Sunday, July 5, 2020

Weekend Getaway in Boracay

I need a vitamin sea. That's how  millennials or young travelers would say whenever they need a break.

The sea is a medicine. Prescribed not by physicians, but none other than our very own friends, our colleagues or people closer and special to us.

When we are in a body of water, we feel calm and relaxed. And so, our mind becomes clear and our soul is renewed.

Our wellbeing is healed and rejuvenated.
And that's an ultimate goal to achieve.

The truth is, we want to escape reality once in a while. The reality of work-related stress.

We take a pause, pack our things and go for a travel and adventure.

Dream on and go on...

Back in April 2016, I had a great weekend getaway in a small Island in the west coast of Panay Island in the Philippines.

Boracay Island. One of the world's best.

It's a hotspot of the world's beach and Island lover. A multi-cultural hub where the east meets the west.

That was my 5th time to visit Boracay in about 2 decades. And each time I visit, there were several transformation, not just with its ecosystem, but with the culture.

The Boracay culture I used to love.

Perhaps I have seen Boracay during its pristine days when it's less developed and had its Island vibe.

Last year when it underwent temporary closure, it became like a ghost Island. Not much tourist and businesses closed for about half a year.

If we humans deserve a break. A busy Island deserve a much needed break too.

When its ecosystem has been damage due to commercialization, it has to clean and heal itself before it could serve people again.

And so other popular Islands in the country and Southeast Asian region followed suit. They also rehabilitated their Island paradise. a great move with great sacrifice and love.

Taking a break from the crowd. The party. The noise. The pollution.

I love Boracay. It has a different vibe among Philippine Islands and beaches. And so, I am pro rehabilitation if needed. For it to breathe again and get rejuvenated -- just like us human beings.

That weekend getaway in Boracay in 2016; was still a magical day and night escapade.

The Nami Resort over the hills was exhilarating as you are transported from an old style elevator reaching the hilltop.

Nami resort got the best view of the Island and it was just awesome.

The food, the music, the ambiance. The experience was great ever.

Boracay was again closed just recently. This time due to pandemic. And so, when people are able to travel again without restrictions, Bocacay will again open its paradise for responsible business owners and kind travelers.

Boracay is for everyone. One day, I may be able to swim on its water again. Witness it's captivating sunset. See the sandcastles and leave footprints in the sand.

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Stairway to The Mountain

Nature's spring is nature's best. That was a great and meaningful adventure on the foothill of the mountain; the Mount Arayat National Park.

To be closer to nature is a weekend and holiday destination for most of city dwellers. An escape from noise pollution and a hustle and bustle of a the city life. Escaping from the real world of unending work and tasks. Escaping from reality even for a short while.

An adventure worth sharing 6 years ago brought me to the beautiful and peaceful town of Arayat in the Province of Pampanga in Central Luzon Island, Philippines.

Two months after I arrived in the Philippines from a year of living abroad was a great adventure and a soulful healing. That was April 2014 when I finally had a closer glimpse of Mount Arayat which can only be seen from a distant highway when going to Northermost provinces  in the country.

Nature's retreat offers wonderful healing results of the body, mind and soul. This is all we need after a long and tiring workweek. And for the physical grounding, a day hike to the mountain feels like rooting to the earth. Nature's way to be  reconnected  to the earth as our mind wanders and boggles accompanied by anxiety, worries and fears.

At the park's entrance going to the hilltop community is a serene environment and a soulful sound of nature. The park is also a home to different species of birds and wildlife that is under conservation. 

The park is a great escapade for families, team building and even solo retreat. There are cottages, picnic area, playground and campsites for everyone's need.

A hundred step stairway going to the hilltop community is a great calorie burning and offers a stunning view of the Mountain. Closer view to the roof of Pampanga -- the highest peak of the province.

Take a deep breath and a little more hike passing through the tree houses and all the way to the Arayat Bikers Club. A solemn spiritual community awaits where one is closer to the nature. Truly a heaven on earth for the residents and for the visitors.

Before heading down to the lowlands, I took a pause, meditated and reflected on the Divine presence and a meaningful journey ahead.

The Mountain of Arayat and its Natural Park provides greater service for people seeking respite from various suffering, loneliness, stress and grief.

On the new best normal and after the pandemic, people would be reconnected back again with the  nature; taking a deeper breath and breathing out of toxicities of the body and mind and purification of one's soul. And when we need to reboot or restart, there will always be a mountain to climb for a soul searching -- to heal our being.

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Father's Day at The Farm

Life at the farm. That's our best new normal during this time of Pandemic. We get the benefits of clean and green environment suitable for healing and rejuvenation.

Today, we are celebrating an extra special day since it's a Father's day. We decided to visit and spend our Sunday at the farm; a sanctuary we developed for about a year now.

As I swing through a hammock, I reminisce the time how it all started back in June 2019, from the time it was conceptualized until it materialized.

Today; a year after, we are harvesting fruits and vegetables which my parents started to plant since the start of lockdown and home quarantine due to pandemic. My parents didn't stop their usual organic farming activity and it's paying off-- it's harvest time.

We have varieties of vegetables like eggplant, bittergourd, string beans, spinach and squash. We also have fruits like Philippine lime or Calamansi, tomatoes, avocado, banana, watermelon and coconut. These and many more in weeks to come as we expand and develop other areas for planting.

We are aiming for a sustainable farming practices to provide our own food on the table not only this time of crisis, but as a way of living -- a new lifestyle.

For the previous years, I may not have celebrated the Father's day at home, so this year is an opportunity to be present and to show gratitude and appreciation to our dear Father.

I will forever be thankful for the love and inspiration and this crisis gives us an opportunity to plant, grow and harvest what we've planted.

Father's day isn't only for a day, but we celebrate it on our lifetime. Wherever we are, he will always be in our hearts. Our Father, our hero, our motivation and source of endless inspiration. 

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, June 14, 2020

A Journey of A Thousand Miles

Life brings us to the place of our dreams. That's the beginning of a wonderful journey ahead. We dream it, we believe it and we live it.

We manifest and hold on to that dream, we bring our intentions to life, and it starts with a single wish— a single step.

Life may bring us to several places in our lifetime. Some destinations may haven't been planned, but opportunities and destiny take us there.

In 2016 after a thousand miles journey abroad, life brought me in a lovely place; known as the city of love Iloilo City, Philippines.

The place is special to me since I lived there for about a year back in mid 2002 until mid 2003. It is where I studied my first year in college; being the center of higher education in the Region. Back then, the city has its charm with century old churches and old ancestral houses that are preserved and restoredsuch a timeless beauty.

The city has to live up the expectation dubbed as the 'City of Love' and true to its name, it is the loving nature and the lovable character of the people that captivates the soul.

13 years since I left, I came back to live and practice my profession to work in a medical center located near the esplanade where I used to spend some morning stroll and sunset viewing. I have seen the growth of the city as it embraced modern development in infrastructure while preserving its old heritage. Now the city is a fusion of old and modern world. It has a more charming vibe among the developing cities in the Philippines.

That journey to the 'City of Love' brought memories to cherish for a lifetime, until one day another journey begins to another place; to the country's capital region of Metro Manila. Back to the place where I started to work and discover places and the world.

Today, our world may have stopped. Life may have led me back to the place of my greater comfort and security; to the place of my birth and to be with my family  my love ones.

The thousand miles journey brought meaning to life, but away from my family. But now, I believe that a journey of a thousand miles includes a 'home sweet home' closer to my family.

Life is good to be back in their loving and warm embrace during this time of crisis; where uncertainty unfolds. I was far away from them for years searching for a living, but now I am living with them searching for a meaning.

Now, I believe that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Wherever we are in this world, no matter how far the distance we've been, still we'll always come back to the most special place in our heart. 

Life will always protect and comfort us, and life will always lead us back even after a thousand miles journey and beyond. 

© 2020 Del Cusay

Friday, June 12, 2020

122nd Philippine Independence Day: Holding the Line

We can never attain real freedom if we're still a slave through colonial mentality and feeling inferior from other races. Same thing that we can't totally be free when our very own government is terrorizing and putting down its own people. 

That may be our very own story today. The state of our current societal freedom. A prisoner of faith and hope.

That's not what our valiant heroes have fought for; just to free us from hundreds of years of foreign invasion and rule. The pain and struggle may have left an imprint on our being as passed on the blood  flowing from our veins by our Forefathers.

Today, the Philippine society may have evolved through the years and the new generations of young Filipinos may have been detached from the history, but attached to the modern living of comfort and convenience.

Today's society, however, is still struggling with defending our freedom; to be free in our speech. That's the freedom of expression being threatened to be taken away from us.

We can be the most law-abiding citizen, but that doesn't mean we will remain to be silent and be blind of what's happening in the government; how it's being run that affects the way we live. We follow the rules and regulations, but that doesn't mean we will also follow and have higher tolerance with the wrongdoings; the abuse of power and rampant violations of human rights.

The Philippine society today is in a threat of losing its voice. The voice of the masses -- the powerless and the most vulnerable.

People critical of the government are being silenced in a form of harrassment and false accusations and worst is detention. If this can happen to political personalities and mass media, then it can happen to almost anyone who has the strongest voice of dissent or opposition.

I believe we have a good democracy, but what happens when the government has a massive power for manipulation, power tripping, intimidation and control. Slowly, public dissent is being killed. No more voice to speak up or you may be served a sentence without a due process of law.

Democracy is what this country survived and thrived over a century; if not, we may still be a colony and in control of a powerful country. But, with our great resistance to put an end to foreign rule, we became a winner -- we regained our independence and freedom.

People now has the ability to discern what is right and wrong; of what is real or just a manipulation. People can express their thoughts with higher judgment and discrimination.

If the govenment is shutting us down, then let us hold the line. We know our limits. The government must know its limits too. Power vested on our leaders comes from the people and we can take it away from them. Eventually, power has to come to an end. It's never permanent.

It's when we know how to hold the line that we can protect ourselves and we can uphold our freedom. The freedom that we Filipinos deserve. 

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Lost in a Paradise

If there's one thing that this Pandemic has taught us, it is to embrace the stillness. To be present.

Life teaches us about what is essential versus what is luxury or leisure.

Life teaches us to embrace individual uniqueness and societal differences.

Life teaches us to be alone, to be lost and to regain ourself.

What would happen if you get stuck in an Island... How would you imagine to live...

There's no available convenience stores, no cellular phone signals, no internet...

You only have basic survival needs and equipments; tents, hammock, cooking utensils and just enough food good for 2 days.

I dared! I trekked a muddy road less traveled back in 2015. And my destination was the Island Province of Guimaras in the Philippines.

In just 2 days time, I enjoyed the serenity of the place away from the people. The water is cool and clean and I jumped off a cliff. That was a safe jump rather than a risky dive which I never dared. And I survived!

Now, living in the present, I am thinking about the time in our lives when we go for an adventure of a lifetime; no attachment to things and the people. And absence of one of the most essential thing today -- getting online and the social media.

Today, during this time of Pandemic and social isolation, our connection to the online world is our most significant survival tool. We go online for news updates which sometimes can be toxic and causes sadness, loneliness and grief.  If there's no internet and social media in the present time, how would we live a normal life?

The connection to online world is definitely our survival tool in the new best normal. For most of us, being offline is not being much alive, since nowadays everybody seem to go digital; going online to connect with coworkers, families, friends and special love ones.

I learned to be detached; to be offline even for a short while. To go on social media detox. Truly, I have lived on that present moment; living in stillness. That adventure taught me a lesson about not just basic survival skills, but also to survive when the most essential thing is out of reach even for a while.

The next Pandemic may come in our time, and how do we prepare for the worst is an essential thing for survival.

To be stucked in an Island Paradise is just one learning experience that I have benefited for in the present times and in the next crisis to come.

And today, we can always learn to not just survive...but, just be alive...

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Now Rowing Forward

We can't wait to move on. We've been stucked for some time, and we want to move forward and be able to live our life's next chapter. A life where mystery meets uncertainty. A life of ups and downs -- our current reality.

Today, I've seen how we go few steps backward. When the pandemic striked, we freeze, we can hardly move, we go on reminiscing our past life. We remember the good old times and learned from the bad times. We have time travelled and it just feel so good.

Rowing on a small boat from my last year's retreat on a beach, was one of the most solemn and soulful experience ever. That gave me a lot of realization about how I chose to live my life. That was a preview of how to live and survive in silence; without a crowd and just a moment of detachment and social isolation.

As I looked at the horizon from afar, where the blue skies meets the sea, indeed sky is the limit when it comes to our life's desires and realizations. There's a lot of opportunities and foresight waiting for us to be discovered in total silence.

As I walked closer to the shore, the horizon seem endless, even when I reach the deepest of the sea. I then realize that when a big wave is coming to hit me, I may either swim as fast as I could back near the shore, or just go with the flow as calmly as I could.

Life's like that. When something big hit us, like an overwhelming challenge or adversity, we can choose how to react; either we panic or stay calm and focused to make the best action and not get drowned.

Fast forward to today, a year after, comes the Pandemic. I remember how I enjoyed the silence and solemnity of a place where I said I could survive on that kind of environment for a long time.

How many of us could live in the absence of a noisy and distracted world? How many of us can enjoy being detached to worldly posessions and relationships? How many of us can survive being alone, having just enough and with no luxuries, but only a natural world of purity and simplicity?

Today, as people and community have started to mobilize again after isolation, we have just learned a tough lesson and a deeper awareness of our being. That we can indeed live alone for some time, that we can depend on ourself for our own happiness. That we are responsible and in control of our life -- our destiny.

Life has now brought us to different era; a different future we never imagined. This time, we are not only moving on or moving foward. We are now rowing forward to the direction of our will; our life purpose. We are the captain, and in control of our destiny. The director of our own reality.

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Living Our Best Normal

We want to live our best life. That is not just an aspiration, but a realization of our life purpose. Our goals and dreams is what fuels our being towards not just success, but also fulfillment -- our heart's desire.

In these times, we are now one world and one humanity, which used to be divided by the color of our skin, the amount of money on the wallet or in a bank, divided by religious affiliation and social status.

Today, we feel the oneness of the humanity. That we are united through a common experience. That we are all vulnerable to the global threat to human health;  either we survive or continue to suffer -- we're all in this together.

We are slowly adapting to a 'new normal' and this is an initiation of how much we have learned about survival skills and the test of our life's top priorities.

In the 'new normal' people may realize that money at some point may not save life. That money isn't our ultimate purpose of living. And that the health we have sacrificed for money will be gone when we lost the battle. 

Living in the city would start to lose its appeal, and people will see the value of life in the rural area-- in the countryside.

There is so much learning the pandemic taught us. People in the metropolitan now see the natural world uncovered to them. The surrounding mountains from afar, the chirping of the birds and the clear blue skies used to be enjoyed in the rural areas, but the nature showed a glimpse of the natural environment people in the rural areas are enjoying while on isolation.

People will now invest more on health and wellness rather than living in a highly stressful environment just to gain more wealth. A sustainable living in a safe and peaceful rural area is what can give us the peace of mind that we all need. If there's a shift to this mindset, people will live healhier and livelier.

Between life in the city and in a rural area, the 'new normal' would point the arrow to the less crowded place where one can breathe fresher air and enjoy an awesome view of the natural environment that is free from pollution.

And hearing from someone I highly respect, Master Del Pe, a Modern Sage and an International Life Mentor, inspired people about living not just the 'new normal' but living our 'new best normal' because as we put highest priority on health and wellness to survive and live longer, we strive to live with our best self no matter the challenges and threat that will arise on years to come.

To live our greatest life; and to live our 'new best normal' is beyond living not just safe and secured life, but a sustainable life we all deserve. 

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Life in The New Normal

Life on the beach. That is what people are missing on a hot summer days. Families, group of friends, coworkers or solo traveler; this is supposed to be a fun-filled dry season. But this season have fallen into isolation.

The last year's summertime was one of the best vacation I ever had. I never thought that it would be the last summer to get sunburned. The last time to enjoy the summer breeze and the serenity. The last time to leave footprints in the sand.

Now, after several weeks, our economy and the rest of the world is now slowly getting back to life, but the reality is, it may be hard for the people to get back to life -- the kind of life we used to live.

While viewing at my digital photo album, I saw smiling and happy faces. I saw how we used to celebrate family gathering without physical distancing. I saw how we used to travel and go to public places without wearing a mask. That was just a recent past, but now it feels we have completely entered a new world; with a new definition of love.

The new normal is a tough love. When families at home couldn't even give a hug and kiss. When old friends or acquaintances couldn't even recognize each other due to facial protective covering. When partners couldn't hold their hands. And when young kids and our elderly are best protected by staying at home. All these for the sake of love -- love on the new normal. 

But I still believe in a deep human connection. We may still be able to give a smile to someone we know or anyone we meet along the road. A new definition of smile -- a smile of gratitude on the new normal.

Our new normal is not only about hygienic measures. It goes beyond to our new lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle where most people will give their utmost priority.

We will now be more health conscious and eat the right kind of food, get some physical exercise, get some nourishment from the sunlight, planting and harvesting our own food, adequate sleep, prayers, meditations...

Activities that nourishes our body, mind and soul would be of most important value. We stay away from worries, fears and anxiety. Though at times it's normal to feel that way, still we can escape and regain our best self and live our greatest life.

For now, we may have already learned some tools and techniques as we move on to a new normal. You may now have learned to quiet the mind and relieve stress through the art of meditation. You may have learned the art of flexibility of the physical body through yoga or internal stamina exercises. You may have started doing backyard gardening. You may have learned to follow your passion about visual/digital arts like painting and photography. You may have started to love reading books, articles, blogs. You may have found joy in sharing your passion through vlogging.

At this time, we must have overcomed our Fear zone and moved to the Learning zone. And now, as we start living on the new normal, we are entering the Growth zone; where we have learned self-mastery and becoming a higher version of our self.

A lot have changed in a matter of weeks in isolation. We may now still be dreaming about that planned summer vacation. You may now be ready to explore what is there waiting for you in the new normal. 

Circumstances may have changed, but hoping it will not change our being, our beliefs and values, our humanity, and most of all, our faith in God.
© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Timeless Loving Memories

Mother. That's one precious and sweetest word we could hear. It's not just a word, but brought into action by a loving special woman in our life. 

The sweetest smile, the warmest hug, the thoughtful gesture and the selfless love. That describes our Mother. Someone we can truly lean on; in good times and bad times. Someone who makes us feel loved and cared. Someone we can depend on.

Today, the world is celebrating the "Mother's Day" and we give honor and reverence to them in a special way of remembering their biggest role in our existence. 

The definition and worth of a Mother may be different to someone's personal feeling, but it is universal. The world owes a lot to Mothers who brought and raised us in this world.

Our GrandMothers, our sisters, our Aunts, all the Mothers closer to us, this day is about remembering their greatness and for the timeless loving memories. We couldn't forget how they help us mold and transform into a better person.

Today, the world is turning into a New world, but our Mother is still the same yesterday, today and in years to come, even in our lifetime and eternal life.

We love our Mothers and we honor all the Mothers, and those whom we have known personally that have made an impact or influence in our life.

This is not just a day of celebration, but a lifetime of honoring and remembering. Our Mothers, our greatest love who show us endless love. 

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Survive and Thrive

It's been more than a month on quarantine; isolated from people and from the community. You can't get out, you can't move freely and comfortably.

Some call it home arrest away from the unseen invader. Others may fantasize it as a long vacation, but should not have been this way never ever this way.

Our world suddenly stopped, but see! the world we live in is healing itself. Lot's of changes from our community and the rest of the world. 

If the world is healing, how can we not benefit from it? We too must start to heal, and so like the healing earth, we can become whole again and ready to see the world again.

Healing of our body, mind and soul can be a great contribution to the world. We may have inflicted lots of pain to our natural world, and so we suffer. We suffer from living in uncertainty... beyond our reality.

And now the world forces us to reflect and heal our mind and emotion. Unless we heal ourself, we will be a prisoner of fate forever.

However, there will always be an antidote for our suffering. It is when our collective actions benefit the world and the humanity.

There is healing in our love, in our hope and in our faith. That's a healing antidote. Not a vaccine.

When we think beyond ourselves and do greater service to other, we contribute to the healing. And so today, no more fear! No more anxiety! It has been replaced by love and understanding.

Yes, we are surviving! But in our desire to survive, we also dare to thrive; to grow; become better and stronger. Our journey to life never ends after these challenging times, hence there are endless possibilities for us to learn and be of service, in any way even in our own little way.

Don't just survive, but thrive! 

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Opportunity in Crisis

We feel people's fear. This pandemic teaches us to be sensitive with different kind of emotions. Anxiety, panic, boredom, anger, irritability and depression are some of our common reaction. People may not say it, but we sense the negative vibe of people's lower emotions. 

We sense fear because our consciousness detected a new threat on our being; in humanity. Hence, what we feel is just normal and expected.

But how can we escape from this threat? How long shall we feel the fear? How can we go back to living a normal life?

During these times, experts in education says we are currently living on 3 different zones of crisis.

Fear Zone. This is our initial tendency to threat. It's normal! Feel the fear. Acknowledge this feeling and not be in denial. Our physical expression can't mask our feelings deep within, for one main reason that we are all in this together. We are wired to feel for each other.

Learning Zone. This is a great opportunity in times of crisis. We make use of the time we are in isolation. Most people might still be stucked in fear zone, but learning shouldn't stop us. Students, working professionals, parents, young kids and even old retirees can learn something new during this time. A new knowledge and skills is our weapon as go back to living a 'new normal' during and post-pandemic period.

Growth Zone. This is about taking in control of our emotions and mind.
When we achieve certain level of self-mastery, we grow and transform to be a greater version of ourself. We grow because we refuse to remain a victim of circumstance and a prisoner of fate.

So, in what zone are we now?

From 'fear zone' during the first few weeks of quarantine, I am now into 'learning zone' where I feel a lot of positivity and personal empowerment. 

I have attended several webinars offered by local and international organizations and have learned from Thought leaders about different subjects of expertise.

I listen to educational podcasts and read valuable insights from online articles. I keep on learning and auditing existing knowledge and beliefs. I keep on pondering and updating obsolete informations that hinders growth.

There's growth in learning.

Soulful Sunday is a great opportunity not to be stucked, but to learn to adapt and engage in new interests and habits.

Farming has been a great activity for us even before the pandemic and we continue to plant seeds for a bounty harvest in this uncertain time.

This is an opportunity to cultivate, develop and create a sustainable living. An organic farming practices is what we need for a heathier body and immunity to fight the unseen enemy.

Life in the countryside will never get boring. It's just a matter of changing our mental state and the definition of success. There's a lot of learning and an opportunity to live a more livable and healthier life. 

As we move on, we will look back to realize that fear sabotages and taking in control of our destiny. And so, our antidote is a dossage of learning to become better and bounce back stronger than ever.

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Positivity in Uncertainty

Energy follows thoughts and intentions. That's one of the most essential wisdom I have learned and adopted for years.

When we pay attention to our thoughts and with higher level of optimism, we can make things happen. We can let almost the impossible things to happen.

But how can we stay positive in a world full of negativity? With the recent global crisis due to pandemic, people get scared and anxious of what lies ahead of our  uncertain future -- the coming days and years after.

We are all at risk. But in this time, somebody must be ahead of us. Somebody must not be so scared as we are. They are our elders; our parents and grandparents.

What makes them have the highest level of positivity is their struggles and life experiences that they have survived through the years.

Yes, they may be the most vulnerable, but they have the most positive spirit all through these times.

They are not the weakest, but they are strongest because of their faith to the highest Divine power. Their religious or spiritual affiliations and activities is what makes them truly alive.

My Soulful Sunday is spent at the farm, and on this day, my parents show us how to live and survive on this crisis.

The striking statement I have heard from them is that 'a large farmland does not serve its purpose if not cultivated for sustainable farming.' That's the reason why they put their energy into it.

As I visit the farm after a week of home quarantine, I am glad to see the vegetable farm which they have spent most of their time and energy.

They may never know what tomorrow will bring, but certainly they know how to survive and thrive. There is no excuses, but only developing habits and positive mindset.

In days and weeks to come, we will harvest vegetables and fruits that will give us nourishment and a healthy body. Our goal is to strengthen our immune system and that will start with a healthy food on the table.  A farm fresh produce for a better health and stronger immunity is all we need.

A lot of positivity for today. A lot of flashbacks and realizations. A lot of energy, but with positivity in uncertainty.

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, April 12, 2020

A Hopeful Easter

In the absence of fear, we live with courage. We live with hope. For us, this happening in this world, where we live with uncertainty is a test of faith; a test of our humanity.

The holy week that we have celebrated was a new world experience. A totally different dimension on the physical plane of existence.

Even if we are lockdown and on quarantine mode, still we are blessed to have expressed our faith in a digital way; in an online world. We have celebrated the Holy massses through online streaming and on television from a live broadcast of different parishes in the Philippines and the Holy See in Vatican.

Our Parish Priests, Bishops and the Pope sent us a message of hope in this times of global crisis. We are not alone and God is with us in all theses trials. 

The God may not show his wrath, but we are tested with our perseverance, endurance and the will to abide faithfully and the will to survive.

We learn to go back to what are essentials on our survival. We connect with nature and we live in a natural world away from too much noise, stress and fast-paced living.

Take it slow. Recognize the wonderful nature around you. Touch the soil. Go barefoot outdoors. Take a deep breath. Watch the sunrise and the sunset. Have a glimpse of stars and the galaxy. Listen to the sound of silence. Meditate. These are the messages I received and the fulfillment of my heart's desire. 

We all have different messages from the Divine. Be in solitude and receive the message with an open heart. 

As we continue to learn how to live on this new world, the Easter gives us a message of hope. Our hope that we will adapt on the new earth changes. We hope to be protected and healed. We hope for a better world. By God's will and grace, we will hold on. Not to surrender; never to give up. For our hope is greater than our worldly desires. For our hope is beyond physical. It is eternal.

© 2020 Del Cusay

Friday, April 10, 2020

The Holy Week in Uncertain Times

In observance of the Holy week, we focus our energies and strength on the solemnity of the passion, death and the coming resurrection of the Christ. 

We leave our worries behind. That's the most respectful thing we can do since we are living by the promises of the Christ. GOD is in control and we put our trust and faith on Him.

The lenten season and the Holy week this year is extra special. We haven't experienced this in decades since we came in this world. We are confined in our homes and celebrate masses on a live TV broadcast. We can't do the Good Friday procession and be able to celebrate the Easter with greater freedom of expression of love and gratitude.

On this lenten season, families celebrate Sunday Holy Mass at home, we do the virtual Visita Iglesia online and we get to kneel on our Holy Altar at home.

On this year, we can't go to places on a pilgrimage. We can't show our love through hugs and kisses, but we show a different kind of love in a distance. For now, to show love to people, we need to keep distance. A tough love.

But in this uncertain times, we are comforted with love through the Religious leaders of God. Our Pope, our Bishops and Priests are there to provide our spiritual needs.

We are able to gather with our family at home and listen to the words of God. We light a candle and offer a prayer. 

As I do my Holy week retreat on our skygarden, I can see, hear and feel God's Holiness and loving presence through His natural creations and masterpieces. We have been blessed to live in a natural sanctuary of solemnity and solitude to experience God's Divinity.

He is not absent, but He is there with us at the comfort of our home wrapped in His loving arms. He is forever in our Hearts and transforms our lives.

Yes, we may be living in this time of uncertainty, but we are learning to slow down, to live in stillness and to notice and appreciate even the little things that matters in our lives.

On this Good Friday, we continue to pray and observe the Holy burial through the Holy image of the Santo Entierro. It is our belief that the Christ has died to save the humanity. Its significance lies on our personal experience and journey when He reveals his Holiness on our being.

May this silence and solitude be a time to reallign our hopes and dreams. May this be the right time to reassess the things that matters and are of true value. May this be the time to listen and redirect our lives to living a meaningful life.

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