Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Our Hearts 2012: A Joyous Journey

"Christmas is all about remembering Jesus Christ and celebrating his presence in us. He is our guiding light, the way to the right path, and our greatest hope.  May we live the spirit of Christmas in our hearts, lead us towards a joyous journey, and  brings us joy, love, and everlasting peace."

Here comes the most beautiful season of the year--Christmas. This time of the year, I feel joyful and more blessed. The season where I can express my gratitude by giving thanks to the Lord Christ for a year that is abundant and meaningful.

This Christmas is the time to give, share, to express our loving spirit. It may not be through material presents, but the kind thought of giving good wishes and blessings to others provides more sense of fulfillment.

I am always fascinated by how people worldwide celebrate Christmas regardless of culture, religion, or spiritual affiliations. Through this recognition, the world feels united in Christ's loving spirit. 

What symbolizes Christmas in modern times is the presence of colorful and bright lights around, like Christ, who guides humanity towards a more promising path and illumines life. During this season, many families are amused by the decorations that they have made on their Christmas trees. The symbol of hope, a brighter and prosperous life.

Although I missed celebrating the previous Christmas in my home country with my family, I still feel connected and inspired to make the yuletide season festive and gleeful. It was indeed an excellent opportunity to have a glimpse of Christmas in a different culture. Hence, I have written my thoughts about last Christmas in Our Hearts (click to read).

Now that I am back home, nothing compares to the Christmas celebration with my family. Knowing how everyone is doing, and their state of being is good. Being genuinely connected and receiving blessings from them is a good feeling.

On Christmas Eve, I enjoy having a simple gathering with my family. The night party is full of excitement for everyone, especially the little kids. Exchange of gifts is usually part of this event, and it feels good to have given and received presents, simple acts of kindness yet memorable.

I feel blessed to have attended the Eucharistic celebration with my family, also popularly known as the "Misa de Gallo"- a well-celebrated and preserved tradition. This is a 'holy night' when Christ was born and is considered the greatest gift to humanity. 

Following the mass is the family gathering known as the "Noche Buena" or Good Night. It is great to share a sumptuous meal and some fun and laughter. This is a yearly tradition that we have been observing since this serves as a thanksgiving for the blessings of the current year and to wait a better year ahead.

Christmas is all about remembering Jesus Christ and celebrating his presence in us. He is our guiding light, the way to the right path, and our greatest hope.  May we live the spirit of Christmas in our hearts, lead us towards a joyous journey, and brings us joy, love, and everlasting peace.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oprah's Lifeclass: Dreaming Big Life Work

When working for a dream, Joel Osteen, an American motivational speaker, shared with Oprah that it's more important to look back at how far you've come rather than focusing on how farther you have to go with your dreams. Gratitude is also essential in dreaming something big, and it is done through recognition of the blessings that come. 

I'm sharing my thoughts on several questions on working with 'Dreaming a Big Life.' 

1.  What do you believe is possible for yourself? If your answer is "nothing," why do you think that?

Everything is possible to acquire or achieve if I have strong willpower and then follow my actions. I have proven that whatever I want to achieve, I have to ask for it, believe it will happen, and then celebrate the achievement.

2.  Are you wishing or dreaming for something to happen? How can you change your wish so that it becomes a dream?

To wish or to dream could be synonymous. Wishful thinking is creating thoughts to produce future results, while dreaming is a goal waiting to materialize at any time. More important is to conceive ideas through a wish or a dream, have the will to achieve it, and reap the rewards afterward.

3.  Things don't happen overnight. What do you wholeheartedly believe you're meant to do?

Success in any endeavor is a cumulative effect of constant positive actions. What I do presently will predict who I am and what I will be destined to become. The present time is the key to the future. I may never know the lot, but I am determined to achieve my desires.

4.  What is your heart's dream (not material stuff like making money or getting a fancy car)? What truly fulfills you?

Material things are not my ultimate source of joy, although it makes me feel good. Success is short-lived, but to become fulfilled leaves a lasting bliss. What I can offer to my family and others fulfills me. Fulfillment is not based on age nor a destination, but a deeper and constant emotion of something achieved no matter what status you hold and whatever adversities will come.

5.  Are you pursuing a life or chasing a dream that isn't yours? If so, what is it?

Whatever I do is the result of my personal choice. I have the freedom to follow what I want to become. However, I need people to guide me on where I am heading. I still follow my life mentor, spiritual teachers, and even advice from family and friends. They all have a big part and contribution to my life and the achievement of my dreams.

6.  Instead of looking at the road ahead, Joel Osteen says, you sometimes need to look back and be grateful for what you already have. What are you most thankful for? What goodness has been brought into your life already?

It is essential to look at what lies ahead; that is vision. Nevertheless, looking back could lead to being stuck in the past, especially if there's an intense emotional attachment to specific events. I believe in being grateful for the blessings that have happened, whether from the past or present. Gratitude makes us open to more benefits that will come our way. In my life, I am grateful for having a supportive family and my unique skills/talents. It gives me joy and the feeling of prosperity--that life is abundant with blessings once recognized.

7.  Has anyone told you that your dream isn't possible? How will you use your energy to believe and not worry if you're feeling negative or discouraged?

There were moments from the past when I have been told, 'I can't make it' or 'I'm not that good,' followed by facial grimaces and derogatory statements. However, I choose to be optimistic rather than being affected. I know my capabilities and my limitations. I'm not easily discouraged and don't give up despite hindrances. Some people fear you will make it and would rather criticize than support you. 

In my blog post, "Following Our Heart's Desire, " I've shared my thoughts that we can achieve everything we want"Following Our Heart's Desire,," I've shared my thoughts that we can achieve everything we wanted if we genuinely aspire and need it. Otherwise, some will think our dreams are only possible once it is done.

8.  Every time a negative thought comes into your mind, replace it with a positive one. Do this for an entire day. Then, rate your day. Did it feel life-changing?

Sometimes it works, but it is also good not to block it immediately; I have to feel and understand it. It only means that my instincts are working and would depend on the proper judgment. If I've made the right decision and judgment, that's the time I feel inner peace and contentment.

9.  Is there an example of a time a door closed in your life--and a door to something even better opened? Can you see now why the first door was completed on purpose?

There were instances when I needed to get what I wanted. There were unanswered wishes and dreams or still working in progress, but I believe it happens for a reason. I realized that I was not ready to receive the blessings. Whenever I get something unexpected and opposite to what I've wished for, that's the right opportunity for me.

10.  Do you expect good things in your life? What do you expect now? Or what will you start expecting?

I see the bright side of life and that good things are about to happen anytime soon or soon. I don't want to expect it because it means I am very sure of what lies ahead, but I believe in myself that something good is already happening.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Monday, November 5, 2012

Reminiscence of the Glorious Times

"Looking back through the years, a lot has changed, and it is for the better. There is a bright light in more days to come. It is a good start of creating the life that is envisioned and not just imagined." 

Several moments in our lives have been experienced that brought life lessons. There were moments of joy and sorrow, perseverance and despair, struggles and survival, yet all these have tremendously impacted our well-being.

No matter what life brings, embracing and learning from it is still necessary. Nothing in life is absolute liberty from misery and discomfort. Thus, I have written about 'Perseverance in Times of Despair.' It is an insight into how life struggles can be taken as a challenge and not a hindrance.

I remember how many times I failed in whatever endeavor, but failure is not an obstacle to achieving my most cherished hopes and dreams. In my post entitled 'How Failure Turned Into Success,' I have shared my lesson that failure is part of winning and not bad at all. Failure is like fuel that helps to ignite and sparkle. If viewed positively, it is a blessing in disguise and can lead to ultimate success.

I have learned that life can be challenging at times, and to take full responsibility for uncertainties, there is a need for 'Getting Way Ahead of Life's Adversities.' If we have experienced unpleasant events, we can better prepare and be alert the next time the same misfortune happens. This time we have the wisdom and the power to deal with it better the second time.

Through all these years, I always believe that there is an infinite power within that is subtle and untapped. If we are 'Reaching Our Highest Potential,' we can do the things we once thought impossible. We are now becoming what we believe and can do almost everything we desire if we focus on it.

Whatever life may present us, it is a must to have a sense of gratitude. Life flows with positive energy if we are 'Cultivating Gratitude for Success.' Fulfillment in life comes from being generous with what you have to offer that creates a difference. Gratitude can open the door for opportunities that can also lead to success.

Today, I am joyful and grateful as I reflect and reminisce about when I started to write for this blog, which I considered an online journal. I wrote the same time as the previous year when I conceptualized how my blog would appear to the web and the readers. The same place where I used to write my first blog post about 'The Power of Meditation' and how it has changed my life's perspective and ideals. The exact time and place of the year, yet different emotions experienced. 

Today marks the first year of my blogging. This is more than a hobby. Hence I call it passion. More than speaking is the joy felt when everything is put into writing. It is there and will continue to exist and evolve. I will continue to write as long as I am inspired. Someone may relate to it; others may have shared the same fate, and you may have learned from it.

Looking back through the years, a lot has changed, and it is for the better. There is a bright light in more days to come. It is an excellent start to creating a life that is envisioned and not just imagined. 

© 2012 Del Cusay

Sunday, October 21, 2012

There is Certain Holiness in You

"It takes courage, perseverance, and sacrifice for life to become a saint, and the purity of the heart and Godly actions to become holy. You will neither become a saint nor holy. As long as you follow your life's purpose in good ways, you may not become a saint, but you are closer to becoming holy. "

What does it take to become a saint? How can you become holy? In today's modern era, people have experienced a drastic change in their way of living. To live is becoming more comfortable and convenient with the advent of rapid technological advancement. In some ways, this could mean progress, and the other way could be destruction--the good and the harmful effects of what life has to offer.

Advanced civilization has changed how people think and act. It has altered certain behaviors and values that were once good in nature. People have been so cruel, mean, and greedy. Understanding became confusion; peace turned into war; openness became selfishness, and love turned hatred.

However, no matter how bad people will become, particular goodness is left in his heart. People sometimes are challenging yet gentle. Some could be mean yet straightforward. Others could be cruel yet compassionate. There is particular goodness hidden in whatever dark side that people carry. 

Everything that happens can be understood better if you know both the bad and the good. Sometimes, you need to experience how it feels to become destructive so you appreciate the goodness in others. You need to do bad things to gauge how good you truly become. Only then do you distinguish which is better--the bad or the good.

We are commanded to do things by what is good and avoid the bad ones. But our world may be full of negativity that will test our faith. Some invisible forces will challenge you to your limits. It may be hard to escape, but to take it and live it.

Is it possible for bad people to become holy in the end? Is holiness only for the good ones? Can you become a saint if you've committed terrible evil deeds? Well, why not? Biblical history would tell that the famous saints we venerate today were once sinners. They may have been cruel and unloving in their past, but they have made significant changes and transformations. They had the power to change who they were and became holy later. They mastered the purity of their heart and spiritual service. In the end, the goodness in them prevailed.

Just like us, we can't be good all the time. It is human nature to commit mistakes and become bad occasionally. There is no such thing as an absolute human being, but only a divine being does have. Even the newly canonized saints did not live their lives in absolute good. They have been wrong even before attaining the ultimate spiritual enlightenment.

There is no need to worry if you become bad as long as you do your best to improve yourself. Your life is not your past. Your past does not define your future. Your future will depend on what you do to the present. 

Not everyone will become a saint since it is only for the chosen ones. No matter what good things you've done for humanity, there is no assurance that you will become a canonized saint. There is certain holiness in your being. Your goal is not to become a saint but to live Christ-like lives.

It takes courage, perseverance, and sacrifices for life to become a saint and the purity of the heart and Godly actions to become holy. You will neither become a saint nor holy. As long as you follow your life's purpose in good ways, you may not become a saint, but you are closer to becoming holy. 

© 2012 Del Cusay

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Social Commentary: Why Can't We Speak?

"In the modern world that we live in, we are no longer voiceless but empowered citizens. People know its limitations and morality. People know when to become expressive and when to be quiet. So whatever happened to our freedom of expression?"

Social media plays a vital role as a means of communication. It has become part of our lives, and we are now becoming more interactive and aware of whatever is happening around us, not only to our family and friends but also to our favorite celebrities and favorite brands, and to be mindful of the latest global and local news and current events.

Social Media is now a trend and the newest tool for people empowerment. Many significant events in current world history are influenced by the active participation of netizens or online citizens, who share their voices silently but powerfully over the web. 

The downfall of dictators in some Arab countries is brought by a massive demonstration by netizens who triggered the sharing of information about how their freedom has been oppressed for so many years since their government directly controlled the internet. They can't speak against their leaders. They can't express their wishes and desires for change. They have lived their lives in hopelessness and misery.

With the advent of social media, some countries are still restricting the social media access of their citizens. However, it has been declared by the United Nations that internet access, in general, is a fundamental human right. Their leaders still need to be more resistant to change. Aren't they?

We are now globally connected through this impressive technological breakthrough mankind has produced. However, why shouldn't we utilize this tool for the common good and intense globalization? Is there something to hide? Is there something to be afraid of? 

In a country where cybercrime law is taking effect, I can't imagine how people are being robbed of their freedom of expression. In a country where democracy rules, I can't believe the media and the citizens are dictated to what to say and what must be censored.

The power of the country lies in its citizens. Therefore there is a need to respect and hear the people's voices. Our people are hungry for change and the truth. Our people need a heart of a leader who takes the time to listen. We're tired of speeches, tired of false promises, and tired of insincerity in public leadership.

Let our people rule and let them be free to express their thoughts on the current events that our nation or the world is facing. After all, people deserve better services than their country has to offer. The people choose their leaders, and the leaders must listen to their people.

In the modern world that we live in, we no longer have to be voiceless but empowered and informed citizens. People know its limitations and morality. People know when to become expressive and when to be reserved. So whatever happened to freedom of expression?

Online censorship and media harassment happen in many countries, it may happen to other nations, and now our time has arrived and may become worst in the years to come. This shouldn't happen. Let the people speak their minds freely in a just manner. Let the media be the public's eye and ears in delivering the truth. 

Could we have responsible freedom of expression? Can't I express my disappointment about our own government and leaders? Will our own government try to shut down the press and the dedicated press people?  Will my own government suppress my public opinion? In today's time, why is it hard to speak? 

© 2012 Del Cusay

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Social Commentary: A Violent God in Our Time

"I believe that God is perfect, but what the world can see is a violent God? The answer lies in your own interpretation of events and personal beliefs. Listen to your inner voice and get enlightened."

It was just recently when the news about the Libya rebellion took place. It was a violent protest and massive assault that resulted in vandalism, injuries, and the loss of lives. This is almost the same thing that happened a few months ago when Libyan leader Gaddafi was captured and killed by his own people. However, that was a more violent event in the country's history.

Violence happens worldwide, and history tells how rampant and cruel these events are and end in a bad fate; destroying human dignity, censoring freedom of expression, distorting peace, and controlling the populace.

People would always fight for freedom. Who doesn't want to express thoughts and sentiments freely? It is human nature to defend oneself if attacked... protect oneself if assaulted... fight for life if in danger. You always have a choice that's based on instincts. You are not expected to be quiet in times of rage. You are supposed to speak with your mind and protect your dignity.

Why is it that the world is constantly being shocked by Muslims? Why is it that Muslims always spread terrorism? Why are Muslims always wanted to kill and enjoy being a headline of world news? These may sound stereotypical, but isn't it that a particular behavior of an individual or a group is considered a culture. There might be a radical Muslim community spreading globally, but they are totally unwanted and don't represent the religious philosophy of Islam.

Upon deeper reflection, some thoughts arise about terrorism linked with a particular religion.  Is a Muslim country a culture of violence? Is it biblical teaching to kill people for the sake of faith? Extremists may be narcissistic and need the constant attention of the world, but it is to be stopped. There is nothing good about violent attacks...not good to hear about terror acts... not good news about honor killing, even in the name of religion.

I respect every religion but condemn what I believe is not upright. There is always an alternative to violence. Remember the power of the 'peace process and bloodless revolution.' There is always a better way to act that will not harm people, destroy a country and affect the world. I believe God is perfect, but what can the world see as a violent God? The answer lies in your own interpretation of events and personal beliefs. Listen to your inner voice and get enlightened. 

© 2012 Del Cusay

Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon I Got an Award

"Tonight, I had a wonderful moment to glimpse the full moon. It's not just an ordinary occurrence because it's a rare celestial phenomenon. Looking up at the sky, I feel grateful and blessed that once in a blue moon, I've been appreciated and recognized."

On this day, it may seem to be just an ordinary day, nothing extraordinary, and there's no reason to celebrate. I woke up early this morning with a pleasant feeling after Thanksgiving. I read the latest news and visited my favorite blog sites while drinking coffee. This is how I would start my day.

It's also essential for me to check my email daily. To my surprise, I received a message from a blogger, Leslie Alba, the author of the blog 'Proud Mom's Corner.' She informed me that I was chosen as one of the 'Liebster Blog Award recipients.

I am ranked 8th among the 11 Blog sites she has chosen. This was the first I had heard of the term, and I searched for its meaning.

Leslie Alba writes her valuable insights about 'Parenting.' Here's the blog link: Ihttp://proudmomscorner.blogspot.com/2012/08/one-proud-mom-two-liebster-blog-awards.html#.UECm2U9v8TI

"Liebster" is a German word that means dearest or beloved. Upon knowing the award's significance, I wrote a message to her to express my gratitude and appreciation. It's a good feeling to be recognized by someone. 

I write my thoughts whenever I feel like doing it. I write when I strongly desire to express my ideas about a topic. I write in no particular date and time of the day. My content usually reflects my dominant feelings or experiences in a specific month. 

I write infrequently, usually one or two blog posts in a month. I am okay with the number of blog posts because I always believe that creating quality content is better. I plan ahead of time and organize my thoughts to produce good quality content that could be a timeless piece of content that would still be relevant even a few years from now or ahead of our time.

I am grateful, and it's such an honor to be a 'Liebster Awardee' recognized by a fellow blogger. It may not be the most prestigious award-giving body in the blogosphere, but it means so much to me, knowing that someone's following my work anywhere in the world where my blog has reached.

Writing is my passion, and I hope I will never be tired of it. It's my wish to inspire others through my way of writing. It's not just fun but also gives me a sense of freedom and fulfillment.

Today is just an ordinary day? I was wrong because it was a wonderful and memorable day for me.

Tonight, I had a wonderful moment glimpsing the full moon. It's not just an ordinary occurrence because it's a rare celestial phenomenon. Looking up at the sky, I feel grateful and blessed that I've been appreciated and recognized once in a blue moon.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oprah's Lifeclass: On Living Fearlessly

Lifeclass, live in New York, was one of the hottest topic participated by a large audience, and I've got the opportunity to participate though live webcast.

I have learned that fear is inevitable, and is not bad at all. You only need to recognize the fear, but still have the courage to pursue whatever you endeavor. Fear can sabotage success if you listen to it more than just ignoring it. In my life, I used to have a lot of fear, but I have learned to persevere and conquer the fear that's pulling me down.

Oprah, on the interview asked 10 questions about 'living on fear' based on the discussion with Tony Robbins. It was indeed a thought-provoking queries that challenged me. Here's my answer to the questions:

1.    What is the story you are telling yourself right now? What self-limiting beliefs within that story?

I always tell myself that I have the courage and will to do things as planned. I have affirmations and beliefs that success follows if I put my concentration to whatever I need to accomplish.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Perseverance in Times of Despair

"In moments of despair, you must never lose hope. When feeling down, there is a reason to rise up. When feeling lost, there is always a chance to win. Dare to persevere and accept everything as it happens. Dare to survive and live a better and fulfilling life."

Winning in life is not all about the achievement of your highest hope and aspiration. It is about the challenges that you have to go through before you reach the peak of success. Sometimes, you are on the crossroads of finding the right path and choices. However, when things go differently than what you expect, you may lose hope and feel uninspired to move forward.

Failure is part of winning if you view it with optimism. To persevere and learn from mistakes is a challenge to make you become a better person. Nevertheless, absence of inspiration could lead to hopelessness; but enthusiasm drives you with energy to keep on fighting.

Despair could happen in the absence of inspiration. In hopeless situations, you are not giving a chance for the right opportunity to come, resulting to desperate actions, that may turn into regrets and suffering.


Life may present challenges to be accepted and not to take something for granted. What you have gone through in life have a great impact on your self-esteem. All experiences teach you a certain lesson: to overcome weakness and to develop strength.

Unfortunately, despair is something that is surprising. You must have faith that everything has a purpose and meaning. If you persist, you will reap a fulfilling reward thereafter.

Being desperate towards uncertainties will only lead to pessimism. It will result to another problem or failure if not acted upon in a right way. Thus, there may be no other way to control of what may happen in life, but there is a way to wholeheartedly accept it.


Overcoming the challenges is a lifelong undertaking. It never stops and gives us the chance to become stronger and better. There is no reason to quit, but a chance to revive; because challenges may continue to strike until lessons are learned.

You must never lose hope in moments of despair. When feeling down, there is a reason to rise up; and when feeling lost, there is always a chance to win. Dare to persevere and accept everything as it happens. Dare to survive and live a better and fulfilling life.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Sparkling Life of Generosity

"We give light to those who are in the darkness; we give a light to those who are lost... and like a   light, we can live a sparkling life of generosity."

Blessings come into our lives at any moment and circumstance. Sometimes, it comes unexpectedly when we are already in our deepest despair and lose hope in what we are praying for. Occasionally, we interpret blessings as God's way of letting us know we are being heard for what we wish and aspire to.

In our lives, we have received numerous blessings that answer our prayers. We have asked for it, and now it has been granted. Whatever we enjoy is first conceived in our mind that now becomes a reality. We have it because of our faith and firm belief that we will achieve our strongest desires.  Everything we are enjoying now is the result of our 'wishful thinking' or imagination because we are a product of our mind's incredible power. If we think about something and put our greatest concentration, affirmation, and action, then chances are we will get our wishes to come true.


In life, we don't only receive graces, but we have to give back in return. If we have achieved our desires, we must share the positive energy to make our lives meaningful. In today's world, giving and receiving should be a two-way process to make it more balanced and fair. 

Those who are well-off and financially capable have a social responsibility. They can give their share through philanthropy. Hence, in the corporate world, they must do their corporate duties of providing a part of what they have earned. Less fortunate people also deserve some blessings. Some people live a life of discomfort and misery, and their hopelessness makes them feel that life is not worth living. 

It is in giving that we feel happy and contented. Giving something would mean we have enough. Giving away shows we care. Giving wholeheartedly without expecting something in return; is generosity.

Generosity is a good quality that we must practice. Even our little contribution makes us feel whole and have a sense of purpose. However, generosity comes in various ways and has its limitations; 


We are loved, and we give love in return. No matter what happens, our family will be there to support us in all our aspirations. They provide comfort and guidance in our way of living. When having separate lives, we must not forget our family ties and still be generous to give back our love, care, and time.


We can be generous by sharing our knowledge, expertise, and resources. It is a good feeling to become part of building up a better and more responsible society. What we do to our community will get back to us by providing a safer, more active, and purposeful organization. 


It is good to give thanks with a grateful heart. Everything we have is a blessing from the Divine and borrowed for a limited time. The generosity we do reflects an 'open and big heart,' and such is an act of being spiritually connected to our purpose.

We give light to someone and to our environment through simple means of giving; we give light to those in the darkness; we provide light to those who are lost... and like a light, we can live a sparkling life of generosity.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cultivating Gratitude for Success

"Live life to the fullest and express appreciation and gratitude. Every day is a chance to succeed, feel blessed, and be grateful to live."

What does it feel like to live in a chaotic world and remain positive at all times? How can we say thank you in times of difficulty? How can we be grateful for life if we suffer from frustrations and pain?

Life could have been better if we all experienced the goodness it offers, but it is more challenging than we think. Life simply means sharing the good and the wrong things, the ups, and downs—the life cycle. Sometimes, life may not be fair to us; but fairness happens when we all share the same misery even once in our lives.


Being thankful no matter what situation we are experiencing will give us the power to receive abundance. Gratitude is a way of appreciating and recognizing the blessings that come into our lives bigger or smaller.

We should be grateful for; good health, happy families, success, and fulfilled living. Likewise, be thankful for things that make your work easier. Also, friends you can depend on and family that supports you all the way are the reasons to make you feel grateful.

Cultivating gratitude means improving or training ourselves to become grateful in everything. Awareness of what is abundant in our lives is the key to happiness. For instance, a hug from loved ones, a bright and sunny day, a smile from a friend or stranger, and love and support from family and friends can be a source of gratitude.


Eventually, we'll realize that even the most minor things we often take for granted could have been an excellent opportunity to express our gratitude. Sometimes we are thankful for the good things we received but do not express gratitude for the not-so-good things in life. We need to fully understand its implications as to why we have to suffer or what lessons we can learn from it. We only give thanks for what is 'seen' compared to what is 'hidden'objective expression versus subjective realization. The latter is the source of genuine happiness and contentment.

I have dealt with people who are physically ill and those who consider themselves balanced in all life aspects. They may have opposite views in life, but illness could be a way for someone to realize how abundant his life must be, only if he is keen and aware of it. 

Through physical illness, sometimes people learn to change bad habits or obsolete beliefs that convert them to become more spiritual and humanitarian. This way, he may feel whole again and as balanced as the person he thinks he is. 

Indeed, gratitude is a life-saving force. Once uttered, it is an energy that can give us relief and the power to experience and express abundance. Life is supposed to be filled with gratitude since the world would become dull, unproductive, and not alive without it. It is with gratitude that we experience authentic living. It is in appreciation that we experience true satisfaction.


Daily is an excellent way to express gratitude for whatever we have accomplished or what we could offer or contribute. When we activate this powerful universal law, we attract more, for which we can be grateful. 

Never chase more of what is not in sight, but rather be grateful for what is already there. Also, we can appreciate what we can do more than what we cannot.

I could be better, and sometimes I complain if bad situations arise. However, I keep myself back on the right track if my perspective can do more harm than good. Then, I activate the power of gratitude, and everything becomes normal again. 

We can learn to be more grateful for life and remember that we are blessed with the people so dear to us and in almost all circumstances that life may bring. Live your life to the fullest and express appreciation and gratitude. Every day is a chance to succeed, feel blessed, and be grateful for life.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Ahead of Life's Adversities

"Life is full of challenges, and we must face them with courage and acceptance. Every day is a learning experience, and we become the person that we can be through the test of timegetting way ahead of adversities."

How do we deal with difficulties in life? In today's world, we confront several nuisances or blockages that prevent us from moving forward. Some would have rationalized this event as undeserving despite being good.

Adversities come differently. It could be losing loved ones, failed relationships, financial problems, natural and man-made disasters, etc. How we interpret these things relates to our beliefs and values. And acknowledging it helps us to prepare ourselves better in taking the best actions in anticipation of future unexpected occurrences.


Whether we like it or not, we will be facing adversities that teach us valuable lessons, and challenges continue to happen until it's learned. Sometimes, we have to experience bad things to show up the best in ourselves. And to teach us better ways to live and become more responsible.

It is through recognition of these blessings shall we experience the benefits after. Some would tend to resist, but accepting it with absolute faith and believing that blessings will come at any moment is wiser.

If sacrifice is one of the keys to a good living, great things come when we endure and persevere through life's challenges. It is in hardship that we learn to grow up and become wiser. It only takes courage to rise and face life with gratitude.


Adversity teaches us the value of humility and that life is not all about prosperity. Sometimes, we need to change ourselves for the better. It brings good results by highlighting our responsibility and integrity.

If we observe closely every time we face adversity, it makes us stronger and more resilient. The moment we encounter the same problem, we already know how to deal with it; this time, we become wiser and emotionally intelligent.

We experience painful emotions, but eventually, they will subside in due time; and we collect these pieces of painful memory and learn to move forward from grief and pain.

Life indeed presents tough challenges as a lesson, but not to be viewed as a hindrance. However, it depends on how we view adversity, whether negative or positive. Repeated adversity would mean an unlearned life lesson, so it keeps returning until learned.

Life is full of challenges; we must face them with courage and acceptance. Every day is a learning experience, and we become the person we can be through the test of time—getting way ahead of adversities.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Week 2012 : Leading us To Jesus

"We have our battle in life, and like Jesus, we carry our cross daily. It is for us to take it or to give up; to move forward or surrender; to follow or redirect."

The 40-day Lenten season is one of the most significant events among Christians worldwide. The last week of the season before Easter Sunday is the celebration of the Holy Week commemorating the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

During Holy Week, we celebrate the most important events, such as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Black Saturday. These are all celebrations by devout Christians who reflect on the life and death of Jesus. 

Holy week is the time of repentance. It does not only mean we are sorry for our sins. It's when we must change our thinking, actions, and visions. It's the best time to reflect on our lives and to change them for the better. 

It's good to repent as it gives a feeling of being a renewed person. Someone complete and whole. What I have learned about repentance is the act of humility to acknowledge that I have sinned and to ask for forgiveness. 

Being renewed gives us the courage to stand up and face the world with selfless love and compassion for others. We extend our service to those who need it but cannot pay us back. Such an act makes us become 'Christ-like which is the message of the lent.

We may live in today's world full of material aspirations and worldly ambitions. But it is good to ponder on what are the necessary things in life and what is our true life purpose. It's not only material possessions, it is not just daily survival, but it is through following the right path and what God has commanded us to do. 

St. Peter's Church, Bandra (West), Mumbai

The season of Lent is not just about repentance, praying, and fasting. It's also the season of sacrifice. Like Jesus, He suffered the consequence of being upright and moral, and in the end, was sentenced to death. We can also sacrifice condemnation for being righteous. We can persevere in humiliation. We can endure persecution. However, in the end, what matters is the sense of righteousness we have chosen that leads to fulfillment in life.

We can compare the struggle of Jesus in today's modern world by becoming more courageous to speak for ourselves. Jesus did righteousness even though he knew his life led Him to persecution. He never got scared of the people in authority. Like us, we can stand up for what we believe is right. We can be ourselves if we live a good life and sacrifice for the common good. We have our battle in life; like Jesus, we carry our cross daily. It is for us to take it or give up. To move forward or surrender. To follow or redirect.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celebrating Holi Festival

"We may have different creeds and faith. We may have different cultures and festivities. But one thing I learned most is to respect each other's differences towards unity, peace, and understanding."

Today, I am fortunate to have experienced a colorful and joyful celebration of the Holi festival in New Delhi. It was celebrated by everyone who shared fun and laughter while playing with colorful powders and putting them on each other.

Holi festival is also known as the festival of colors. It marks the end of the winter season and the beginning of the spring, where they welcome the season with vibrant colorsalso known as the Spring festival. It is widely celebrated by Hindus throughout the country and other parts of the world where an Indian community exists.

At this festival, people gather regardless of gender, age, and social status. It is also believed to bring a closer relationship between two different castes, as practiced in the recent past or maybe at the present— India's lower and upper caste system.

Holi starts with a bonfire the eve before the day of the festival. It is followed by a gathering on the following day to celebrate this festivity. Holi would tend to bring back broken relationships, forgive enemies and bring back the closer ties of the community.

In a world where everyone should possess the values of politeness and courtesy, the Holi festival would have broken that social norm. Children and adults do not bother to become well-behaved on this day but are boisterous for even a short period celebrating this festival.

As I have observed, people have different interests in how they would have fun. Some kids and even adults played with water guns and rumbled on the muddy water. Some would love to dance to the tune of Bollywood music and western music. Some would just love to watch and have yet to want to get some colors.

We may have different creeds and faith. We may have different cultures and festivities. But I learned most to respect each other's differences towards unity, peace, and understanding.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Following Our Heart's Desire

"Life is like a valentine. We never know when an arrow will strike us. We never know whether it will give us hurt or joy. But whenever it comes, we accept it and follow with all our heartsour relentless desire."

At the present time, we may have been experiencing a lot of struggles to survive life's endearing challenges. Some people might constantly worry about finding the right path in life. Some wanted to achieve their goals and dreams despite limited internal resources. Some would have been giving up and let live as it happens.

The fact that life is difficult is not the ultimate reason for us to quit, but to face life with faith and gratitude. There are so many things to be grateful for in life. One of which is our existence to find our purpose in living. We are here to follow the right path—the key to living a good life.

How we get, there is a question that sometimes we are out of an answer to. We may have tried to solve so many never-ending problems. Some cannot be handled well, resulting in frustrations and distress. However, it is not just the mind we should work for, but also the heart—the love center.

A good heart

Often, we follow our minds. Yes, it is superior and controls our well-being. Nevertheless, we should consider our hearts in our way of living. Our heart carries several functions aside from pumping blood. Hence, we should consider its importance and not take it for granted.

If we feel like giving and loving, we activate our hearts. Whenever we think of being compassionate and altruistic, we use the seat. Therefore, our heart is as important as our mind. There is the mind that interprets, but there is a heart that feels.

Man is good in nature. Thus we have a good heart. I recalled what our college teachers taught us: no matter how wrong a person is, there is still particular goodness in him. He still has a natural gift of a good heart. In that sense, we are allowed to renew and make better use of it.

Our desire

In our lives, we may have made wrong decisions that made us have some regrets. We have followed what other people have told us. Whereas we followed the advice of a friend, we listened to what a stranger said, and we pondered on wrong thoughts without following our honest and own desires.

For instance, in our society, we may know someone living in a dream with his parents. Pursuing a course or career opposite to what he truly loves. He cannot refuse but follow due to respect and love. He cannot live his own life but accept and persevere.

If this is the kind of life we want, we become a prisoner of our fate—our heart's desire. It seems that we do not have a mind and soul. We never realize that life depends on how we make it and not just living to somebody's wishes.

Something to ponder

What keeps us from not following our own will and desire is the reason we are unsure of our capabilities. We still have doubts that haunt us to move forward.

We may ask ourselves, who am I? Yet, we are still struggling to know who we indeed are. What do I want? Yet, they are unsure of what lies ahead. Where am I going? Yet, need to figure out where to head in life. When do I get there? Yet, have to start. Why shall I do it? Yet, doubting own self. And how do I get there? And yet, not utilizing inherent resources.

The questions above are valid because I used to be like that. Sometimes I question myself to better understand who, what, where, when, why, and how I want. It is good to constantly re-evaluate ourselves to keep track of our goals and desires.

Keep going on

Like a valentine, we may have full of hearts around on this day expressing love and affection to dear ones. Everyone gives flowers, chocolates, and whatever they think is unique and worth remembering. Indeed, that reminds us that the spirit of love is alive. Our heart is in working mode, and it teaches a valuable lesson to keep going —to follow our heart's desire.

Life is not just about finding ourselves but about how we create it. Indeed, we are responsible for our own lives; like a sailor, it is our choice of direction. We have the option, which depends on how we use it and make better gameplay.

Life is like a valentine. We never know when an arrow will strike us. We never know whether it will give us hurt or joy. But whenever it comes, we accept it and follow with all our hearts—our relentless desire. We offer our best wholeheartedly and must follow what our minds and nature dictate.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reaching Our Highest Potential

There will be some failure. There will be obstacles to the path of happiness and success. Sometimes we think of giving up, but we must persevere and continue living with a sense of responsibility and purpose."

Sometimes we think of being incapable of reaching our dreams and desires. We recede from our ambition to reach our destinations in life. Suddenly, we get scared and lose momentum to achieve better results.  However, there are times when we are at our highest peak. We have reached our goals and dreams because of our strong desire and commitment. Our faith leads us to get there—the path toward glorious success.

If life is a cycle, I must agree! — We experience how it is to be on the "peaks and valleys." Life teaches us that no matter how difficult it may seem, still, we have to move forward like a cycle that keeps moving on. We have the human potential to achieve something better we should not fear.


One of the reasons we do not have progress is a lack of confidence and belief. We fear committing mistakes. We also fear being judged.  We fear to rise and shine.

I used to fear failure and that I hadn't tried my best in the past. I was shy then and not able to speak my mind. I never thought that fear would have sabotaged my chances of success for not giving my best. Now, I have built confidence and a positive outlook in life, and it amazes me whenever I think of what my life would have been if I had never decided to reform.

Some people may still be living a life full of doubts and self-criticism. It is not too late to step up from the shadow. We start to analyze ourselves and dare to give more of what we have. There is indeed a dormant positive force within us that is waiting to be tapped.


I have learned that we have to unleash our potential. We have been gifted with a great mind to think beyond the limits—to think extraordinarily. There is something within us that is hidden. And be useful once we learn to develop it. We can be someone that others would not have thought of achieving. We can be a person who once believed that 'it is impossible.

Possibility only happens once the result is evident. We may have been condemned and ridiculed for our wishes, and they may doubt our capabilities. However, people do not know the hidden potential that lies within us.


Anyone can unleash potential no matter who and what he is. We may be familiar with some real-life stories of how a poor man later became a company's CEO, how a college dropout became prosperous and had a massive influence, and how even an uneducated man became a leader.

Educational status is not a mere factor in being who we are. It is the use of our mind power—our hidden potential. We can all tap into this potential, but we have a huge responsibility to carry.

What about people in late adulthood who have discovered their abilities in artistic activities like painting, film-making, or public speaking and leading a group? It must be that they have learned to unleash their full potential. It's hidden in their younger years, but only then have it untapped and make better use of it.

If only we have the talent and the skills about something, it is now the time to improve it and do the best things possible through it. This time, you should not have more doubts and negative beliefs but must have confidence and competence.


In our pursuit of happiness, we may still encounter mistakes leading to unhappiness; but we have to keep up with our hopes and high spirit. We have to learn how to live to our fullest potential.

I admit I am not perfect and never will be, but I have the relentless desire to live what I am capable of, enabling me to move closer to my goal.

There will be some failure. There will 
be obstacles to the path of happiness and success. Sometimes we think of giving up, but we must persevere and continue living with a sense of responsibility and purpose.

We can be ourselves and light up our world by unleashing our true and full potential. We deserve the best in life; it is now the time to offer our best in return.

© 2012 Del Cusay