Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter Sunday 2021: The Promised Land

Where will be our destination after this Covid-19 pandemic? Will there be a promised land awaiting for us just like God's  command for the people's exodus in ancient Egypt? Will our top leaders become like Moses who will make a great sacrifice and lead its people safely away from threats and destructions?

The hostility and uncertainty during this pandemic brought misery and deep suffering in our lives in the modern times. The powerful and influential even became stronger and the weak and poor became weaker and poorer.

That's our current reality. With billions of people suffering, we feel the oneness of humanity for a great plan of exodus. This time is to end the pains and suffering of the pandemic that's killing us.

Moses was able to protect its people under his leadership and they succeeded to have reach the promised land. Today, it's the time our leaders must follow the footstep of Moses and hear the voice of God to protect and fight for its people against the unseen enemy.

Religions of the world play a role to influence the nation's government and its leaders to save us and overcome this great challenge of our time. 

Our leader's shouldn't give up on us even until the end. We may never know how long are we going to fight and to remain steadfast, but one thing is certain, that God speaks to the leaders of our land amidst the noise and chaos.

We hope that our leaders listen to the voice of God that speaks to them; that they will accept the cross that's entrusted on them. We all have our personal crossess we carry, because God is testing our faith in the greatest challenge of our time. 

When we survive this pandemic, we'll all live in the promised land. That hopefully, our nation and leaders will be wiser. That we'll become stronger and great believer, and all our lives become better than ever.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Holy Week 2021: The Path to Salvation

We live on earth for a purpose. We have a mission to fulfill for the glory of God and for our salvation.

That's the promise of the Christ. We live to do good and find a deeper meaning to our existence; then we live in eternity when we die.

But how can we find a meaningful living amidst the threats and chaos in our times. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we all seem to sufffer and many people are getting sick and die.

Have they fulfilled their purpose? their mission? 

The rich and the poor; the young and the old, the weak and the strong are dying. No one seem spared once infected of the deadly unseen enemy.

A year has passed and we seem to repeat our mistake. It's like suffering continues until a lesson is learned. It's a cycle and we keep on experiencing a predictable turn of events. We seem to know what will happen next. We've been there, and we're just viewing a rewind and watching another season of the same events.

Are we in control with all of these? Is God in control?

One thing that the Christ had sacrificed is his passion, death and resurrection to save humanity from sin. He had endure the pains and sufferings for us to understand what life is about and not to be coward or defeated by our demons and weaknesses.

If the world is doing its cleansing, we all suffer; either we survive or we die. We're probably the first or the last in line. Eventually, our fate is that we'll all die; not  our will, but His divine will.

Who will save us? What happens when we die?

The Christ taught us that, He is the way, the truth and the life. When we listen and follow Him, he'll forever be in our hearts and minds and eternally. Our path to salvation is Divinely guided in His spirit of love and compassion. Our salvation is to live each day with faith in our hearts; to follow and be guided; to suffer and survived; and to be crusified and be resurrected.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Purple Garden in the Sky

Purple color is known to be a symbol of spirituality. It gives a pleasant appeal before the eyes and deep into the soul. It nourishes the body and the mind and expands our consciousness.

That makes purple the color of choice among lovers who chose to celebrate milestone with the Divine love and light.

Anywhere we go, we see shades of purple. From lilac to lavender and from indigo to magenta. It's soothing and it aids in healing. 

And so we choose a spiritual color that rejuvenates the body and awaken the power of the soul. That makes us feel good, look good and do good as we take the path leading toward another heights; our dreams, goals and heart's desires.

As we continuously seek for the meaning of life and purpose, the purple color reminds us of our expanded consciousness and higher self. That we are a spiritual being that experiences love and compassion that radiates to others.

The puple flowers in the garden and the purple sky is a reminder of a spiritual connection that challenges our imagination and ambition. With clarity of our thoughts and intentions, we see the light shining through. The radiance makes us feel light in an instant and out of the blue. 

This is the life we choose. This is the life that makes us feel alive. We live each day with gratitude in our hearts, and we live to give an inspiration and motivation; to keep on moving and on a constant motion.

Life is good. We are blessed with the people we share our love with. With the Divine blessings, we're even more delighted by the graces we receive each and every day; from this day, and for the rest of our lives.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Walking Tour in Ermita

The district of Ermita in downtown Manila serves as the economic and cultural center where the huge and refined architectures of the 20th century stand still.

It's great to have a walking tour in a historical site that honors the bravery and patriotism of the Filipino people. Truly built for the Filipino and showcased to the world.

Ermita is once a posh community for Manila's elite and high society being the center for business, education, finance, religious and cultural activities. 

As the Philippine capital, I would always feel great and proud to walk on the historical streets of the old district of Ermita. There's so much emotions to cling to the past from Spanish to the American colonial times.

When people nowadays would turn into malls as an indoor park, still it's not a match to the charm of a natural outdoor park where people would go for a weekend stroll and enjoy a relaxing ambiance.

It's good to have a developed and well- maintained central park in a huge metropolitan where people can do several physical and recreational activities for health and leisure. 

A park in honor of the great Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal remains as the premiere landmark and attracts both local and foreign tourists. Rizal is highly revered and he must remain to be an idol of the Filipino people and most especially the younger generations. He's truly an icon of democracy, bravery and national identity.

As a reverence to his heroism, it's always great to visit and be in touch about history on his life, emulate his ways and learn about loyalty to one's country.

Before Covid-19, Rizal park was fully alive and vibrant; with many people doing their fitness and activities for leisure. In June 12, 2019, I was able to attend the flag raising in commemoration of the Philippine independence day witnessing the presence of Vice President Robredo for the traditional wreath laying at Rizal's monument. That was a great experience to be part of a historical moment.

Today, Rizal park in Ermita remains beautiful even with few people due to Covid-19 restrictions. I've never imagined how things would change due to pandemic, but somehow grateful to have chosen a historical site for a romantic walking tour experience.

The parks and streets of Ermita will remain to be refined and wondrous place despite of modernization on the 21st century. With bustling metropolis and the rising skyscrapers, it will still be the center of attraction with great learnings from the past.

I may visit the famous landmarks in the world, but I would always look back to have a deeper appreciation and reverence to our own national heritage and national treasure.

Wherever we are in the world, Manila will always be our home and our identity. Today and in years to come, we'll always cherish the good times, great memories and the lesson it brings.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Old Walls and Cobblestones of Intramuros

Walking through the old walls and alleys of Intramuros gives a pleasant taste of what life is like back in time. The time when life seem refined, and where arts are highly appreciated.

Today, the streets of Intramuros is back to life with people from all walks of life. Back in time, it was only exclusive for Spanish high-ranking officials and their families and other Filipino mestizos. 

Intramuros gives a new perspective about culture and heritage where the past meets the present time. The old Manila district of Intramuros is full of tales as old as time and turns into a magical place from sunset to dusk and beyond. 

The San Agustin church is an amazing architectural wonder and hailed as a World heritage site being the oldest Baroque church in the Philippines built in the 16th century. It's a testament of the deep and meaningful faith of the Filipinos back then and is continued to be preserved and restored for the generation to come.

Intramuros is also a home of the premiere church and a minor Basilica --the Manila Cathedral. This is the most beautiful church in the country that stood the test of time. It was heavily devastated during the wartime and was rebuilt several times to bring back to its glory.

The faΓ§ade of the Manila Cathedral is full of arts with sculptures similar to European pilgrim sites. It provides a beautiful backdrop and is always romantic. 

A year after the pandemic, more people most especially the younger generations have a deeper appreciation and understanding of the rich heritage and history of Intramuros. We may have lost foreign tourists during this time, yet we Filipinos have not lost our sense of pride and nationalism as we patronage our very own national treasure.

The old walls and the cobblestone streets of Intramuros is a glimpse of our past and a window to our soul as a nation and as a Filipino.

As we continue our journey, we show our deepest desires to fully understand our past and relate it to the present times. Our old Manila walks is just an awesome experience of remembering the past and living fully in the present moment --the present times.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Highlands of Tagaytay

When the smoke emits up high on a volcano and the ashes fall, that must be something scary. And what's even frightening is when the smallest active volcano disrupts peoples' lives.

That was the scene in January 2020 when Taal volcano erupted. People were frightened and put on forced evacuation; nearby establishments were closed and many families lost their home and livelihood.

A year after, life is back to normal for the people of Taal and Tagaytay. The beauty and grandeur of the famous lake captivates one's soul from any distance.

The cool climate of Tagaytay is perfect for a bowl of beef bulalo and a cup of coffee with the breathtaking view of the Taal lake and volcano. I love its romantic view and will never get tired of it. I feel so relaxed and it truly heals the soul.

People's park in the sky offers the best view of Taal lake. It's cool and windy on the highest point of Tagaytay and the backdrop is naturally stunning. Tagaytay highlands and the Crosswinds offers a Swiss-like landscape with the beautiful mountains and greeneries. 

I would love to be there. It's truly enchanting!

The picnic grove is fun-filled moments with a much closer view of Taal lake. The place has changed a lot since our last family visit in 2016. More changes is in place and hoping that it won't lead to overdevelopment, but a balance of nature and city life.

A year after the lockdown, more people visit places of interests and they deserve a great place to unwind and to rejuvenate. Tagaytay is just beautiful and the Taal lake is naturally wonderful and perfect for weekend family getaway.

The Highlands of Tagaytay is a home away from home. It's a livable city away from Manila and will always remain to be beautiful.

What makes it enjoyable and romantic is when you share happiness with your family and special someone. It's great to make memories that lasts and we'll always create meaningful moments to cherish and reminisce.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Timeless Magical Moments

What makes you bring back timeless magical moments in your life? Those times when you're ecstatic and almost living in a fantasy...

There are times in our lives when we're chasing time, and that creates excitement; an exhilarating experience of a momentous journey.

If only we could bring back time, it would have been the moment when we got to believe in magic. It happens, and it puts us on a cloud nine.

Time is just an illusion. When we're in a hurry, time seems so fast and when we're waiting, time seems so slow. But what's certain is that we can always choose to bring back time on a specific period in our lives.; those times when we celebrate our journey to love... whenever we feel loving and giving.

There are also moments when we feel some kind of regrets whenever we bring back time. Those moments when we didn't listen to our intuition and became out of direction.

When I'm on a state of joy, it bring smile and lightness from within. The magic suddenly happens and the pain simply disappears --truly magic heals.

And so what makes us glow is our timeless and meaningful experiences. We keep on rewinding... we keep on reminiscing. 

From this moment, I won't be chasing time because the magical moment already happened and it can make things happen.

Time can tell whenever we look back or see the future ahead. Just live at the present moment... enjoy and let time do its magic.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Moving Forward and Going Further

When was the last time you think of giving up? Your goals, ambitions! Your dreams and desires!

When we're no longer fueled by our passion and motivation, it's easy to quit. But what happens when we're no longer serving our purpose just by giving up? 

One thing I've learned in a corporate world is to keep on burning... Our desires... Our hopes... Our future...

Working at Ford made me realize the importance of going further; in life and just everything.

Going further means many thing to people. For me, it's about achieving our greatest potential and doing our best to be the top of the line; to be at the peak of performance; always full tank and energized.

Ford Global city and Ford Manila gave me the opportunity to learn and to be driven to go further. There may be some crossroads, but I always remember to move forward and keep the passion alive.

This time, just keep on moving no matter what happens. The road to the peak may be rough at times, but we're not giving up because we believe that we can always choose to go further and live a better life forever.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Year of the Ox and the Valentine

It's a different celebration of Chinese New year for this year. In Manila Chinatown where I used to visit for new year is not much vibrant and festive due to the threat of pandemic.

I remember how the district of Binondo in Manila was full of energy with the massive crowd celebrating the Chinese new year. 

It was colorful... it was fun!

And so this year, is my year! I was born on the year of the Wood Ox in mid 80s and this year happen to be the celebration of the year of Chinese animal sign; the Ox.

Ever since my younger years, I used to be fascinated with Chinese zodiac and astrology which we follow even up to this day.

With the Ox sign, I believe that it exhibit some characteristics like dependability and productivity. It may be always be hard in the beginning, but eventually things will be easy.

Ox born individual may have higher expectations and has a good leadership potential. The strong and hardworking built of the Ox will make all obstacles and challenges be overcomes.

The most meaningful message for this year is to stay calm and patient, that eventually the wheel of fortune will turn to one's favor. That's what I need to work on. I've been patiently waiting after a deep slumber and may this year be a new beginning.

A new hope, career, passion and energy!

And so, just two days after the Chinese new year is the celebration of Valentine's day. It's about evoking emotions of love and care... of remembering and reminiscing.

February is the month of love, and so we have chosen this special month for our lifelong undertaking. This may be the most beautiful moment of meaningful and soulful expression of love.

And so, today is the heart's day. The time when we send special wishes to our love ones. Despite the distance, love would always be there, not just for today, but in everyday.

New year is about new beginning. We express our love and we nourish it. And so, just like a flower, it will bloom and become beautiful; giving smiles and making one cheerful.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Historical Gem in Downtown Manila

The favorite place for bargain hunters in the metro and probably from all over the Philippines is the busy district of Binondo and Tondo in downtown Manila.

It's often describe as chaotic and disorganized shopping destination causing traffic congestion and petty crimes. People would dare to follow the crowd just to cross the street full of carts and products laid over the street.

It's too crowded, and sometimes not passable to vehicles and to pedestrians. Even shoppers would get stucked during rush hours and during weekend due to the massive crowd.

For several years that was the scene until a change in leadership took place in 2019 with the new Manila Mayor, Isko Moreno. Since then, I've witnessed how this old shopping district has transformed to become much organized and clean as compared to previous administration.

The downtown Manila in the district of Binondo and Tondo has been the center of trade and commerce back in pre-colonial times. It has thrived even during the Spanish era and post World war 2, as it was rebuilt and bounced back stronger and wealthier, being the home of the Chinese-Filipino businessmen and their families.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the district, there's a hidden gem of historical significance that may have been taken for granted or ignored by the people.

But this structure has caught my attention since I love historical buildings and has a deep appreciation for the government's efforts for its restoration.

This building is the old Tutuban Railway Station built in the 19th century during the Spanish era. This was the country's first roadrail network in mainland Luzon; the line from Manila to Dagupan. 

The old structure is fully restored back to its original image through the acquisition and restoration efforts by the Ayala company in 2016.

The 20-hectare Tutuban property is even made beautiful and more pleasant giving a better shopping experience to visitors with the Tutuban Shopping Center adjacent to the old Tutuban Main Station. 

There's also a monument and park built in memory of the great Philippine hero, Andres Bonifacio who's born in Tondo. Not many people may have noticed, but this little park and monument has a great significance and a reminder of our glorious past.

The next time you visit downtown Manila for a great bargain hunt, take a closer look and pay attention to this charming building that's restored to meet the new age and the new generation of mighty Filipinos. 

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Wellness and Balanced Life Strategies at the MDP Village

Fitness and wellness. That's our goal to achieve year after year on the start of the new year. 

Fitness goals must be part of our health journey. Being healthy and free from diseases and illnesses makes us truly alive. It makes us jump high to reach a new level of success we deserve, as we start our year right.

The higher jump, the lighter, the better.

Yes, the past years may have been out of control when unconscious dietary lifestyle hit us badly. Eating junks; those foods of no nutritional value making us ill and could kill.

Then work and stress eating or over eating may have led to out of shape. Our physique suddenly have changed as we add years to life when metabolism hits low. 

That's terrible, but we can regain control.

Through the years, it's a challenge on how to be in shape. To be fit takes a lot of discipline and commitment. It's never easy, but doable and definitely not impossible. I used to make it with a little discomfort, but had achieved the desired goal.

I can, and I will...

This year 2021, is about getting back to what we used to be. To be fit and healthy; to be well, and not ill; to feel better, and not bitter; to see things brightly, and not ugly.

Getting sick is expensive and deadly. I can't afford it, so I choose to be well and avoid getting ill. 

Through the years, we have listened to various health teachings, from fitness and wellness gurus, medical experts and health trainers and healers.

There's one Master that has a great influence on my belief about achieving a balanced health and the esoteric causes of diseases, now revealed to humanity.

Balanced life strategies with focus on health and wellness is what I have learned from a Master of life, Master Del Pe, since 2011.

I'm grateful to have known and be mentored by a modern Sage and an International life coach who's visionary in leadership and has a deep love to humanity and the world.

After decades of world travel and working with individuals, families, governments, groups and companies in more than 100 countries, the Philippines is blessed to have Master Del Pe come back and settle in his hometown.

Master Del Pe's new Shangri-La is established in the beautiful highlands of Cervantes, Ilocos Sur in Northern Philippines. 

His MDP Village is the newest wellness and healing center hub in the North and is gaining recognition among health enthusiasts from the Philippines and other parts of the world.

Master Del Pe had hosted several International convention at the MDP village where attendees get a perspective about higher consciousness and mastering life ahead of its time.

The cool mountain-resort, MDP village is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of a city life, and in regaining life to have peace of mind daily.

I've attended and listened to Master Del Pe's interviews from various social media like Facebook and Youtube and his insights and expertise is mindblowing. 

If one day, you might want to visit him at the MDP Village or meet him in Metro Manila, you may follow and contact him on his social media accounts below.




I've learned a lot from Master Del Pe, and he's the one who can help us live our greatest life.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Weekend Stroll at Quezon Memorial Circle

 A breathing space in the center of the largest city of Metro Manila lies the monument in honor of former President Manuel Quezon.

This is all we need to take a break and have a weekend leisure walk at Quezon Memorial Circle. It's considered as the last lungs of Quezon city with the protected 27-hectare green oval park.

The 66-meter shrine has 3 tall pylon that's a center of attraction in the busy elliptical road where 6 major lanes meet. It has 3 angels on the top which symbolizes the major Philippine Islands -- Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

I like it when you can find a green space in a huge metropolis where people can visit for leisure; and Quezon Memorial Circle is one of the best places to go to whether for fitness, shopping, museum tour and food trip.

The remains of former Philippine President Manuel Quezon is located inside the monument together with his wife, Aurora. Truly, a dignified statesman the Philippines ever had; making his life worth remembering.

What's good about Quezon Memorial Circle is the many activities that visitors can do. I've seen many fitness groups doing some exercises like jogging, biking, dancing and even just sitting on benches or a simple walk exploring different areas of interests.

This place is also good for people who are into collecting various ornamental plants. There's so many business stalls which sells different variety of plants and flowers. It makes the place greener and cooler.

On this time of pandemic, indoor and outdoor gardening became a hobby of many people in the metropolitan area. It became part of their health and wellness goals to go green and to relieve their stress being surrounded with beautiful plants and flowers.

A leisure walk in a park brings envigorating energy from the greeneries and from the active people. We would want to achieve balance in our living. Though life at the metropolis can be exhausting at times, we need to take a deep breath and have a youthful glow so we could share that lighter energy and vibrant glow to others as well.

Quezon Memorial Circle has a lot to offer, and since 1950s when it was constructed, it underwent several transformations and newest attractions. 

We need more green parks in major cities all over the Philippines, and Quezon Memorial Circle is one of the best parks to be replicated or become a source of inspiration.

A green living is a Godly Living. 

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Reaching for Cloud 9 in Antipolo

What a great 360-degree view in Antipolo. The city's highest point is really on a cloud nine; a heaven in the city.

As I waited for the sunset, I am so thankful for the chance to see the panoramic view of Antipolo City and the magnificent skyline of Metro Manila.

The city of Antipolo, province of Rizal is blessed for its higher elevation and proximity from the Philippine National Capital Region, Metro Manila. It can be reached in less than an hour and you'll be greeted with its cool and windy climate.

I like the city vibe of Antipolo. It's cool, clean and peaceful city. The people are friendly and very welcoming to the tourists. No doubt that it's a favorite weekend getaway of people from Metro Manila and neighboring provinces.

The cloud 9 hotel and restaurant is my favorite spot in Antipolo. I had a sumptuous lunch after a short day trip around the city. The wide open restaurant in the sky serves delicious Filipino dishes and is a favorite destination of foodies, including returning Filipinos who's in the country for a vacation. Filipinos' best is definitely being served in the sky and the Cloud 9 restaurant never fails to give a lasting impression.

The best 360-degree view is on the hanging bridge and reaching the tower on the other side. A romantic appeal to families, lovers and friends. It's wonderful.
But the place isn't just for romantic couple. It attracts families, group of friends and even solo traveler. Everyone enjoys the scenery. Wait until the dusk and you'll be captivated by the purple hues of the sky; even more romantic if someone is on the side.

The Cloud 9 is a reminiscent of "The peak" in Hong Kong, but the former is truly a Filipino pride. I enjoyed it. I love it and I'll surely come back for more.

Life is good and we're bestowed with Divine grace. As we reached the peak, we pause for a while, close our eyes, hold on with breathing and simply breathe out. And as we open our eyes, we see the magic happens in the cloud nine.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Invigorating Walk at the Lodi Garden

It's a great feeling when ancient architectural wonders are well preserved and restored. Those structures were built to last and tells a tale as old as time.

In New Delhi, India, I was happy to visit a 15th-century tomb that's a combination of a Hindu and Islamic architecture. That was a decade ago on my first visit to India in 2011.

Ancient tombs in India are grand and built with love. It says something about their character, their status and power in the society. 

Lodi Garden was named after Sikander Lodi who was an Afghan Sultan of Delhi Sultanate from the Sayyid dynasty that ruled places in Northern India like Punjab and including modern-day Pakistan. Together with 3 other rulers, their remains are laid on the tomb on this beautiful gardens.

I have a deep admiration with a Hindu and Islamic architectures as it reveal certain charm and character. Its artistic expressions are evident of the detailed carvings and designs.

That was a soulful moment when I strolled in the garden, touch the surfaces of well-preserved structures and feel the vibe back in time.

Lodi garden is a great place for a morning walk and exercise. There were many Delhites who are fitness enthusiasts when I visited. It's a solemn place to unwind, to sit on the grass, do some yoga and meditation. The surrounding is cool and clean and has a beautiful landscape and greeneries. It's truly relaxing and invigorating.

In our modern day world and with the advancement in architecture and technology, people will appreciate and value the history and culture. It's truly valuable and priceless. It deserves recognition and respect. And so I did.

I had meaningful moments at the Lodi garden. The history and culture is what  fascinates me. That's how I deeply appreciate a place of such a very high historical value. It leaves a lasting memories and a pleasant reminisce.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay