Friday, February 14, 2020

Heart's Desire and The Purple Sky

A purple sky and the purple rain. That signifies our roller coaster of emotions. When we experience the 'purple sky,' we are the happiest and on a cloud nine. And when we are bluer than blue, we feel the 'purple rain' pouring in.

That's life! We feel the roller coaster of emotions that brings out our best. The purple sky can be so rare that it makes it mystical and naturally beautiful. And that's the color that I have found. The color symbolizes my love.

Not long ago, I discovered some spirituality acquired from a Master of Life and revered Spiritual teacher who unifies Eastern wisdom and Western practicality. That was a higher level of Spiritual love for service to humanity through charity work.

Not known to many that the purple color symbolizes spiritual awakening. It calms the mind, enhances our creativity, and uplifts our spirit. And when we achieve such a level of enlightenment, the spiritual color reveals to us in unexpected places and moments.

As we live our purpose, we continue to experience giving and receiving love. It's the most essential spiritual gift and the most crucial emotion to carry within.

As we celebrate Valentine's day, we are experiencing the color of love that is revealed to us. It may be the fierce energy of red to some, the calming effect of blue to others, or a combination of red and blue, and that's purple - - a highly significant spiritual color.

Love will always be more than and beyond ourselves. When we have found love, it gives the Purple color, a romantic, lovely, and royalty color in our life that our hearts desire.

© 2020 Del Cusay