Sunday, June 27, 2021

Tranquility at the Lotus Temple

Where can we find peace in a world of noise, hatred, and wars? People would fight for their beliefs and feel superior to their religion. Country versus country, religion versus religion, people have endless fights about their ideas.

In a country of over one billion people, I've found a place where people unite to worship one God regardless of social status and religion.

The Bahaรญ House of Worship is popularly known as the Bahรก'รญ Temple or Lotus Temple. It's magnificent modern architecture that the world's people have to visit and appreciate its beauty. 

This architectural wonder was designed to form like a lotus flower. One can see it from the top, all sides, and even a kilometer distance. It was built to house thousands of visitors from different places in India and nationalities worldwide.

It was a great moment when I challenged myself to visit Lotus Temple in Delhi, India, sometime in December 2011. I remember the thousands of people inside the temple complex who endured the long lines to get inside the main temple. I had to follow the strict rules of patiently waiting in line and leaving the shoes barefooted inside the temple.

I had to find a good place to sit as I entered the temple. I chose to sit peacefully in the center and meditated for an hour. There was no noise but purely serenity. There were no religious objects, just the walls and interior designs. It was a calming and meditative experience as I was surrounded by people from all walks of life and different religion.

I felt good and inspired that people of opposing beliefs could come and sit together in the same place of worship. It could not be possible for other religions as they impose exclusivity to protect their faith.

At the Bahรก'รญ Temple, everyone is a son of one God. And that all people believe in one God. That's the significance of the Bahรก'ฤฏ faith. It's about the oneness of humanity. No hatred, no prejudice, and no exclusive God. But only one God for all.

If every country had its Bahรก'รญ Temple, the people, and even atheists, could have a place to visit to ponder their existence and purpose. To find meaning and contemplate the joy of living.

Bahรก'รญ faith taught me about the realization of one God for humanity. The same God I adore and pray for wherever I am and maybe.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay 

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Fathers Day Special: A Hero in our Hearts

Who's your favorite hero? You may idolize Marvel superheroes or national heroes for their bravery and supernatural powers. Since we're kids, we look up to someone with the energy to make things happen.

A hero could be seen on TV or read in a book. But, the hero we couldn't miss is there with us from the moment we were born until our grown-up years and even when we live independently to follow our path and destiny.

Our Father is a hero and deserves honor and recognition from us, his children. His endearing sacrifice made us survive and become better. We become whole and complete because he fills in with what's missing in us. He continuously provides guidance when we're down and on our way up. He believes in us and that we can always make it in life. That we can fight even if we have doubts and fears.

When we go beyond personal goals and dreams, we become selfless. And Fathers would go their way to serve beyond family to the community.

My Father has achieved his higher purpose as an elected official in public service. He served as a Town Councilor from the year 1998-2007 and from 2016 until the present. I've witnessed his performance and dedication; he has proven his toughness and resilience in dealing with battles. 

There are things I may have yet to understand in the past. But today, I carry within the lessons imparted. The wisdom will always be cherished and to be shared with loved ones. It's always in my heart because a hero is immortal. He stays forever in our hearts.

Fathers are real-life heroes. They are our superheroes. They are everywhere, and they serve with selfless love and compassion. Today, we celebrate Father's Day, giving special moments of reminiscing and remembering their contributions and impact on our lives.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Desire for Freedom

We all have fears. Sometimes we fear the big things like traumas from the past. There are times we fear the unknown. We feel anxious and overwhelmed by circumstances. And that our fears will haunt us forever.

Just like the present Covid-19 vaccination, more people are getting anxious. Some would have wanted it, while others are still fearful. It's an answered prayer that we finally have a solution to the pandemic. 

We have protection in the form of a vaccine. We can't live like this, where people get infected and die every day. Since we now have a vaccine, we have to take action. We have to decide. We have to let go of our fears.

Some reasons for fears of the vaccine could be a lack of factual information and the spread of disinformation on social media. The latter is common and harms the confidence of the people.

Some would also fear the side effects or adverse reactions they heard about or watched on the news. They perceive it as realistic, so they refuse to be a victim.

I'm now fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The day before the 123rd celebration of the Philippine Independence, I got vaccinated for the 2nd dose. That was an act of courage and altruism. We protect ourselves, our families, loved ones, and our communities. 

We've been suffering a lot for over a year since the pandemic. It made us keep our distance from our loved ones and other people. It created a barrier on our physical bodies by wearing masks and face shields. It has made people lonely and depressed. It affected the way we live. And it killed our higher hopes and dreams.

The time will come for the Covid-19 vaccine will be rolled out to everyone. We can't afford to get sick and don't deserve to die. We have to achieve herd immunity so we can regain our lives. 

Life has to move on despite the challenges we all face. Life is good, no matter how worse the circumstances are. And on our desire for freedom, we have to give our greatest sacrifice. We need to show our love. 

©️ 2021 Del Cusay