Sunday, March 6, 2022

Promenade Walk at Garry Point Park

Vancouver, Canada, is on the top list of the world's most livable cities. It's surrounded by scenic mountain ranges and bodies of water that are naturally wonderful. 

When I arrived in Vancouver at the end of February, I finally landed in beautiful British Columbia. I was greeted with cold and gloomy weather for several days. From then on, I'm still waiting to see sunny weather ideal for sightseeing and walking in the neighborhood.

A few days after I arrived, I was glad to see the blue skies as we visited a dear friend in Richmond.

That was a lovely sunny day in Steveston. A village in the Southwest of Richmond, British Columbia. The sea, the sand, the sun, and the cool winter air match the scenic view of the surrounding sandy trail for a romantic stroll.

Looking at the horizon along the seaside is a spectacular view of Vancouver Island, Victoria's capital city. That's a beautiful island to visit and explore, but I must enjoy the moment at Garry Point Park this time. The ambiance and serenity are genuinely captivating and soothing, perfect for a promenade walk to remember.

Metro Vancouver has a lot of parks, and I am grateful to have seen one of the many beautiful parks in the metro. It feels good to live in a city that is blessed with natural scenery that heals the body and the soul. And whenever I need to unwind and rejuvenate, I'm glad there's always a place I can go to.

Garry Point Park is a place for recreation. It has an open-air green space and trails for strolling and fitness activities. Young and old people would walk along the promenade with their partners and loved ones. Others would love to take their dogs while enjoying the cool sea breeze on a sunny day.

The coastline was once a fishing village and a site for canneries and boatbuilding warehouses. One of the prominent structures in the Park is the Steveston Memorial Needle which is a marker for all those who were injured or died in the fishing industry in this place. 

Sitting on the big rock while watching the sailboats and commercial boats pass by is a beautiful scene. It reminds people about its historical past as a thriving fishing village. 

The winter season in Canada is about to end, but the warm welcome feels like home. That's one thing I need; to get warmth. Living in a tropical country for so long makes a slight adjustment to the cold weather in Canada. However, I must remember that the season changes and only stays for a while. Soon the winter is over, and the spring season awaits.

Like the hundreds of cherry blossom trees in Garry Point Park, it's beginning to blossom once again. When the spring season begins, I'll witness the blooming of the Sakura trees and the cherry blossoms. And it blooms in many parks in the metro. It just blooms when it is ready. It blooms at the right season. And it blooms at the right time.

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