Sunday, March 31, 2019

Lent 2019: The Road to Forever in Jamindan

Some roads we're taking may be rough, but it is our courage and determination that will take us to our destination no matter how challenging it is.

In my hometown in Jamindan, we are leaving away from our painful memories; the struggles we fought, and the battles we've won. We've found the newest place to refresh our mind and body and uplift our spirit our soulful desire.

As we embrace development, we have finally closed the loop and be connected by covering the roughness and enjoying a smooth ride on the way to the road to forever a place like no other. 

This national highway from the town of Jamindan, Capiz connecting to the town of Altavas in Aklan offers the latest sensation among lovers, a group of friends, bicycle riders, and families as they take this journey to their destination and capture pleasant memories in this place they may call as paradise.

Located in Barangay Lucero in the town of Jamindan, this road with a higher elevation offers a breathtaking view of the mountains while enjoying a misty and cool wind during the rainy season and be captivated by the clear blue skies and beautiful sunset during summertime.

As we go for an adventure the road to the summit may now be refined, but what really makes us feel good is when we reach the highest peak, have a short break, take a deep breath, heal our broken hearts and leave all our worries behind. 

On this Lenten season, the road to forever may be a good place to unwind, feel relaxed, meditate, and be connected to the Divine. A peaceful sanctuary to relive our sense of purpose and fulfill our dreams and desires.

The road to forever in Jamindan is a destination for everyone who would want to express happiness, and also for those who may be lost, wounded, or broken. And so when the time comes that we have regained our strength, then we can collect each piece; our incompleteness, and become whole and renewed again. 

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