Thursday, January 26, 2012

How Failure Turned Into Success

"In whatever way we have failed from the past or the present time, we need to redefine our past failures and realize what we did right and disregard what we did wrong and then turn that into wisdom for a winning future."

There are times when I felt like a failure when things turned out as opposed to my expectations. I have set a goal and planned about it, but in the end, it failed. It makes me feel bad and it is just a natural feeling. Nevertheless, prolonged sadness is not that good as it may invite negative and harmful thoughts.

In our lives, we have been experiencing almost everything that it may bring—good or bad. Sometimes we end up feeling lost resulting from the failure. We fail to achieve... we fail to succeed.

I heard stories from people that they failed; failed in major exams, failed in their career, failed in reaching their goals and dreams, etc. Then I realized that failure is not that bad for the reason that we can learn from these failures and use them as experience for our next success. Hence, I call 'failure'  'success in disguise'.


We can learn from our failure and able to recall what have we missed or what went wrong. It is an opportunity to reflect on our actions that led to failure. Likewise, we need to fail to realize that there is a mistake in the process of what we are aiming for. Thus, there is a need to correct it and be as successful as we can in our next try.

I remember way back in college that our teacher would return our essays if she can spot grammatical errors or even wrong spelling. I tried to correct it as much as possible but I had to edit my work again and again as advised. Somehow, with that experience, I have learned something useful to my way of writing, although there are times when someone has to send me a message to correct some mistakes. I am still thankful for the enthusiasm to learn from mistakes—can be considered a failure.


I have tried this approach and indeed it works. It teaches me a lesson that I should never fear of failure and never chase for perfection but rather excellence.

What is good about trying to fail is that we do not have to worry about being perfect. The good thing is we just might succeed by accident. Think of great inventions by accident, they may have thought of failure, but it turned out to be another great invention.

There are times I fail, but now I do not worry about it, I just divert my attention towards more optimistic thoughts and thinking that today I fail, but next time I will have it!—gives me more courage to pursue my goals despite the odds.


There is no reason for us to give up, but to keep on trying. If we failed once, twice, or thrice... it is all right. It only means we are persistent with our goal to achieve. The next time we try, we succeed! We did it! Moreover, we are grateful for it.


We have our own definition of success and failure based on our personal experiences. For me, instead of saying 'I tried, but it failed' better to say, 'I tried and I failed, but I have learned and tried again and I succeed!'

We can be negative at times, but we need to be more balanced and weigh in the circumstances. Some of the good things in life can be attained through re-framing our state of mind.


Persistence can have a great impact to achieve tremendous success. Just like some famous people who have persevered so many times until they achieved the status of greatness and success.

Take the case of Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple company. He was fired from the company he co-founded and then failed from another company he founded. However, in the end, he succeeded and gained the admiration of many people.

We may fail so many times, but if we have the persistence and the courage to face our failure, then surely we will attain success.

In whatever way, we have failed from the past or the present time, we need to redefine our past failures and realize what we did right and disregard what we did wrong and then turn that into wisdom for a winning future.

© 2012 Del Cusay