Monday, May 1, 2017

The Crossroads: Hope in Uncertain Times

Every day is a journey that we battle. We expect to arrive from the road we choose to take and the destination. Along the way are different noises not only from the physical environment but also from one's mind — the noise from our thoughts. These noises either distract or enable us to give more focus to the filtered ideas; the good ones create more fulfillment at that very moment. When traveling a distant mile seems uncomfortable and inconvenient to others, some would feel the opposite thoughts and emotions. Though painful at times, it is the chaos that sometimes we unleash the power within  our emotional desires from powerful thoughts and intentions. 

That little discomfort is a struggle and challenge to fight and learn to overcome. When we are overwhelmed with negativity, we suddenly choose how to respond. To ignore is never the ultimate way to escape, but to face it with fierceness and the boldest intentions to hit it and see the path with the most transparent view. The obstacles give us a viewpoint to surrender or to take a deeper breath giving us clarity of mind and appropriate decisions. Back when there was a bit of physical discomfort in a long journey, there was uncertainty about what lay ahead. However, the excitement and a good conversation gave meaning despite the uncertainty. We learn to find balance and soulful healing for others and ourselves when not at our best selves. Then we feel some relief and recovery from within. 

In an uncertain moment, we may feel disheartened by conflicts in relationships. It may be brought by fears and pains from the past and worries about the future. We can't escape from the negativity affecting us so profoundly, but giving it out to others to have a share of discomfort and misery creates undesired energy pulling us down. When one is in conflict from the inside, others will absorb that emotional disturbance causing stress and anxiety. That's terribly draining energy! No matter how we try to shield ourselves, it would still penetrate on the deepest soul level. Shielding from negativity won't give a lasting solution, but paying attention to the cause and healing past life struggles and miseries will. 

The road ahead: Dealing With Life's Uncertainties is an audit of previous life experiences of hope in uncertain times. When false hope gives a false perception of reality, genuine hope gives clarity and ultimate fulfillment of a soulful journey transforming your reality and eradicating fear and uncertainty. The powerful force of self-awareness activates optimistic hopes and dreams that ignite one's life purpose — our heart's desire. That's the highest hope we can give to ourselves that will benefit the greater good. As we follow different paths, the inner compass still ignites and guides us all the way out, even in the most uncertain and unexpected moments.

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