Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dumaguete's Best: The City of Gentle People

It's good to travel where you can unwind and feel the serenity of the place, and perhaps that's the reason why I was brought by my wishes to the city of gentle people--Dumaguete. 

Back in Manila, I was thinking of a place where I could rejuvenate and regain my energy, and I am lucky to have a friend who can share something about his beloved city, and the desire was unstoppable--turned into reality. 

In the first few days of my stay, I have met friends who toured me around. The boulevard can become a busy street but with relaxing ambiance, and it is where I spent some time to meditate in front of the bay. Sitting on a bench while observing the surroundings made me feel the spirit of gentleness in people. The smiles, laughter, kindness and hospitality makes this place truly beautiful and worth remembering.

In every city where they offer specialty food, Dumaguete has its different taste to cater to every visitor.  'Casablanca' has a Mediterranean feel as they serve tasty soup and salad. In C&L bayview, you can have a relaxing view from the roofdeck overlooking the mystical Island of Siquijor and the southern town of Cebu. There's also a certain glow at night as you feel the cool breeze from the bay and the view of the mountains from its neighboring town. 

At Rizal Boulevard
Near the boulevard are bistros and cafes where I tasted mouthwatering pastries and a cup of coffee. 'Sans Rival bistro' is a good place to dine with friends. Their old-time favorite silvanas and sans rival made me come back several times at any time of the day. After a meditation class at the stadium, there's Gabby's bistro to offer a good breakfast while having some chat. An evening chill at 'Hayahay" tree house had a wonderful candle light experience with a relaxing music and natural sea breeze. In a multi-tasking day, I've spent lunch in 'Kyosko' with a friend and at the same time working on my computer for a writing task. In 'KRI', a cup of warm ginger lemonade is soothing just before giving a talk to a youth group in Silliman. A sumptuous meal together with new friends and enjoying the stories and experiences shared. 

Since I've known a good friend at Silliman University, I am lucky to had given the opportunity to deliver a talk to 'Rennaisance Youth Leaders Forum" which is an outstanding youth organization in the country. It's always good to inspire young minds to become active leaders having balanced energy to unleash their potentials and eventually becoming world-class leaders. 
I had a campus tour with a friend and we walked from the facade and hallways of each departments and visited old structures like the Silliman hall which is the oldest structure in the school. There's a huge auditorium used for cultural shows and other events and they boast a 3-story building library which is full of historical documents. 

Outdoor, they have a good playground where students can sit or play frisbee. From the central ground overlooking the bay, there's an open-air amphitheater facing the church and the acacia trees in the promenade offers a calming effect. This is truly one of the best Universities in the country offering world-class education not only for Filipinos but also for foreign students who trust the quality of education they offer. A brief tour in the campus had given me nostalgic moments from the past and I had learned something about the history and culture of the university which is be incomparable. 

At the Siliman University Campus

There's a reason to come back again and experience all the good things that the city has to offer. There's something more to explore and experience since Dumaguete is also a gateway to several natural wonders and scenic spots. There's an Apo island sanctuary to experience abundant marine life with corals, fishes and sea turtles. Also, the Island of Siquijor would be a good summer escapade to experience unspoiled beaches and fresh air. Another activity which is snorkling with the whale shark would be exciting experience in the southern town of Cebu. All these are worth experiencing as everyone would talk good stories about it. 

Dumaguete is one of the best destinations I've visited in the country. With all these wonderful places, it is the gentleness and hospitality of the people that summarizes overall experience and wanting me to come back.  I've been to places in the region but the city of gentle people is truly fascinating and worth remembering.

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