Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Weekend Stroll at Quezon Memorial Circle

 A breathing space in the center of the largest city of Metro Manila lies the monument in honor of former President Manuel Quezon.

This is all we need to take a break and have a weekend leisure walk at Quezon Memorial Circle. It's considered as the last lungs of Quezon city with the protected 27-hectare green oval park.

The 66-meter shrine has 3 tall pylon that's a center of attraction in the busy elliptical road where 6 major lanes meet. It has 3 angels on the top which symbolizes the major Philippine Islands -- Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

I like it when you can find a green space in a huge metropolis where people can visit for leisure; and Quezon Memorial Circle is one of the best places to go to whether for fitness, shopping, museum tour and food trip.

The remains of former Philippine President Manuel Quezon is located inside the monument together with his wife, Aurora. Truly, a dignified statesman the Philippines ever had; making his life worth remembering.

What's good about Quezon Memorial Circle is the many activities that visitors can do. I've seen many fitness groups doing some exercises like jogging, biking, dancing and even just sitting on benches or a simple walk exploring different areas of interests.

This place is also good for people who are into collecting various ornamental plants. There's so many business stalls which sells different variety of plants and flowers. It makes the place greener and cooler.

On this time of pandemic, indoor and outdoor gardening became a hobby of many people in the metropolitan area. It became part of their health and wellness goals to go green and to relieve their stress being surrounded with beautiful plants and flowers.

A leisure walk in a park brings envigorating energy from the greeneries and from the active people. We would want to achieve balance in our living. Though life at the metropolis can be exhausting at times, we need to take a deep breath and have a youthful glow so we could share that lighter energy and vibrant glow to others as well.

Quezon Memorial Circle has a lot to offer, and since 1950s when it was constructed, it underwent several transformations and newest attractions. 

We need more green parks in major cities all over the Philippines, and Quezon Memorial Circle is one of the best parks to be replicated or become a source of inspiration.

A green living is a Godly Living. 

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