Monday, March 14, 2022

Fitness Goals in Fleetwood

Fitness continues from Manila to Surrey, British Columbia. Back home in the Philippines, I used to do a lot of fitness exercises on the streets of BGC on a cool morning and even on warm summer days.

Here in British Columbia, how could I step out for an outdoor walk on a rainy week? Yes, they say it rains a lot in BC, but the weather seems favorable to me as I expect a sunny day perfect for an afternoon stroll in the neighborhood.

Fitness goals could be hard when stuck at home on gloomy and rainy winter days, but whenever I woke up with the rays of sunlight, then I must enjoy the outdoors. 

It's cold outside even when it's sunny with a daytime high of 10 degrees. However, the winter season is about to end and the best of spring is coming on the 20th of March.

Walking on the residential streets of Fleetwood on a cold afternoon is a great activity as I aim to become more physically fit. No sweat, but it makes me feel warmth at the end of less than an hour. That's already about half of my 6000 daily steps target. It feels good to get moving and see the beautiful neighborhood around.

We travel to places occasionally and we try different global cuisine that suits the palate. Metro Vancouver has diverse food choices, and we couldn't resist the best of Asian cuisine. This, however, could be a challenge to my fitness goals as I increase caloric intake resulting to gain weight.

That's the reason why I need to burn calories and unwanted fats. I need to walk. I need to run. I need to climb. And I need to jump up high. Here in Fleetwood, I'm glad to start my fitness journey by simply taking a stroll. Having a long walk in a day makes me feel energized and revitalized.

In the coming days and weeks, I'll be able to discover more places in Fleetwood where I can fully achieve my fitness goals. The quietness of the place and the simplicity of living is ideal for a healthy mind and body. This is where I always wanted to be. And here I am, about to live my life; to live my greatest life.

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