Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The World of Entrepreneurship

When I quit my job in the corporate world, I was uncertain of what may come next; the plans and the choices I have to go through for the next chapter. I have never expected to start a small business just right after my exit in the company. That was big; a tough one... a challenge. Few weeks after, I have made it on my own and with the help of my love one to set up this long time aspirations. Left with courage and determination, I never hesitated and complied with business legalities and launched the dream I hold on for years.

I always believe that people always dream big, however  there's a certain feeling of hesitancy; feeling inadequate and not ready. I always tell myself not to wait for the right time to launch something. I can always start and learn to develop and improve it. That principle also applies in accepting a job offer. If we always wait for the right time, our dreams may have been taken by others who may not be ready yet but has the will to start and learn along the way. That principle is what I have applied in starting a small business. I have started right away and learn things everyday. I keep on improving and I keep on dreaming. 

With the execution of my dreams, I have chosen few people who are part of the bigger plan. Not
everyone will stay with you and some may have ran away. One thing I have learned is never to chase but to accept that I have to believe in myself and take full responsibility of my actions. It's my battle... it's my journey. 

I have been told not to share goals or dreams with people, certainly I share it with my family, the ones I give my trust. In return, they serve as my adviser and they are like a co-founder. I love sharing business ideas and principle and I have learned a lot from them already. They have been there for a long time and their business principle are precious and should never be ignored. 

From time to time, ideas are flashing so bright but I have to hold on to that. Sometimes, we delay the execution and have it incubated for a certain period of time. I should never give up and soon I must turn it into a reality. I believe that we are always destined to succeed as long as we have the will-power and the will to survive. I have made it possible and hopefully soon that things will become bigger and  brighter; today and the days to come.

© 2018 Del Cusay