Saturday, December 29, 2018

Eternal Peace: Reliving the Legacy

Life is short, but once lived fully and with dignity deserves the highest gratitude and honor from the living and in eternity. As they say, we only live once and as much as possible with all our energy or power we could maximize our potentials and live our best lives. This could be a thousand years 'secret' message of success, but this is still relevant in today's time.

Someone could be living the simplest life on earth. Have gone through all the challenges and obstacles in life. May have secretly endured the pain and sorrows. However, at some point, we are bound to give up and let life controls our fate  our next destination.

Even at the crossroads of life when we are weak and surrounded by people who are dear to us, we are helpless and powerless, but there is a certain energy that holds on to our life beyond our control. When all we could do is accept one's fate, it burrows the deepest pain to see the suffering. When someone has reached the final moment, all we could do is give a decent and dignified way of letting go. To gather and pray, to reminisce precious moments, and to offer deepest sympathy and respect.

We may not remember the conversations and expressions, but we couldn't forget the positive emotions that were meaningful. We will never forget the smiles even through pain  a fighting spirit amidst suffering.

We may forget the events, but we will never forget the laughter, the stories, and the wisdom shared. You were there to witness how we survived our challenges, just like how you survived your battles. You were ahead in life and have witnessed several years of transformation in the families and in the communities you have loved.

People may have forgotten you, but we could never forget the greatest gift you have given us. A precious gift that will remain forever even in generations to come. You are gone, but you have left a legacy to the faithful community; the place that you have loved wholeheartedly.

 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish: A Divine Gift is a Divinely-inspired contribution. It all started with your generosity; a loving heart and a sense of community. You have seen its development from groundbreaking until a community of the religious coming in. You may not be able to physically witness its growth in years to come, but you will be there to see its glory in spirit. A heavenly place for your loved ones and for the people even in remote places will be served and will lead in service.

You taught us the virtue of humility and service. You may not have everything to give, but in our hearts, you have given more than enough not only to your family but to thousands of people. Now, you are in peace and maybe traveling in paradise as your final destination. If there is life after death, you will be the happiest to see your creator and be reunited with your loved ones who are long gone before us.

You have given so much and your legacy will be remembered and shared.  Divine Light: Our God's Greatest Love may have been your greatest gift and contribution and the people in return have given their greatest respect and deepest sympathy to your loss. We have lost you, but you are now on your way to eternal life; away from suffering and pain.

We thank you for the love and care. We love you and may you rest in eternal peace.

© 2018 Del Cusay