Saturday, November 23, 2013

Resilience of the Filipino Spirit

"Filipinos worldwide are united as one and will continue to do so to be able to live a good life and the greatest life that we truly deserve."

The Philippines experienced another calamity that was considered one of the strongest and deadliest typhoons in the world. Typhoon "Haiyan," or the local name "Yolanda,"  brought misery to the Filipinos affected by the devastation it caused. 

In the Central Philippines, where the typhoon hit, thousands of people were victims of this natural calamity that has extended to several regions in Visayas Island. Some have survived, while others have lost their lives. 

Weather disturbances are common in the Philippines, and the Filipino people have learned to embrace this uncontrollable phenomenon. It had existed for several centuries, even before the talks about climate change started. This would be massive destruction of property and the loss of lives. It happens, and we are not in total control of these so-called acts of God.

Filipinos are known to have a strong spirit in times of calamities, and the world somehow acknowledges this, considering the numerous typhoons and earthquakes experienced. However, no matter how strong we are, our being still has limitations. Filipinos still suffer from anxiety and post-traumatic stress despite being resilient. We can put smiles on our faces, but there is still some pain inside that we carry. Filipinos are like that; the entire archipelago would share the same attitude when life faces challenges... when life seems unfair.

In any challenge, good or bad, there is something to learn. It is the time to reflect on our ways of dealing with life. Both the strongest and the weakest are tested, if you have   Perseverance in Times of Despair, you remain strong, but if you play as a victim and do not take responsibility, you may want to become one of the weakest links.

There are several talks and debates about climate change and its global impact. Some would be interested in the subject and take action, while others would ignore it and let it be. Indeed, what we do to our environment could bounce back on us. If people still seem careless and continue with their business interests, not minding its environmental effect, then we are in danger. 

We have already seen the effects of climate change, and it continues to manifest its power of destruction to the nations and the people. We've seen how it affected so many lives in several countries, and now the same fate happened in the Philippines. How many lives will still be at risk? I believe it's time to ponder on our simple yet meaningful gesture of care for the environment.

People are now starting to realize and believe that there is a natural force beyond our control from The Power of Natureand we have a call to action to make. There may be many factors why this massive destruction happens, but Filipinos will continue to rise up and begin a new life again and again.

Let's help each other and do our share to serve and show love and affection. We can learn how to Get Ahead of Life's Adversities and believe that something good is coming to our life after we have survived the most significant obstacle that has shaken our spirit. Filipinos worldwide are united and will continue to do so to live a good life and the most extraordinary life we truly deserve.

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