Monday, March 21, 2022

The Labyrinth in Fleetwood Gardens

The winter season has finally ended in Canada. Gone are the snows, frosts, and unbearable coldness for a newcomer like me. 

Finally, here comes the much-awaited season of all; spring. The blossoming of flowers and tree leaves are just everywhere. I can't wait to see the cherry blossoms in different places on the metro as it gives a naturally stunning view of a picture-perfect scene. 

As we welcome spring, it's the best time to visit a nearby park on a lovely sunny day. Enjoy the fun moment and relax, strolling and seeing people around. 

Fleetwood gardens are the best place to be due to its proximity to our home. It's in a vast park where cherry blossoms are waiting to bloom. The pergola gives a feel of a romantic walk for a couple, and the benches sit for soulful conversations.

The most impressive feature is the presence of a labyrinth. It's an ancient pattern found in many places and cultures worldwide. A maze has only a single path and no dead ends. As we walk inside, it winds throughout and mirrors our current state in life. We walk in peace with an open heart and a clear mind. 

The labyrinth in Fleetwood gardens is a classical 7- circuit or path. It's now installed in many places like wellness centers, churches, and community parks as an alternative for healing the body, mind, and soul. 

As we walk the path, we become more mindful of the sensation of walking. And as we go along, we develop a strong sense of concentration and awareness needed to gain insights. 

A labyrinth walk has 3 stages, and it gives beautiful healing benefits. The first stage is releasing or purgation. This is the time when we remove all unwanted thoughts and mental distractions. This is also the time to quiet the mind and open our hearts. 

The second stage is receiving or illumination. As we reach the center, we stay for a moment to sit and stand as we meditate, offer prayer, and allow ourselves to receive guidance from a higher power source. 

The final stage is returning or union. As we're about to exit, we follow the same path back out. We then experience a stronger sense of well-being and clarity of mind. We feel more empowered to pursue our life purpose and heart's desire. 

It feels good to welcome spring with an open heart and a clear mind. Like the spring season, we're about to bloom like colorful, fragrant flowers. A wonderful being with a beautiful soul, living daily to find meaning and purpose. We live our best life, give back and be generous. 

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