Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Road Ahead: Dealing with Life's Uncertainties

Once upon a time there was a young man who dreamed of a better life; of having the best things and moments that life could bring. These dreams serve as an inner fire of making them into a reality. A young man who is nothing but is full of determination and optimism. Now, what would his life become amidst all uncertainties ahead of him. When his life gets tough and when he has nothing more to do but to believe that there is something that could increase the fire within.

We all have our desires to achieve. No matter what it is, still we are given the passion to live it. All our success is related to the amount of strength that we put into it. The greater the force equals the greater distance.When life gets uncertain, there may be some doubts. It is the evil within that sabotages the desire  the commitment towards excellence. There are moments of feeling incomplete. The fire is getting less and there's a time you notice that it is already gone.

Whatever it is that makes us burnout, the universe has its way to rescue the lost soul. The moment you wake up when everyone seems to be out of sight, they may be gone and have their own soulful journey to fight. Then you realize that life is indeed unpredictable — full of uncertainties. Nothing is truly permanent and there may have been changes in the Divine plan.. There's an end in everything, but we can expect for some changes at the crossroads that will make or break.The road ahead has many intersection that may not serve our real purpose. If tempted by wrong perceptions and false beliefs, it could lead to wrong choices and decisions. However, the fire within could have been ignited slowly as it burns the fuel of success and fulfillment — our heart's desire.

No matter the distance we are taking, there could have been some breaks and some barriers at the crossroads. The moment you stop for awhile is not a reason to quit but to persevere and take a look back as to how far you may have gone through in life. The present moment is where life has taken you out of your wildest dreams and desires. It is when you stop that you lose the battle, and when you go forward the road will take you farther distance in the least expected moment.

People may change and circumstances may be painful, but they have made a lasting impact in your life and contributed to your being. They may have served as the key to rediscover the inner fire and tap the highest power for ultimate success and fulfillment.When the time comes that you are defended for your beliefs and philosophies you are not alone along the journey. They push you harder not to be like them, but to follow your own path and realize your potentials.

Obstacles may arise, but the inner compass will lead you towards the destination. When you have reached to where you are right now there's a reason to take the commitment to go farther and believe in yourself that you can make it possible.

Once upon a time when the young man was nothing but a dreamer, now takes the courage to live his greatest life despite the odds and uncertainties. The commitment and endurance will continue to ignite and the soulful journey will reign in his heart forever.

© Del Cusay

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