Sunday, September 29, 2019

When September Ends: Timeless Memories

Here comes September: the beginning of the Merriest season in the Philippines. The start of the Autumn season or Fall in the West. The beginning of the many wonderful things and the end of not so glorious days.

So many memorable events happened this month. Another year added to my life: the beginning of a great life cycle.    Birthday Special: Love and Gratitude are about blessings received and wishes that came true and now making things work out of the blue.

What makes September special is the birthday of the Mother of Christ. It was on September 8 when the universe conspired for what my heart desires. I prayed to our Divine Mother and so I have made this day special. She listens and prays for us all.   Heart's Desire: An Answered Prayer is a testimony of the intercession of the Holy Mother; the Blessed Mary. This day will forever be memorable and to be celebrated.

Before September ends, we have  Birthday Special: Celebrating our Mother's 66th Birthday on the 24th. A simple family gathering over dinner made it special and meaningful.

What else made this September memorable is the soulful conversation with Reverend Father Jeffrey Estrella while having lunch at the beachfront restaurant on September 17. He is the Parish Priest of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Lomboy Parish. 

We also had a family weekend getaway at the beach together with my grandfather on Sunday, September 22nd. That was like extended summer fun. The waves on the shore are so calming and the view of the sea on the hilltop is breathtaking.

On the road to the summit, we visited our favorite place, Bato Arobo on September 23rd. The natural scenery of the mountains is pure bliss. This is where we spend time with natural wonders while taking a deep breath, be in a meditative state, and enjoying the serenity. 

When September ends, my heart is filled with love because I have the best people in my life who are there to protect, care, and support me for whatever things I do and to whoever I may become. September will always be memorable and the joy it brings is so meaningful.

© 2019 Del Cusay

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Birthday Special: Celebrating our Mother's 66th Birthday

We are blessed with the gift of life when we were born in this world. This is something to be grateful for we are bound to a journey of knowing our life purpose. 

Since we were born, our Mother is there to guide and raise us well. She nurtures and protects us until we live our own lives. She made a lot of sacrifices for us to have a brighter future. She loves us her family and life to her is about having a family to love and care for and guiding us her children to know our life purpose and follow our path.

As we grow to adulthood, our Mother is still there to give her support and to share life lessons and wisdom. Her years of life experiences made her stronger and wiser. She is always there to listen and she will always be the best counselor in times of need.

Today, we give honor to our Mother as she celebrates her 66th birthday. She deserves the best in life for her selfless love not only to our family but also to the community that she had chosen to serve religiously. 

Her love has grown beyond self and that created a ripple of goodwill to us her children. She will be our guiding light and our strength. As we get older, we get to understand her selfless sacrifices and her fight for a better life.

We wish our Mother the best of life so she can follow her own dreams and made them come true. Her goals and visions of the future seem so bright and we hope to catch a glimpse of that light as we grow and move further for a meaningful life.

© 2019 Del Cusay

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Living the Best Life From Metropolitan to the Countryside

Life in the rural areas may seem unexciting or boring to some people just like my fellow millennials, and at some point having a feeling of lower energy due to the lack of greater and better opportunities offered to them.

That's exactly how I felt a little more than a decade ago after I finished college and got my license as a professional. Back then, I see myself working in an urban area; a bigger city that is vibrant and more alive.

That dream became a reality. I lived and worked in Metro Manila. That is the city of dreams for many people, especially of my generation. It is a place where we can enjoy the best of the corporate world. Working in a great and big company. Wearing corporate attire. Earning better compensation. Living the best life. Those are the great things of urban living; we seem to have the best of everything.

Despite some levels of success and career fulfillment, there comes a time of self-realization about what success really means, and what do we have to sacrifice to achieve our most coveted dreams.

I have experienced city life that is highly livable in the Philippines. In Metro Manila, from the former Capital - Quezon City of the north, down to the finest Business District of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. The cool mountain resort of Baguio City in the Cordilleras and the Finest culture of Iloilo City in the Visayas. Those place I have lived and worked offers the best life with highest National livability index. Rural areas or towns are not even considered to be livable due to a lack of economic development and other factors.

After more than a decade of living and working in the topmost livable cities in the Philippines, I see economic development and opportunities in the countryside which is an emerging local economy through good governance and better planning. 

Despite the economic development and prosperity in greater cities like Metro Manila, people living and working in those cities are experiencing the downside of urban living.

For years, Metro Manila is having a difficulty in solving issues on livability. For several years I have experienced difficulty in public transport as a commuter. I have suffered the consequence of falling in a long line in a metro rail due to glitches and lack of train coaches. I have endured hours spent on the bus on the way home after work due to traffic congestion. We have suffered from days of rotational water interruption. Those are part of the basic needs we have endured and the cycle seems to go on year after year. We have endured, but that became our worst reality.

There are more things we have sacrificed. Our health has been at risk due to the stress those problems have caused. More people are getting sick maybe not due to the nature of work, but due to stress, anxiety, and fatigue caused by air pollution and travel time on the road; from home to workplace, and vice versa. I myself endured almost 5 hours of travel time in a day when I have worked in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig while living in Caloocan City. That is from North to Southbound and vice versa. I was not alone. I am one of the thousands of people who share the same fate in the Metro. Those are the sacrifices we have to endure for a living. But that may have come to an ending.

Living in the Metro is great, but may not be the best after all. There's more to life than living in a city that is no longer healthy but only for survival's sake.

There's life in the countryside; in the Rural area, we used to live. We may have temporarily left Rural living, but it will always be in our hearts. While others make endearing sacrifices just to live their dreams in the Metro, we are fortunate to have a countryside we can come back to.

In the countryside, we enjoy vast land and greenery. We have the best natural landscape and scenery. We breathe cleaner air and drink spring water. We are awakened and greeted by the chirping of the birds at dawn. We can see the wonderful sunrise while having a cup of coffee. We have a bright sunny day and look up above the blue skies. We see the mountains, the hills, and the valleys. We can swim in a river or waterfalls. We can witness a beautiful sunset. At night we can go on stargazing. We go to bed and fall asleep early. We have a goodnight's sleep. These are not our vacation escape or fantasy. This is not a dream, but our living reality, and this is what best describes the place we love to be.

That's a quality life! Not much extravagance, but only a natural living that rural life has to offer.

In the city, people can build a fortune amidst chaos and suffering, while in the countryside we can live a life of simplicity and serenity. In the city, we define success by the number of wealth, while in the countryside we feel successful when we are in perfect health.

No wonder in today's time more people invest in real estate property in emerging Provincial areas even though they are already established in the cities. Some would acquire a townhouse property. Others would buy a lot for future house construction. More families spend their vacation on an eco-farm. More people patronize farm tourism activities to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

With Divine's grace, we develop our family country farm and build our dream farmhouse. This family real estate would be where we partly live a quality life together. We build our dreams and we start to build a better life... and sooner a better community of Divine love and light.

© 2019 Del Cusay

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Heart's Desire: An Answered Prayer

If there is a tool that hears and grants our dreams and wishes, that would be the power of prayer to the Almighty one. God hears... God listens... God answers our heart's desires.

That spiritual tool is in the hearts of people who flock together in a Holy place for prayer, celebrate a mass, or offer a thanksgiving. This is an act of affirmation to one's faith in the Divine no matter what religious affiliations they belong to.

In the Philippines, people deeply believe in the powerful intercession of the Divine Mother; Mama Mary, the Mother of Christ.

At school, in our religious studies, and in catechism, we were taught about the Holiness of Mama Mary for her obedience to God's revelation and plan. That virtue made her the greatest Mother we adore.

In the powerful intercession of the Blessed Mary, we visit the National Shrine of Mother of Perpetual Help which attracts several thousands of Devotees and faithful due to so many answered prayers and petitions. It is our deeper faith that our prayers are granted; just like our own dear Mother who grants the wishes of her child.

In our hometown where people and families flock in a peaceful sanctuary in her honor, the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Lomboy has blessed many people who call her name in her intercession.

As we celebrate Mama Mary's birthday, we give her thanks and praises for all the answered prayers to God. Blessed Mother of God never fails to a child who kneels and prays. Her Divinity inspired and blesses our heart's intentions and desires.

At this moment, I am blessed for another answered prayer. I am forever grateful for the Divine Mother whom I praise and adore. Our love to our own dear Mother is a manifestation of our love to the Divine Mother, our Mama Mary who loves us and prays for us. 

© 2019 Del Cusay

Monday, September 2, 2019

Birthday Special: Love and Gratitude

Birthday marks a new beginning; a new cycle of life. It is one of the most pleasant days of remembering how the past year had been and how we fair in life's dealing; how we lived our best life and how we brave all the challenges that had arrived.

If life is a cycle of ups and downs; of good times and bad times, then I have gone through its roller-coaster ride. Some cycles were good enough that they gave me more energy and willpower to execute ideas and turn them into reality. Whereas some cycles triggered lower emotions that produce lower frequency or vibrations.

The life cycle just before the birthday was truly a purification time of breaking negative thoughts and obsolete beliefs. Letting go of unpleasant emotions and moving forward for a brighter side; a greater cycle of renewal and strong will. 

On this day, is when I was born in this world more than 3 decades ago and this day marks the first cycle of life that gives meaning and power. The strongest time of the year comes when we celebrate our precious birthdate. This is the time we give wishes to ourselves and extend them to our loved ones. 

The gift of a good life is the fundamental source of gratitude and the goodness of life is shared with love and compassion to my family, friends, and dear ones.

On this new birth year cycle, one of the best gifts would be "a break" to take it slow, stop for a while, build enough energy to appreciate the things that I already have. To be able to express my deepest love and gratitude for my parents who gave me life and to enjoy God's natural wonders and live a simple and slow-paced life. 

Today, it's just another simple celebration of the start of another life cycle. Another year has been added, but age certainly is just a number. As I grow old, I continue to live my greatest life and I aspire to be a reflection of Divine love and light for my family and those people I will meet along the road.

Another cycle of life will rock my world, but I am hoping to keep my faith and stay above circumstances beyond my control. I have conquered my weaknesses and this time is the beginning of making the best things possible through the Divine power, love, and light. The cycle of life is God's greatest delight. 

© 2019 Del Cusay

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Journey to Self-care and Personal Development

Sometime in 2013, I met an old wise man in-home care in New Delhi. He is wise because of the great wisdom he had imparted me for about an hour of meaningful conversation. He is a sage; his intellect may be far beyond our consciousness, but one thing that makes him inferior at that particular time is that he was physically ill and not able to enjoy what a physically able-bodied person could do.

The volunteers together with the residents and Founder of Panchvati Elderly Care Home, Ms. Neelam Mohan in New Delhi on June 27, 2013.

From that precious conversation, what he offered me was his mental and spiritual consciousness and life experiences. That was one of the deepest conversations I ever had and I was so thankful that I have met someone like him. What an aha! moment and a blissful encounter.

So yes! Some people may have reached the level of "intelligentsia, a Saint or a Sage" which is a developed mental and spiritual level of consciousness, but some of them have failed in physical health. However some people may just be of average intelligence, but they are physically fit and enjoy what life can offer.

From that moment when I left the room of the wise man, I had a realization that it would be better to improve oneself and reached that level of consciousness just like him and at the same time physically well and so we can enjoy our greatest lives; living a fantastic life.

Just like those elderly residents that I have met on that home care, most of them had medicines for their health conditions. They used to become active in their younger years, but later on experienced some pains and sufferings on physical, mental, and emotional levels of health.

On that day where I have given a health talk and some practical exercises to the elderly residents in the home care, I felt their desire to bring back their physical health where some of them perhaps have regrets.

So here comes the importance of self-care, that no matter how much success we have attained in life, some will be bound for physical suffering as we age when we neglect some levels of health. For instance, we may be mentally healthy, but stress, anxiety, and fatigue led to illness and health imbalance.

Self-care is about doing some activities that promote health and wellness; those things sometimes we do not have much time and effort because we think we only have a limited time and we have to work harder, aspire for more to live more comfortably and successfully.

Self-care is about healing our wellbeing after a stressful day. It could also be healing our emotions when we feel sad or depressed. It is also about clearing our minds when troubled. It is uplifting our souls when we are lost and in the dark. So everything in life is a balancing act to be able to soar high. We need to achieve a balance in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health for complete wellbeing.

Thinking that self-care is a selfish act and expensive? That weekend treat in a spa and wellness center could be expensive, but there are things in life that are worthwhile for just a little expense.

That weekend travel getaway with your family or friends could lead to rejuvenation. Spending some time at the beach, river or lake is like breathing out your inner toxicities making you feeling lighter and calmer. Barefoot walking in the sand or river stones promotes earthing or grounding; feeling more attached to nature and earth. Nature is wonderful and spending some time on it cleanses our soul and revives our spirit.

In our travels, there are some things we could do. We can have some meditation and breathing exercises to relax and heal our body, mind, and soul. Have some pure thinking time while having your favorite cup of coffee or tea. A meaningful conversation with the family or friend. Do some strolling in the garden or nearby park. Appreciate historic sites, arts, and cultural heritage. Visit a church or chapel for a prayer or a mass.

Also, once in a while even a little thing relaxes our senses and can have some positive effect. A body massage, aromatherapy, music therapy, and journaling. You see? That completes a meaningful and soulful journey. That promotes balanced health in all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. That is the essence of self-care! to bring back our holistic being.

As we get back to our home or at work, we feel renewed and whole again. However, self-care never ends. It is a lifestyle! It may be a struggle, but we need at least 8 hours of quality sleep. Eating foods with nutritional value. Having some "me time" to evaluate oneself. These self-care activities are essential for personal development.

At work, self-care must be practiced as we need to protect ourselves from physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. It would be good to get away from toxic situations and from bad influences that can degrade our self-worth.

Self-care is doing little things that matter to keep our balance and in perfect health. We need to look into our own being first before we can extend our services to others. Greater service comes with a great self; a love of beingness and our own holiness.

© 2019 Del Cusay