, violence and wars continue to happen in our time. It is unending and it keeps on repeating itself and becoming much worse than ever. Filipinos continue to suffer the consequences brought by false beliefs and egocentric mindset of some Filipinos who would spread terror and invade the peaceful land making it chaotic, disorganized and ruined.

With the sad fate that happened in Southern Mindanao, Marawi City is another victim of conflict and war between so-called Islamic State radical Muslims and the Philippine Government troupes. People lost their peace and sense of freedom to do the things enjoyed by an ordinary Filipino citizen. We have lost several brave souls who fought for the dark forces. They have sacrificed their lives for the call of duty; which is to protect and defend our country and its people against oppressors.

We have lost our freedom. Our countrymen, The Maranao people is enslaved by fear and struggled to recover their lives; to rebuild and stand again -- continue to live despite the odds. It is not only the Maranaos, but the entire Philippine islands; the Filipino people who also showed deepest sympathy. We have mourned and expressed our emotions and we are concerned of the welfare of our brothers and sisters who are in trouble. 

It's difficult not to care about what is happening especially when we are dealing with terrorism. We might be living in a city far away from the bombings, but we could be the next target. It's easy to be complacent when we feel more secured and guarded. It's easy to get numbed of the unending conflicts and wars. However, in the end, we cry out loud for our misery when we suffer and become the victim. When our country is not safe anymore, we could only hope for more protection and salvation to escape from various threats. We could hope for a superhero to defend us from invasion and bring back our freedom. We are longing for a powerful Divine intervention to fill in peace and love in all our hearts.

Our freedom once lost will always find its way back on track. As we remain to be hopeful and resilient, we will always regain what is lost and we will fill in what is empty until we become whole again. As a Filipino, it is our duty to fight for our freedom and to contribute for nation-building. A divided nation will once again work together for a common good and the lost of national identity will find its meaning.

Do we still care about what is happening around these days? Are the youths of today willing to sacrifice their comfort in order to express their fearless views and to show solidarity? Are the Filipinos willing to fight again to regain freedom and establish peace in our land? We might not feel it, but the heroism of Rizal is always in our hearts. That's the greatest gift he has given to us and we must uphold the strength and power we are bestowed. We have the blood of a hero running in our veins and we could face any obstacle in our quest for lasting peace and order. We will not accept defeat and the goodness will always reign in us. We can't be certain that history will break itself and not bound to happen again, however one thing is for sure; that whatever happens we will always stand as one... one Philippines ... one Filipino people. 

I am A Filipino and I am a part of our nation-building. I am a Filipino and I will uphold and respect our laws and constitution. I am a Filipino and will be a freedom fighter. For the freedom leads to peace and the freedom will always reign in our hearts.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Crossroads: Hope in Uncertain Times

Everyday is a journey that we battle. From the road we choose to take and the destination we expect to arrive. Along the way are different noises not only from the physical environment, but also from ones' own mind — the noise from our thoughts. These noises either distract or enable us to give more focus to the filtered thoughts; the good ones creating more fulfillment on that very moment. When travelling a distant mile seem uncomfortable and inconvenient to others; some would feel the opposite thoughts and emotions. Though feeling uncomfortable at times, it is the chaos that sometimes we unleash the power within  our emotional desires from powerful thoughts and intentions. 

That little discomfort is nothing but a struggle and challenges to fight and learn to overcome. When we are overwhelmed with negativity around, we suddenly choose the way to respond. To ignore is never the ultimate way to escape, but to face it with fierceness and boldest intentions to hit it and see the path with the clearest view. The obstacles give us a viewpoint to surrender or to take a deeper breath giving us clarity of mind and rightful decisions. Back to the times when there was a little physical discomfort in a long journey, is an uncertainty of what lies ahead. However, the excitement and a good conversation gave a meaning despite the uncertainty. It is when we are not on our best self when we learn to find balance and soulful healing to others and to oneself. Then we feel some relief and healing from within. 

In an uncertain moment, we may feel disheartened of conflicts in relationships. It may be brought by fears and pains from the past and worries of the future. We can't escape from our own negativity affecting us so deeply, but giving it out on others to have a share of discomfort and misery creates undesired energy pulling us down. When one is in conflict from inside, others would absorb that emotional disturbance giving stress and anxiety. That's terribly a draining energy! No matter how we try to shield ourselves, it would still penetrate on the deepest soul level. Shielding from negativity won't give a lasting solution, but to pay attention to the cause and healing past life struggles and miseries surely will. 

The road ahead: Dealing With Life's Uncertainties is an audit of previous life experience of hope in uncertain times. When false hope gives a false perception of reality, then a genuine hope is giving clarity and ultimate fulfillment of a soulful journey transforming your reality and eradicating fear and uncertainty. The powerful force of self-awareness activates positive hopes and dreams that ignites ones' life purpose — our heart's desire. That's the highest hope we can give to ourselves that will benefit the greater good. As we follow different path in life, the inner compass still ignites and guides all the way out even in the most uncertain moment and in the most unexpected time.

 © 2017 Del Cusay

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Circle of Life: Turning Back Time

Time travel seem to be impossible in a world that is preoccupied with the present and future living. What life may seem to be in ten or fifteen years or even beyond? What's the plan I will execute today that will change the compass of life? Clueless of what's going on enables one to reminisce and daydream forward. Going back or beyond the present time gives a glimpse of a meaningful journey of existence. When life's ups and downs knock you out is not a punitive reaction, but to awaken from a deep slumber of an impossible dream or maybe a worst nightmare.

A 'big bang' once change my life that's like a poke on the head. That was intense and painful beyond the physical level -- that was a different spiritual awakening ever! I couldn't resist, but to follow the inner compass -- a trusted barometer of life's goal and a future self. As I was saved from fiery place is a great redirection like an instant decision without a doubt. The 'big bang' that saved me no matter how painful it has been, may also be the 'big bang' that will help transform others in their own ways; wise decisions without guilt and bold actions that is mighty. No matter what life hits us, always depend on how we react and accept that we are vulnerable to untoward decisions resulting from faulty thoughts.

Going back in time, one has realized his potential and lived his greatest life because of right choices; no blockages along the way. As smooth as it flows, life has moved as fast and furious like there's no way of turning back. It was the best way of reaching ahead as fast as possible -- no distractions and defying limitations. Reaching the peak has some valleys that are tricky to navigate. Lost along the way may be challenging, but regaining oneself gave a hard-hit lesson not really to follow 'fast but sure' policy, but ones' own pace of living.

Back to the days when life seems rough gives courage to become braver to live in the present time. This is the  moment in time that is more realistic giving less stress than dwelling on the past and a future dream that is overwhelming. As I turn back time, it creates either wonderful or sorrowful memories that may be carried over a merit to the present and the future. The past may be ignored, however it could be the key to understanding the present reality. Having been somewhere doesn't mean the end of further exploration of what more it has to offer. One has to come back numerous times and enjoy a different perspective of living.

The circle of life is an amazing journey of giving in and giving up. Giving in to right thinking and decisions and giving up to unwanted thoughts and impulsive actions. By turning back time, I recall the good and the bad days where I learned and persevered. Keeping the challenge helps to correct and improve the knots; when untangled becomes a linear direction one has to go through. Reliving memories creates a nostalgic experience and it is in those times that we learn to grow and become better than ever. The circle of life is wonderful and the experience of turning back time is even meaningful and blissful not only in the present, but for a lifetime.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Heart's Desire: Living A Humanitarian Life

This day marks the beginning of a new journey to life; the start of a soulful experience of a higher self beyond the physical realm of existence. This day also marks the re-discovery of true self beyond ego and lower emotions. When the lost soul wanders, it surely will find its place to regain self and follow the guiding light.

The lost chapters may be out of sight, however those darkest moments find a way to escape leading to a brighter and fulfilling journey. Through a deeper self-reflection, one has to find the right path and live with its soul purpose -- the so-called dharma.

The darkest moments in life are the unheard hopes and aspirations; the endless sufferings and blockages towards living a better life. Being redirected on a long tunnel is to experience the reality of the negative side of the physical world. To experience not just the good but also the unfavorable things beyond personal control. To be human is to experience suffering. Learn from it and continue to seek for the answer; find the truth and be the guiding light to those who wander. When you've been there, it will be easy to relate to the suffering one is dealing with and you become a master of your life -- your thoughts and emotions.

Those years when I started to discover another dimension of life, was a great spiritual experience and of personal transformation. It wasn't easy at the beginning. You have to undergo self-restraint and sense of control in thoughts and emotions. It was only then, lower emotions are defeated through enlightenment of the nature of man's suffering -- an endless suffering.

The initiation towards the path brought significant change not only to self but to a greater world. Being called to serve humanity and the world revealed the spiritual powers vested on me and it became a way of living.  Understanding the nature of  humanity requires certain values one must learn to live.  It was then I've learned to unleash love and compassion  that is innate and the core of our being. I couldn't have given it to people without deeper understanding and loving of my self. I have loved myself and had given it away.

Truly, humanitarian service is the greatest expression of love and compassion. To regain myself is to continue the lost journey. It will be a challenging task, but hopefully will be a rewarding journey ahead. Following Our Heart's Desire serves as a guide to live one's purpose and for me, service to humanity through education and personal development is the path -- the soul purpose to live and master not only today, but for a lifetime.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Good Governance Towards A Better Philippines

Our nation, our beloved Philippines has been on the spotlight of controversies since the beginning of Duterte's presidency. We have become a global newsmaker due to negative events that took place in our society brought by governmental policies both national and foreign. 

We have been condemned by the international community due to our president's undiplomatic approach to governance and communications. We may be enjoying the attention gained, but we may also be suffering the consequences brought by the madness and impatience of our President to solve the social problems of our time; poverty, corruptions, crimes... 

What is wrong with our President's government policies? Is he just being misunderstood or he himself is confused and incapable of leading the nation of more than a hundred million people? How could our President exercise good governance by being undiplomatic, irrational and showing violent social behavior? 

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Our people, the Filipino people deserves a straightforward and seriousness in communication most especially from the president whose messages and major pronouncements are so important. What the president has to say to the Filipino people must be relevant and not subject for several interpretations from his communications team.

Since the beginning of his presidency, we have observed some vague statements which later on were interpreted by his secretaries to defend him from further embarrassment. There's a circus in communication and that has caused confusion to the Filipino people. Is there something wrong with the president's way of communication? 

The Filipino people deserve a clearer communication from our leaders. Chaos due to misunderstanding happens when we are playing with words that we don't mean. We can decipher the truth from a false statement. We do not only hear, but instead we listen and try to understand every singe word coming from the most powerful man of our land. 

Great power bestowed to our president comes with greater responsibility to his people. He is responsible to his words, thoughts and emotions. Now, what is happening to our society is due to miscommunication from our government leaders most especially the president.

We are now suffering from a major mistake in communication. For instance, the president has been clear from the beginning that the war on drugs will be bloody. We have been hearing the statements like  "I will kill you" and the non-stop cursing which is highly unacceptable and unbecoming of a statesman.

The President had planted a negative seed of thought to his men -- to the law enforcers on his war on drugs. His thought forms suggest that extra judicial killing is a must to eradicate crimes due to illegal drug use and trading. He even admitted that he had killed alleged criminals by shooting to show to the policemen that if he can do it, why can't they. 

Now, what is the effect of the president's communication style? That negative seed of thought planted to the minds of our law enforcers are being corrupted and it has already materialized. We have the extra judicial killings happening everywhere in the country. We have the "tokhang for ransom" and "tanim droga" which is proven to be existent. These unfortunate events are caused by the false empowerment made by the president.

The war on drugs accompanied by a due process is good, however abuses like extra judicial killing is not tolerable. We can't tolerate a lawless society and it will never lead to a peaceful country that we would want to achieve. 


Corruption is a never-ending political and social problem that our country has been facing. It is like a cancer of our society and it has never been eradicated just like our problem with illegal drugs and criminality. The President has to focus on solving the root cause of our societal cancer and he has to set as an example of a leader who is just not only in words but also in deeds and thoughts. He should not corrupt the minds of his people. Corruption is not only in the form of money, but it is also on our moral and emotional and spiritual beliefs. 

The President has been tough to our church leaders who are consistently fighting for injustices and immorality in our society. He has cursed our priests, bishops and even the Pope. The President has corrupted our principle when he embraced China against our territorial right in the West Philippine sea. The President has corrupted our good relationship with our long-time ally, the United States. The President has corrupted the minds of the Filipino people in his stand about morality and justice system.  


In school, we have taught our children the right values. However, there is a need to strengthen this approach and there must be an active participation of the family. Values education enhances ones' character and personality. If we can raise a  well-disciplined and responsible citizen, then we can have a better world to live in. 

We can envision a society free from conflicts and wars. For years, we have been on war; and that is war on poverty, crimes and now the war on drugs which is not the ultimate root cause of our social problem. We have to eliminate poverty consciousness and replace it with an abundance mindset. We will get tired of fighting our social problem if we will not go back to the basic. What is really happening within the family? What about our upbringing? Whatever happened to the teachings of our parents and of the church? 


It's about time to consider what is the most important. According to Senator Angara, good governance also means good politics. Since we see something wrong with  our leaders' political stance and strategies, then we have not yet achieved good governance. It is for everyone and not just to our leaders. Even ordinary citizen has to contribute towards good governance.

For years, we have been fighting for freedom of expression and today's generation are empowered to speak up for truth backed up by good values and character. We deserve a better Philippines and we should not wait for our leaders. We can also do it! As we work together for peace and progress, we can leave a good legacy to the next generation and they will enjoy a just and clean society that they deserve. 

© 2017 Del Cusay

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Resilience of the Filipino Spirit: A Year After Typhoon Yolanda

"Today, we remember the innocent lives that were lost, the cry for help, the desperate actions, but we also remember the unsung heroes who have sacrificed in helping our countrymen to start another chapter of their lives. We thank those who have shared their sympathy and delivered humanitarian services to our people. We are not alone and we are blessed by your kindness and generosity."

It was a year ago when the Philippines experienced one of the worst catastrophe ever experienced. Typhoon "Haiyan" with a local name"Yolanda" became the deadliest calamity that hit our land. Thousands of people risked their lives, however some were not lucky enough to survive. Several families lost their loved ones. They also lost their homes, properties and sources of living. It was perhaps  the most unforgettable and painful emotions ever felt by those people were greatly affected by the tragedy.

November 8, 2013 was the day when almost the entire Visayan region was severely hit by a massive and destructive force that others wouldn't have expected to happen or even experience in their lives. Even when there was enough preparation by the local government and the announcement of the weather bureau, still the effect was so strong that have washed out the coastal village and have destroyed the entire city of "Tacloban" in the province of Leyte located in central Visayas region. This was the place that was severely hit by the onslaught of the typhoon. 

I was in a foreign land when the calamity happened and what I could do is to offer a prayer to the people and the place and also to my loved ones who are also residing in the affected region. It could break a heart to see images and videos on the television about the aftermath of the typhoon. Some people might have survived, but they are not totally a survivor since they fought for food, water, shelter and died from hunger. Although they may have survival instincts, others have sacrificed dignity and virtues and they resort to looting and fighting just to feed their family in order to survive.

No matter what calamities we may be facing, Filipinos will still rise up and continue to live as a true survivor. Two weeks after the calamity, I described how Filipinos fought one of the greatest challenges in their lives. The Resilience of the Filipino Spirit would have prove to the world that we are brave enough for any battles in life. We may have been deeply wounded from within, however the painful mark will leave a lasting memory of bravery and valor. 

There was a destruction phase experienced, however a year after, we've built our land again. We've put a smile to our face, we learned to laugh hard as if we have forgotten the worst nightmare. We are now rising above the adversity and even prepared for a much stronger forces beyond our control. 

We have witnessed the signs of destruction happening here and there and we are learning something from all of these things. This may only be the beginning, but we must prepare for the worst thing to come. We are now dealing with uncertainty and we may never know when shall another lives will be lost. If there are lessons we need to learn, then we have to ponder deeply and do our best share. We are not only responsible for our own lives, we have something to do with our environment, the nature, our precious land. There's a greater message why we need to learn adversity and to reform. After all, we don't want to risk thousands of lives again and to experience miserable lives. 

Today, we remember the innocent lives that were lost, the cry for help, the desperate actions, but we also remember the unsung heroes who have sacrificed in helping our countrymen to start another chapter of their lives. We thank those who have shared their sympathy and delivered humanitarian services to our people. We are not alone and we are blessed by your kindness and generosity. 

Philippines may be a small archipelago, but Filipinos have bigger dreams and significant global contributions. We are becoming stronger and wiser, and when we join hands together, we will rise up again. In our hearts, we do not commemorate struggles and misery, but we celebrate life full of gratitude and mercy.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Resilience of the Filipino Spirit

"Filipinos all over the world are united as one and will continue to do so to be able to live a good life and the greatest life that we truly deserve."

The Philippines experienced another calamity that was considered as one of the strongest and deadliest typhoon in the world. The typhoon "Haiyan" or local name "Yolanda"  brought misery in the lives of the Filipinos affected by the devastation it has caused. 

In the Central Philippines where the typhoon hit, thousands of people were victims of this natural calamity that has extended to several regions in the Visayas Island. Some has survived while others have lost their lives. 

Weather disturbances of any type is common in the Philippines and the Filipino people learns to embrace this uncontrollable phenomena. It is there since several centuries back even before the talks about climate change has started. The effect of this would be massive destruction to property and the loss of lives. It happens and we are not in total control of this so-called acts of God.

Filipinos are known to have a strong spirit in times of calamities and the world somehow acknowledges this thing considering the numerous typhoons and earthquakes that are experienced. However, no matter how strong we are, still there are also limitations in our being. Filipinos still suffer from anxiety and post-traumatic stress despite being resilient. We can put smile on our faces but there is still some pain inside that we carry. Filipinos are like that; the entire archipelago would share the same attitude when life faces challenges... when life seem to be unfair.

In any challenges; good or bad, there is really something to learn. It is the time to reflect on our ways of dealing with life. Both the strongest and the weakest are tested, if you have the  Perseverance in Times of Despair  then you remain to be strong, but if you play as a victim and not to take responsibility, then perhaps you may want to become one the weakest link.

In the present time, there are several talks and debates about the climate change and its impact to the world. Some would have the interest about the subject and take action while some would just ignore and just let it be. Indeed, what we do to our environment could bounce back on us. If people still seem to be careless and go on with their business interest not minding its environmental effect, then we are in danger. 

We have seen already the effects of climate change and it continues to manifest its power of destruction to the nations and the people. We've seen how it affected so many lives in several countries and now same fate just happened in the Philippines. How many lives will still be at risk? I believe it's time to ponder on our simple yet meaningful gesture of care to the environment.

People are now starting to realize and believe that there is a natural force beyond our control from the  The Power of Nature  and we have a call of action to make. There may be lots of factors on why this massive destruction happens, but Filipinos will continue to rise up and begin a new life again and again.

If we help each other and do our share to serve and show love and affection, then we can learn how to Get Ahead of Life's Adversities  and believe that something good is coming to our life after we have survived the greatest obstacle that have shaken our spirit. Filipinos all over the world are united as one and will continue to do so to be able to live a good life and the greatest life that we truly deserve.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chilly Winds of India's Wintertime: A Reflection

"India could be a land of contrast, but I have witnessed and learned how they persevere and raise the bar towards excellence making them achieve economic progress and rising power. There may be some serious challenges confronting them, but with faith, unity and goodwill, then India could gain something it deserves."

The wintertime in India is about to end, yet early morning is still misty and foggy while late night gets chilly. In daytime, the weather is a bit warm specially in the afternoon, but it is fine and favorable weather. Few days ago when I arrived on the evening of the 16th, the temperature is quite tolerable and that I did not wear thermal jacket compared to last year when I arrived for the first time on November when the weather is cold and chilly.

I leaved India on the summer of mid-April last year. It was about ten months ago and now I am back for the second time. I had a pleasant experience on my first visit since the people were nice and friendly. The warm acceptance and welcoming smile is their way of showing hospitality to visitors; and this is what I felt like when I arrived few days ago; in return, greeting people in an Indian way 'Namaste' is a good start of embracing their culture and beliefs.

Misty and chilly morning in Dwarka, Southwestern Delhi

I never imagined that I would go to India and become exposed to its cultural and social norms. Back in the Philippines, I learned the Indian salutation 'Namaste' but later I learned its spiritual significance. It is not just a normal greetings but it means that when two or more persons meet 'the presence of God in me, meets the presence of God in you' is the real significance of this sacred word. In a philosophical context, it is right since God is present in everyone and it only needs recognition of this fact. 

People of all ages greets 'Namaste' whether at home, in the street,  in a social gathering and even on the phone conversation. Bowing of head while putting hands together in the center of the chest shows courtesy, friendliness, love and humility. This simple yet graceful gesture is significant even in today's time, however I have observed that the use of this salutation is declining due to the influence of western culture. Saying 'hi and hello' is what I have been receiving. Last year, when I was in Mumbai, I was seldom greeted 'Namaste' and what I have been hearing most of the time is 'hi and hello'.

I remember when I was in elementary, we used to greet our teachers and visitors in a Filipino way 'Mabuhay' but before the 20th century ended, it was changed to 'hi and hello' which is both a formal and casual way of greetings in the west. 

In India, 'Namaste' as a form of salutation feels like being at peace with someone even without using the bowing and the hand gestures. Just by uttering the word is already a humble experience like no other in the world. 

for someone who is not used to cold weather especially winter season, it is not easy to wake up early in the morning. The good thing is that I had my winter clothing kept here when I went back home in Manila last year. Morning walk is possible but could not do jogging or any vigorous exercises on the street or else I get chilled.

Foggy streets of Dwarka in Southwest Delhi

On a foggy and a misty morning, people starts their day bearing the coldness. They wear 
thick clothing usually made of wool while riding in a bicycle. I have seen some students chatting while patiently waiting for their school bus. It is obvious that they are tolerant with the winter season and they have nothing to complain but to bear with it.

In Mumbai and the rest of southern Indian State, they don't get this kind of weather that northern India including Delhi are experiencing. Himalayan region of India is very cold at this time and could even have some snows in the mountain range. The place called Dharamsala, is one of the most visited place in India and most popular among foreign travelers.

In the cold weather it is nice to have some cup of hot tea with milk or they call it Indian chai. I have learned to make this kind of beverage and it has a warming and soothing effect. Tea is a staple drink in India and the country is among the top producers of tea in the world. I like the Indian chai rather than drinking a regular tea, however I could not miss drinking a cup of coffee since I drink it regularly any time of the day. I am in India, so I can enjoy both beverage that they can offer.

I am also grateful to been taught how to make their staple food called 'chapati and paratha'. Both are plain bread that is made from whole-grain flour, but cooking differs in thickness. I also learned to cook the 'dum aloo' which is a dish made of potatoes and some spices and it complements with the 'paratha' or 'chapati'. I eat rice as my staple food, but since I am in India, I have to learn eating the Indian way.

It is always good to learn something new. To learn the culture and the tradition of another place is not just a wonderful experience but a wisdom. In a land that is multi-cultural and diverse, there is nothing to be ignorant about, but to understand and accept its norms, beliefs and social standing.

India may be a land of contrast, but I have witnessed and learned how they persevere and raise the bar towards excellence making them achieve economic progress and the rising power. There may be some serious challenges confronting them, but with faith, unity and goodwill, then India could gain something it deserves.

Wintertime in India  is about to end while spring/summer is fast approaching, and it is like the rebirth--the restorative phase. It is the most wonderful season when the sky is clear and the weather is warm with the blossoming flowers around. I hope I could witness their celebration of the 'Holi festivalwhich marks the beginning of the spring. For now what is important is to be grateful for the learning that the winter could bring, until such time that it will come to an end--then comes the season of rebirth.

© 2013 Del Cusay

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Perseverance in Times of Despair

"In moments of despair, you must never lose hope. When feeling down, there is a reason to rise up. When feeling lost, there is always a chance to win. Dare to persevere and accept everything as it happens. Dare to survive and live a better and fulfilling life."

Winning in life is not all about the achievement of your highest hope and aspiration. It is about the challenges that you have to go through before you reach the peak of success. Sometimes, you are on the crossroads of finding the right path and choices. However, when things go differently than what you expect, you may lose hope and feel uninspired to move forward.

Failure is part of winning if you view it with optimism. To persevere and learn from mistakes is a challenge to make you become a better person. Nevertheless, absence of inspiration could lead to hopelessness; but enthusiasm drives you with energy to keep on fighting.

Despair could happen in the absence of inspiration. In hopeless situations, you are not giving a chance for the right opportunity to come, resulting to desperate actions, that may turn into regrets and suffering.


Life may present challenges to be accepted and not to take something for granted. What you have gone through in life have a great impact on your self-esteem. All experiences teach you a certain lesson: to overcome weakness and to develop strength.

Unfortunately, despair is something that is surprising. You must have faith that everything has a purpose and meaning. If you persist, you will reap a fulfilling reward thereafter.

Being desperate towards uncertainties will only lead to pessimism. It will result to another problem or failure if not acted upon in a right way. Thus, there may be no other way to control of what may happen in life, but there is a way to wholeheartedly accept it.


Overcoming the challenges is a lifelong undertaking. It never stops and gives us the chance to become stronger and better. There is no reason to quit, but a chance to revive; because challenges may continue to strike until lessons are learned.

You must never lose hope in moments of despair. When feeling down, there is a reason to rise up; and when feeling lost, there is always a chance to win. Dare to persevere and accept everything as it happens. Dare to survive and live a better and fulfilling life.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How Failure Turned Into Success

"In whatever way we have failed from the past or the present time, we need to redefine our past failures and realize what we did right and disregard what we did wrong and then turn that into wisdom for a winning future."

There are times when I felt like a failure when things turned out as opposed to my expectations. I have set a goal and planned about it, but at the end it failed. It makes me feel bad and it is just a natural feeling. Nevertheless, prolong sadness is not that good as it may invite negative and harmful thoughts.

In our lives, we have been experiencing almost everything that it may bring—good or bad. Sometimes we end up feeling lost resulting from failure. We fail to achieve... we fail to succeed.

I heard stories from people that they failed; failed in major exams, failed in career, failed in reaching their goals and dreams, etc. Then I realized that failure is not that bad for the reason that we can learn from these failures and use it as experience to our next success. Hence, I call 'failure' as 'success in disguise'.


We can learn from our failure and able to recall what have we missed or what went wrong. It is an opportunity to reflect on our actions that led to failure. Likewise, we need to fail to realize that there is a mistake in the process of what we are aiming for. Thus, there is a need to correct it and be as successful as we can in our next try.

I remember way back college that our teacher would return our essays if she can spot grammatical errors or even wrong spelling. I tried to correct it as much as possible but I had to edit my work again and again as advised. Somehow, with that experience I have learned something that is useful to my way of writing, although there are times when someone has to send me a message to correct some mistakes. I am still thankful for the enthusiasm to learn from mistakes—can be considered as a failure.


I have tried this approach and indeed it works. It teaches me a lesson that I should never fear of failure and never to chase for perfection but rather excellence.

What is good about trying to fail is that we do not have to worry about being perfect. The good thing is we just might succeed by accident. Think of great inventions by accident, they may have thought of failure, but it turned out to be another great invention.

There are times I fail, but now I do not worry about it, I just divert my attention towards more optimistic thoughts and thinking that today I fail, but next time I will have it!—gives me more courage to pursue my goals despite the odds.


There is no reason for us to give up, but to keep on trying. If we failed once, twice or thrice... it is all right. It only means we are persistent with our goal to achieve. The next time we try, we succeed! We did it! Moreover, we are grateful for it.


We have our own definition of success and failure based on our personal experiences. For me, instead of saying 'I tried, but it failed' better to say, 'I tried and I failed, but I have learned and tried again and I succeed!'

We can be negative at times, but we need to be more balanced and weigh in the circumstances. Some of the good things in life can be attained through re-framing our state of mind.


Persistence can have a great impact to achieve tremendous success. Just like some famous people who have persevered so many times until they achieved the status of greatness and success.

Take the case of Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple company. He was fired from the company he co-founded, and then failed from another company he founded. However, in the end he succeeded and gained the admiration of many people.

We may fail so many times, but if we have the persistence and the courage to face our failure, then surely we will attain success.

In whatever way we have failed from the past or the present time, we need to redefine our past failures and realize what we did right and disregard what we did wrong and then turn that into wisdom for a winning future.

© 2012 Del Cusay