Sunday, July 28, 2019

Reliving the Memories on The Road to Bato Arobo

It's been more than a decade since I reached the mountaintop of Bato Arobo. A place that brings pleasant memories of my childhood days. Back then, we used to hike for more than an hour just to reach if coming from Sitio Lomboy in Linambasan, province of Capiz; the landmark being the present-day Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish

I have great  Memories of Mount Bato Arobo with my family, and I am eager to see them after a long time. A day after May 13, 2019, midterm election, we decided to have an adventure ride to see the ongoing road construction development from the Parish to the road to Bato Arobo. This is a momentous moment to be back and see the mountain ranges from afar, to breathe in fresher air, and to relive the old days.

The road to Bato Arobo is like a roller coaster ride; there are ups and downs and fantastic scenery ahead with tall Coconut palms and greeneries. The less than 2-hour hike can now be reached by a vehicle in less than 15 minutes.

Two months after, on July 24, a day before the 89th birthday of my Grandfather, we decided to bring him to revisit the Road to Bato Arobo when the roadside development was nearing its completion. Due to the hilly slope on both sides of the road, there is a need for a concrete hillside cover to protect from untoward soil erosion; the same thing we can see on the hilly streets of Baguio City.

Along the Road to Bato Arobo are farmlands planted with rice and coconuts, which makes the surroundings calm and pleasant. There are few houses on the way, and it is even a distance apart on the foothills of the mountain. In a few years, perhaps over the next decade, more houses will be built, considering the accessibility of the road to the town center.

What makes it beautiful is the natural landscape of the mountains, with occasional fog when it rains and when the temperature drops. Bato Arobo has a higher elevation that makes it cool and windy, which is perfect for unwinding over a cup of coffee and tea or a bowl of hot noodles or batchoy.

                       The video above; click the arrow to view

Nature has a healing wonder on our soul, and the Bato Arobo mountain view dramatically appeals to the senses. This is similar to soul searching in the Highlands of Tagaytay and Baguio. Though the place is on its way to development, it is still pristine and naturally beautiful.

Bato Arobo will always have a place in my heart since I conquered its summit when it was just a trail, and now that we embrace its development, there will be no barriers to reaching the mountaintop and reliving its scenic mountain view. Bato Arobo is a natural wonder of all time and also a natural heritage in our time. We preserve, protect, and recollect memories that will last a lifetime. 

© 2019 Del Cusay

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Happiness in Our Hearts

What could be more important in life?
Biggest dream, achieved goals, a success...
A dream job, a dream house, a fancy car
A dream destination in the farthest nation

When success means a million-dollar
Yes! I have a lot, but not feeling enough
Giving it all, but no contentment at all
No happiness, no pure joy. No bliss

Success is the presence of happiness...
When I get successful, I'll be happy... Nah!
When I am so glad, I feel successful... Yeah!
Happiness is positive psychology... Aha!

Happiness comes from a natural thing.
Not so expensive and not an elusive thing
A glimpse of dawn, a beautiful twilight...
A magnificent sunrise, a morning exercise

What else could make us truly happy?
A morning cup of milk, coffee, or tea
A chirping sparrow... A Nightingale's song
A mist in the garden, a drizzle... A blessing!

Happiness is within us... Within our reach
The morning ritual of gratitude makes us rich!
A good morning greeting... A morning hymn
Thank God for the happiness... I am lovin'

© 2019 Del Cusay

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Highlands' Sunrise: A Heaven's Call

There's a certain energy that sunrise would give. At dawn, just before it rises to awaken one's slumber, waking up gives a serenity of a peaceful morning with the natural sounds from chirping songbirds and a fresh morning mist.

To awaken as early as 4:30 and get up in bed at 5 A. M. is the pure bliss of an awakened soul to start a brand new day that brings new hope of an incredible adventure and the opportunities that await.

In my beloved highland town is where I would experience a pleasant morning to awaken my senses. Watching the colorful hues of the sky from the terrace is like staring at a live painting, a natural masterpiece that slowly turns into a bright light and ultraviolet rays that brighten my mood to last for the entire day.

The video above; click the arrow to view

What makes me fully alive is the healing energy that the sunrise gives. It nourishes the physical body with the required Vitamin D for the absorption of Calcium giving stronger and healthy bones and energetic vibes for productivity.

Sunrise would give a positive emotion and expression of happiness and joy, not entertaining any negativity to ruin the day. Leaving our negativities behind makes us feel grateful for life and the Earth's natural wonders.

A deep breathing exercise absorbs the prana or chi, a life force for healing and longevity. While simple yoga-like and internal stamina exercises would loosen up a stiff body and shake up the soul.

What compliments the sunrise is a cup of coffee, a black and a strong one to completely awaken the senses for daytime alertness.

The sunrise is God's gift for us to wake up each morning with gratitude for life and endless energy for our survival. There's a natural wonder as we open our eyes and natural healing as we open our hearts. The sunrise is heaven's call, a hope for a better day and tomorrow.

© 2019 Del Cusay